The 5 Best Shampoos For Labrador Retrievers

Numerous types of dog shampoos in the market can be quite overwhelming. But which are the best shampoos for Labrador Retrievers?

Best Shampoos For Labrador Retrievers 1 The 5 Best Shampoos For Labrador Retrievers

What’s the best shampoo for Labradors?

The best dog shampoos include Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo, Burt’s Bees 2 in 1 Tearless Shampoo, and Tropicalclean Papaya and Coconut Luxury Pet Shampoo. These are gentle shampoos perfect for Labrador Retrievers.

After speaking with professional groomers with years of experience, we learned about the best dog shampoos. These contain gentle ingredients that won’t harm your dog or cause allergic reactions. Checking the ingredients list is crucial before placing an order.

Which are the Best Shampoos for a Labrador Retriever?

1. Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo

Product Details

  • Brand: Wahl
  • Scent: Oatmeal
  • Recommended Use: Dry and Itchy Skin
  • Pet Use: Dog Shampoo


Bath time is crucial for a Labrador Retriever. Going for a long time without a bath can lead to smelling and itchy skin. Thankfully, one of the best dog shampoos you can get is the Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo.

The oatmeal scent is the first thing you notice when you open a bottle of this amazing shampoo. It’s gentle on your fur baby’s coat and skin because of the special formulation. Wahl has come up with this oatmeal formula that not only soothes itchy skin but also moisturizes it.

Dry skin can lead to lots of problems with your dog’s well-being. This is where this moisturizing shampoo shines. It works to remove all the dirt and gunk from your dog’s coat, leaving it clean and shiny. On top of that, there’s no more dry skin because of moisturizing.

It’s good to note this shampoo is made in the US. This product has a perfect pH balance suitable for dog coats and doesn’t contain harmful additives. There’s no alcohol or paraben in the gentle formulation, and it’s also PEG-80-free.

All you need is a small amount of dog shampoo to work on the coat. Less is more is a good policy to follow on wash day since the product lathers easily. It’s allergy-friendly and was designed with this in mind to ensure no irritation takes place. This makes it a safe and easy-to-use shampoo for dogs.

Check out the ingredients list to see what is in this favorite dog shampoo. It contains lemon verbena, oatmeal, aloe, coconut, and lime. These are natural plant-derived ingredients gentle on the skin since there are no chemical additives.

It’s important to follow the bottle instructions when using dog shampoo. Avoid contact with the eyes and keep the bottle away from the reach of children.


  • Softens dog hair
  • Has a lovely scent
  • A small amount lathers easily


  • Can cause dryness to get worse in some dogs

2. Burt’s Bees 2 in 1 Tearless Shampoo

Product Details

  • Brand: Burt’s Bees
  • Scent: Buttermilk
  • Recommended Use: Young Coat
  • Pet Use: Puppy Shampoo


Puppies have a gentle coat and young skin. This is why you need a gentle shampoo that won’t lead to major skin issues. A good example of a puppy-friendly shampoo for a Labrador Retriever is the Burt’s Bees 2-in-1 Tearless Shampoo.

This puppy shampoo is an excellent choice since you won’t have to worry about eye irritation. General shampoos tend to cause teary eyes during bath time because they sting. However, this 2-in-1 shampoo falls under the tearless category and is made using gentle ingredients.

Puppies need a bath to ensure their coat and skin are clean and healthy. This formulation’s ingredients, like Buttermilk and Linseed, nourish and moisturize your dog’s coat. After the wash and drying, you notice your Labrador Puppy’s coat is shiny and healthy.

While the company recommends this dog shampoo for puppies, it’s also great for adult fur friends. This is a 100% formulation recommended for vegetarians. The dog shampoo has no harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, colorants, or fragrances.

Burt’s Bees sets natural standards that all products, including this tearless shampoo, must meet. The natural cleansing and moisturizing capacity make it perfect for your Labrador Retriever. And it’s worth noting that the product is made in the USA.


  • Good price
  • Leaves puppies smelling fresh and clean
  • Shampoo lathers easily


  • The product is watery
Best Shampoos For Labrador Retrievers 1 1 The 5 Best Shampoos For Labrador Retrievers

3. Tropiclean Papaya and Coconut Luxury Pet Shampoo

Product Details

  • Brand: Tropicalclean
  • Scent: Papaya
  • Recommended Use: Dog
  • Pet Use: Shampoo and Conditioner


Another popular shampoo suitable for dogs is the Tropicalclean Papaya and Coconut Luxury Pet Shampoo. Ensure your dog remains fresh and clean all day by washing them using this high-quality product.

