Life’s too short to spend all day researching online to determine what products work and which ones do not. This is a list I have been compiling for years of products that I have used and liked. I’ve put them all here in one place so we do not have to constantly look them up.

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Recommended Gear - Best Products for Retrievers

Bad Smelling Anal Glands

All dogs have scent glands located near their rectum. These glands release a bad smell, just like a skunk. Your Golden Retriever will express their glands every time that they poop. The fishy scent that they express from anal glands has a very strong smell that can cause your dog to smell very bad.

Your Golden Retriever can also get a little bit of poop stuck in the fur that is around their rectum. If you notice a bad odor on your dog, the first thing to do is to look under their tail to make sure that this area is clean.

If the anal glands are causing your dog to have issues, this means that you need to take your dog to the vet. Your vet can express these glands for you or show you how to express these glands at home. They will also make sure that their anal glands are not infected. If your dog’s anal glands stay full, they can easily get impacted and infected.

You can add a little bit of fiber to your dog’s diet to help them express their anal glands easier. There is a supplement that you can give your dog called Glandex. This will help your dog be able to express their glands easier each time that they poop.

Smelly or Dirty Ears

If your Retriever has had an ear infection, it is best to clean their ears. If your Retriever makes frequent trips to the groomer, then they will not need this done as often. Typically you will either smell something bad or you will see your dog shaking his head often as signs of an ear ache.

To get your Retriever’s ears clean, I have found this liquid ear cleaner to work best. I simply squirt it in the ear, massage the ear to loosen up all of the gunk and then carefully wipe out the ear. Yes, it can be a messy and smelly job, but I promise it will be well worth it for you and your dog.

Here’s the product I use now.

Medical Kit

Eventually, your retriever is going to have an emergency and you will need to be prepared to take action. You can make this kit yourself or purchase it on that is already made. 

You will need to include many of the basic things that you would for yourself.

Identification Tag and/or Microchip

The last thing you want to happen is to lose your new puppy.  These dogs are highly sought after and can easily get pickup up out of your yard. 

If your dog is microchipped or has an ID tag on it is easier for them to find their way home if they ever get out of your yard and lost. 

Dr. Sara Ochoa

You can pick up an ID tag at your local pet store or order them online.  Many of these tags can come in different colors or shapes so that you can match your dog’s tag to their collar or harness.

Home Again is a very popular microchip company that vet use.  This microchip can be implanted by your vet, or you can do it at home if you feel comfortable giving your pet a shot.