About Retriever Advice

Do you love Retrievers as much as we do? Maybe you are curious about the six major retriever breeds and are considering getting one soon. Regardless of why you are here, let me share a bit more about this website and our team.

Hi, I’m Kern and I am the Publisher of Retriever Advice. I launched this website as a way to share helpful information about what raising and living with a retriever is really like.

About Kern

Hi, I’m Kern Campbell, the founder, and voice behind Retriever Advice. My first dog was a beautiful black lab that we named Pepper. My grandfather had a horse farm and I would lead Pepper around like one of the horses. Pepper would let me lay on his back and ride him around (He was a gentle giant) … until I got too big of course.

Kern Campbell with all of his dogs playing fetch by the water

From that experience forward, I have been a dog lover and especially fond of retrievers. My family and I have had several retrievers (and retriever mixes) over the years and each one has a special place in our hearts.

If you have ever had multiple dogs, you know it is almost impossible to pick a favorite since each has its own unique qualities. This said the dog that set the bar super high in our family was our golden retriever named Buddy. He was our first child and the dog my wife and I picked out together. He was her first dog and when we decided to have children of our own, Buddy knew is was our job to protect and care for these babies.

If one of our daughters were in their crib napping or sleeping during the night. If Buddy heard a noise, he would jump up and go check on them. If they were just restless or everything was okay, he would simply lay beside their crib until they fell back asleep.

However, if they were fussy or he could tell they needed something, he would come to my side of the bed (usually) and push his nose against my arm and then run to the door. He would do this over and over to tell me to come with him. He would always let us know if something was wrong or if one of the girls needed our help.

Buddy cuddling with Avery
(Buddy in his final year – sweet boy. He was the best!)

Buddy truly was the most amazing dog and he made a lifetime dog lover out of my wife who didn’t grow up with pets.

This site is dedicated to Buddy, Pepper, Lexie, Ginger, Cocoa, Little G, Roxie, Captain, Blitz, Molly, Sherman, and the many other pets that have made our life so special.

Meet Our Team

Kern Campbell, MBA - with Banks the Golden Retriever

Founder, Content Creator

Kern Campbell

Kern has over 28 years of experience living and caring specifically for dogs. He has owned many breeds of dogs over the years, but retrievers hold a special place in his heart.

As friends and families started considering getting a dog of their own, Kern would get a lot of questions about what breeds are good for a family.

Retrievers are at the top of the list, so he decided to share his knowledge with others by creating Retriever Advice to share what he has learned and help answer your most pressing pet questions.

Veterinarian - Dr Sara Redding Ochoa DVM

Veterinarian Advisor, Content Creator

Dr. Sara Redding Ochoa, DVM

Dr. Sara Redding Ochoa, DVM is a St. George’s University graduate with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.

She has been practicing Veterinary Medicine since 2015, treating small and exotic animals. She owns a dog, cat, rabbit, and tortoise.

She has extensive knowledge of treating all species of animals with a passion for surgery.

Dr Wendy Wilkins DVM PhD

Veterinarian Advisor, Content Creator

Dr. Wendy Wilkins, DVM, PhD

Wendy Wilkins, DVM, PhD, is a seasoned veterinarian and epidemiologist, boasting 25+ years across clinical practice, research, academia, and regulatory veterinary realms. She is also the editor and content creator for Cat BYTES, a website committed to making sure pet owners get the correct information they need in a way that is accurate, accessible, and easy to understand.

What you’ll find on Retriever Advice

Today, my blog and brand Retriever Advice reflects my desire to educate others about the pros and cons of the six major breeds of retrievers.

Thanks to my amazing team, we have published over 280+ dog-related articles across 7 core categories:

Golden Retrievers

Find answers to key questions about owning and caring for your Golden Retriever. Some of our top Golden Retriever articles include:

Labrador Retrievers

Interested in owning a Lab? We have fantastic labrador breed resources for anyone looking for answers.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Whether you already own a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, or you’re looking to add one to your family, find real answers to common questions.

Flat-Coated Retrievers

Curious about Flat-Coated Retrievers? Check out these helpful flat coat retriever articles:

Curly-Coated Retrievers

Whether you already own a curly coat retriever or you’re trying to figure out which retriever breed to get, we have real answers to your dog questions.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Thinking about getting a duck-tolling retriever? Want to learn more about the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever? If so, these articles will help you get started:

Retriever Advice’s Mission

The unconditional love and attention you get from having a pet in your house is an experience I believe everyone should have. As a child growing up, if I had a bad day at school or something was bothering me, I always knew when I got home our dog would be there to cuddle with me and make me feel better.

Our mission at Retriever Advice is to educate new and current retriever owners with helpful information to make dog ownership a rewarding and emotionally positive experience. Yes, we all face challenges with our pets, but Retriever Advice is here to be your go-to resource for raising a happy and healthy retriever.