The good news is this pet shampoo works as a shampoo and a conditioner. Its formulation guarantees easy lathering. And you won’t have to use lots of shampoos to get the job done. This excellent moisturizer hydrates your Labrador Retriever’s skin and coat.

Dogs enjoy healthy and shiny coats because of the splendid ingredients in this product. The dog shampoo contains papaya and coconut that work to soften the coat. There are also other different fragrances like chamomile, kiwi, yucca, pomegranate, and mango.

This is a paraben-free product that’s good for your Labrador Retriever. It’s also cruelty-free and dye-free and can also work on other pets like cars. Tropicalclean is a US-based company that makes all its products in the USA.

Start coating your dog’s hair with water when it’s time to bathe. Brush them gently to remove any mats. After that, you can apply the gentle shampoo and begin to massage it into the dog’s coat. Remember to rinse off the product, after which you can dry them.


  • Makes long dog hair manageable
  • Easy to use
  • Has a lovely fragrance


  • May cause an allergic reaction in some dogs

4. PetAg Fresh n’ Clean Scented Dog Shampoo

Product Details

  • Brand: PetAg
  • Scent: Floral Fresh
  • Recommended Use: Moisturizing
  • Pet Use: Shampoo


The best dog shampoo needs to have a mild scent that won’t harm your dog. PetAg Fresh n’ Clean Scented Dog Shampoo is a perfect example. This shampoo does have a floral scent that leaves your fur friend smelling fresh and clean.

The scented dog shampoo from PetAg is suitable for shampooing dog hair leaving it shiny. This is possible because of the hydrating ingredients in the product. Plant-based items on the ingredients list won’t harm or irritate your dog’s skin.

This plant-based cleansing agent is easy to use on your dog. Start by wetting their hair, then apply a small amount of shampoo to it. Gently massage the dog’s hair shampoo and watch it lather easily while getting rid of all the dirt.

Apart from cleansing, it also moisturizes your Labrador Retriever’s hair leaving it feeling soft. And the fresh floral scent can last up to 14 days without causing your fur friend any harm. Just be sure to rinse out the coat thoroughly after shampooing, then dry it completely.


  • Shampoo easily lathers
  • Lasting scent
  • Hydrates and strengthens dog hair


  • Scent can affect some people and their pets

5. Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo

Product Details

  • Brand: Earthbath
  • Scent: Vanilla
  • Recommended Use: Hydrating Dry Skin
  • Pet Use: Shampoo


Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Shampoo is the 5 examples of the best product for Labrador Retrievers. This is the best choice if your pet suffers from dry and itchy skin. The formulation is ideal for large dog breeds that require relief.

This dog shampoo contains a formulation with Aloe Vera and Colloidal Oatmeal. The combination works to soothe your dog’s skin, which can have irritation because of constant scratching. It also promotes healing and moisturizes dry skin.

As a soap-free dog shampoo, this is a perfect choice when you want to give your dog the best treatment. It helps deliver pH balance on the dog’s skin and fur. Plus, the shampoo has a gentle smell that deodorizes your dog but won’t overwhelm them.

It’s safe to use the product on Labrador Retrievers and is safe for puppies. In fact, you can use it even on other pets as long as they’re older than 6 weeks. The shampoo is free from paraben, DEA, gluten, sulfates, dyes, soap, phthalates, and animal cruelty.


  • Gentle ingredients
  • Soothes dry and itchy skin
  • Has a wonderful vanilla scent


  • Product can be a little thin

What Should I Wash My Dog With?

Labrador Retrievers rank high among dog breeds suitable for homes and family living. They have a gentle temperament and are quite intelligent. This is why many people have Labrador Retrievers as indoor pets that are part of the family.

And, just like every family member, your Labrador Retriever requires a bath. A good bath helps detangle the fur, eliminate clumps, and hydrate the skin. While human shampoos do a good job on your hair, never use them on your dog.

Instead, buy them a special dog shampoo formulated to do the same job. A good dog shampoo has cleansing power that removes all the dirt on dog fur. The good news is the shampoo is specially formulated to suit the dog’s skin and not lead to irritation.

Above are 5 examples of the best dog shampoo you can buy for a Labrador Retriever. They’re made using gentle plant-based ingredients that won’t harm your pet’s skin. And the scents are mild, not leading to running noses or watery eyes.

