2-Year-Old Golden Retriever – What You Need to Know

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world today. Their pleasant character, beautiful appearance, and sporting abilities make them great companions for almost everyone.

At 2 years old, there may still be challenges that need to be faced, but before you know it, your dog will be a fully mature adult. Even though they’ve left the puppy phase, the fun will never stop!

2 Year Old Golden Retriever 1 2-Year-Old Golden Retriever – What You Need to Know

2 Year Old Golden Retriever Info

At 2 years old, a Golden Retriever is technically still a puppy, but an older puppy. It’s not until they are close to three years old that they reach full adulthood. At 2 years old, the Golden Retriever will have reached its full height and gained its physique except for weight. Until the Golden Retriever is about three years old, it can still gain weight and fill out physically.

The 2-year-old Golden Retriever will still have some growth on the inside too. They will continue to develop their mental capacities, emotions, and behaviors as they mature.

The likelihood of calming down a little with age can go either way. Some Golden Retrievers never calm or settle down; others calm down once they reach full maturity.

Since the Golden Retriever is almost to that point at two years old, some of them may be a bit calmer at certain moments. Don’t rest too easy, as that zest for life and fun can burst forth at any moment.

At this point, parents should continue to foster a healthy, safe, and fulfilling home environment. The Golden Retriever should continue to visit their veterinarian for checkups, eat a protein-rich diet and have plenty of exercises as warranted by their breed background.

At age 2, many things have changed, but much is still happening in a Golden Retriever’s youthful life. Read one to discover the details.

Diet and Nutrition for a 2-Year-Old Golden Retriever

As recommended by their veterinarian, the 2-year-old should continue to eat a nutritious, protein-rich diet. Their diet consists of either wet, dry, or a combination of dog foods and should be as natural as possible.

Dog food and treats should not contain fillers, additives, chemicals, or preservatives. The first ingredient should be protein and a healthy source of protein, and Add-ins like healthy veggies and fruits can compliment the diet and keep the 2-year-old Golden Retriever interested.

Dogs don’t need carbohydrates as we do; they don’t need bread, cookies, crackers, and unnecessary fillers that take away from the nutritional value of their food.

Their diet can fluctuate from day to day based on their exercise level. The Golden Retrievers veterinarian can provide a baseline idea of how much food they need daily, and this is a good place to start.

Parents can keep track of how their 2-year-old Golden Retriever exercises and how hungry they are from day to day. Some days the Golden Retriever might need more food because they were more active, other days, not so much.

Treats are best when given in moderation, and healthy treats like veggies are best.

2 Year Old Golden Retriever 1 1 2-Year-Old Golden Retriever – What You Need to Know

Training for a 2-Year-Old Golden Retriever

At this point, it is hopeful the Golden Retriever has received training. If not, now is the perfect time to start since they are still young enough to accept training without much aggravation on anyone’s part readily.

At this point, some behaviors, like barking, chewing, and digging, may be a nuisance and appear already set in their mind, but they are changeable with training.

If training hasn’t been done, hiring a professional might be a good idea to overcome any ingrained stubbornness on their part. Thankfully the Golden Retriever is a smart and eager dog that loves to please and learn new things.

If that can’t be accomplished, it can be done by the parent since the Golden Retriever is a highly trainable dog breed. It may require a bit more patience, time and excitement added to the mix to make it happen, but it’s still possible.

For 2-year-old Golden Retrievers that have already been trained, they still might need a refresher course or reminder about what is expected of them from time to time.

Exercising a 2-Year-Old Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers were bred to hunt and be sporting dogs. Their energy and exercise needs can surprise those parents unprepared for it. Still, this age group needs a lot of exercises.

At this point, they should have at least an hour or more of exercise daily. This exercise can come from playtime outdoors in the yard or a nice walk through the neighborhood.

Whatever you and your dog love to do would be fine. If, at the end of the day, the 2-year-old Golden Retriever seems to have energy still, another walk or other activity may be needed, so they settle down.

Exercise needs are based on their breeding but also their sleep, the type of activity, and how they are feeling.   These areas can change daily, as can their exercise needs.

Be sure to change the activities up to ensure mental and physical stimulation, which works to enhance their overall health and tire the Golden Retriever out at day’s end.

Veterinary Care for a 2-Year-Old Golden Retriever

Your Golden Retriever should continue to see their veterinarian on an annual basis as well as when needed for injury or illness. Your Golden Retriever should still be healthy and growing into maturity. At the same time, illness can strike anytime; but it’s rare.

Any vaccinations or other wellness procedures that need to be done will be managed between you and your dog’s veterinarian. Before your visit, writing down concerns and questions is helpful.

Personality/Character of a 2-Year-Old Golden Retriever

These sweet, lovable dogs have a friendly personality that is all their own. All-encompassing in their kindness and joy, they are naturally warm and loving, even at this age when fears about the world around them can still crop up.

At this age, they still have an overabundance of energy and wildness that can creep up since they are still bordering on being mature puppies. Bad habits are still remedied at this point but can be harder to correct.

As a breed that loves to put things in its mouth, a 2-year-old Golden Retriever will continue to do that even though they are almost out of the puppy stage. Providing an appropriate outlet, like toys, is a good start.

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