Which is the Proper Way to Bathe a Labrador Retriever?

Bath time is important for your Labrador Retriever. But, you might have a different experience convincing them to enjoy the experience. Most dogs aren’t keen on taking a bath, so you must make them feel comfortable.

The whole process of bathing your dog must be calming and not startling. Therefore, start preparing for the bath early before you bring your dog in to take a bath. Below are some tips that can make bath time less stressful for you and your Labrador Retriever.

When you bring your dog into the bathroom to wash them, speak in a soothing tone that puts them at ease. Some dogs are eager to take a bath, but many need a little bit more convincing. So, be gentle in your actions and soften your tone. A lot of ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’ will go a long way to help them relax. Also, you can have some treats with you that you use for extra coercion.

Start by brushing the coat before you apply any water to it. Labrador Retrievers have long hair that tangles and even have dirt wrapped in it. Taking time to brush your dog’s coat makes washing it easier. It also helps to loosen dirt and eliminate most of the loose hair.

Have a mat on the bathtub or sink where your dog can stand. Feeling unstable while taking a bath can add anxiety to your dog. Therefore, ensure they feel stable and calm by having a slip-resistant mat on the surface.

Are you bathing a puppy or an adult dog? It’s important to consider the size of your dog before bathing them. A puppy can do much better in the sink or a small tub. But such small surfaces will feel awkward for your mature Labrador Retriever. It’s much better to stand them in the shower or on a large bathtub that suits large dog breeds.

Check the water temperature before applying it to your dog’s fur. Dogs aren’t big on hot or cold baths. They much prefer lukewarm water that will soothe their skin. Also, ensure the water flows gently from the faucet and not as a sharp jet.

It’s always better to start washing your dog from the back end and moving toward the face. Labrador Retrievers, like many other dog breeds, get protective of certain parts of the body. So, be careful and gentle when approaching parts like the stomach, neck, and face.

Apply a small amount of shampoo and work it on the coat. After a few minutes, rinse the shampoo off and apply some more if you still feel there’s more dirt and gunk to remove. Applying a conditioner after shampooing your dog’s hair makes it easier to dry and brush.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Dogs are different from human beings. While people require a shower daily to remain fresh and clean, dogs aren’t the same. Only those with skin problems that require constant baths should be given regular baths.

Knowing how often to bathe your Labrador Retriever is important as a pet parent. 3 times a month on hot summer days and once or twice during winter is a good idea. As you bathe them, take this chance to inspect the skin and see what your dog needs.

While this can be a good schedule for your dog, there are other factors to consider. For instance, how active is your Labrador Retriever? Are they outside all day playing in the dirt and getting into all manner of trouble? Then, they may require regular baths to ensure their coats are clean, and so is your home.

Labrador Retrievers require regular baths to ensure the hair doesn’t mat as a large dog breed. Frequent brushing can also be a good idea on cold days where regular baths aren’t ideal.

Infrequent baths are also ideal if your dog has short hair that sheds and mats less frequently. Also, note that giving your regular dog baths might be a good idea if you’re allergic to pet dander.

How Do I Dry My Labrador Retriever After a Bath?

After a bath, it’s good to dry your dog’s hair which leaves them feeling comfortable. Otherwise, you might end up smelling wet dogs all over your home. You can consider air-drying your dog’s hair when the weather is nice on a hot day.

Air drying entails a good shake and letting water dry without needing a towel. Dog breeds with short coats can easily air dry, and you won’t need to worry about the wet dog smell. But if your fur friend has a longer coat, it’s best to use a towel.

Towel drying is quite popular in many homes and is a good way to dry their coat. All you need is a clean and dry towel to rub the fur dry. It’s important as you dry using a towel not to rub the coat too vigorously. This can cause your dog to get uncomfortable and even irritate their skin.

Another great option for drying your Labrador Retriever is using a hair dryer. Ensure you set the hair dryer low and avoid keeping the nozzle too close to the skin. Hair dryers are a great option for all dog breeds, but be gentle and introduce them early.

Key Takeaways

  • Labrador Retrievers require infrequent showers if the dog isn’t too active. However, you can bathe them every other day if they play and run outside all the time.
  • Labs are a large dog breed that won’t fit in the sink as an adult. So, a shower or bathtub will suit them during bath time.
  • It’s better to use plant-based dog shampoos with natural ingredients. These are safe to use and protect your dog’s skin.
  • Drying your Labrador Retriever the right way is important. A hairdryer does a great job if your dog has long hair. 

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