Are Cats Good With Golden Retrievers? Explained!

Golden Retrievers may have the perfect personality and temperament for life in a home and family with kids and cats, but the cats will have their say too. Cats can be notorious for pickiness, indifference, and downright dislike for anyone they deem unworthy of their attention. So, what do cats think of Golden Retrievers? Are cats good with Goldens?

Are Cats Good With Golden Retrievers 1 Are Cats Good With Golden Retrievers? Explained!

Are cats good with Golden Retrievers?

Yes, cats are usually good with Golden Retrievers. Whether or not they are good depends on the individual cat and its personality. Golden Retrievers get along well with almost everyone, including cats.

Cats are different from dogs, and while Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly, loveable, and gentle, the nature of a relationship with a cat also depends on the cat. Golden Retrievers have very open, easygoing personalities, which could easily welcome any cat into a friendship.

Golden Retrievers that move into a home with a cat or cats will be able to handle the situation in a very peaceful and relaxed manner. Their character, personality, and nature make it easy for them to be empathetic to the needs of everyone in the home.

Still, no matter how good Golden Retrievers are at making friends with cats, it doesn’t guarantee the friendship will grow or be without its rocky moments.  Cats have unpredictable personalities; one minute, they are friendly, and the next, they are annoyed.  If a Golden is to live with a cat, they must be adaptable to this nuance of their personality.

Each cat is different, so some cats will instantly take a liking to a Golden Retrievers’ personality and form a deep connection.    These are the cats and households where pet parents will one day find Golden Retrievers and their feline buddies snuggled up together, taking a nap on the couch.

In households with a finicky cat that dislikes Golden Retrievers, they have such an easygoing nature that they will simply learn to navigate the situation while gently trying to form a silent friendship with the cat.

Their nature is compassionate, often giving Golden Retrievers an almost intuitive sense. They respond to the undercurrents of the home and family. What this means is that Golden Retrievers act accordingly based on the environment they are in.

If they sense someone’s sadness, they will act accordingly. If they sense fear, anger, or upset, they will act according to the needs of those around them. It’s one of the reasons why Golden Retrievers are so amazing at working in the community as therapy and assistance dogs.

How do I introduce my Golden Retriever to my cat so they get along?

Are Cats Good With Golden Retrievers 1 1 Are Cats Good With Golden Retrievers? Explained!

The best way to introduce your Golden Retriever to your cat or kitten so they get along is slowly and with patience. In the beginning, when bringing a Golden Retriever into the family, it’s best to separate both animals.

Doing so allows each animal to get to know the other’s scent and presence without forced contact, which can be stressful. During this time, which can take a few days to a few weeks or more, parents will also want to have supervised introductions for short periods every day.

At introductions, the parents should stay in the room and make the experience positive. Sharing treats and affection is a good idea so both animals feel loved and enjoy the visit. Parents must be fair and equal to each animal, so neither the Golden Retriever nor the cat gets jealous.

At some point, the Golden Retriever and the cat will make friends. They might come close to smell each other or investigate. Once this happens a few times without anyone getting upset, the time of their interactions can be extended.

It can take a while, and parents must be prepared for setbacks. It’s a good idea to have a safe space for the Golden Retriever and cat so they can escape when they feel stressed. Cats naturally have an easier time as they enjoy climbing into unique spots.

The Golden Retrievers personality will easier get along more during this process, but the time is mostly for the new cat. After a time when parents will be able to determine when both animals feel comfortable, there is no need for supervised interactions.

Are all Golden Retrievers good with cats?

Most all Golden Retrievers are good with cats, but there is always the possibility that a rescue or abused Golden Retriever that’s been adopted into the family might have trouble.

By nature, Golden Retrievers are compassionate, gentle, friendly, and loving, but anything is possible in rescue or situations where Golden Retrievers with unknown pasts are adopted. In this case, taking everything slowly with the Golden Retriever is a good idea.

Most rescues and adoption facilities will be aware of the issues based on their interactions with the Golden Retriever and act accordingly. It’s highly unlikely that quality rescue facilities will allow troubled dogs to be adopted out by just anyone.

If a parent comes to adopt a troubled Golden Retrieve differently, keeping the dog close to them and supervised is best. Doing so allows the parent to learn about their adopted Golden Retriever and respond or act accordingly to whatever issues arise.

Interactions between the two animals are not a top priority in a home with a cat. The main goal is to provide a comfortable, happy, loving, and secure home for the Golden Retrievers to thrive. They can learn to be comfortable with time, patience, and understanding.

Golden Retrievers in this situation may never be the dogs they were bred to be, but it’s highly probable that, eventually, they will make friends with the cat. Until then, the house cat can co-exist with their own space and will likely find their indifference and tolerance of the Golden Retriever.

In Conclusion

Cats and Golden Retrievers are usually great together due to the Golden Retrievers’ personalities and nature.

While this is never a guarantee for anything, even if they don’t get along initially, Golden Retrievers have very agreeable personalities. That will make it hard for almost any cat to dislike them.

Whatever the case, cats and Golden Retrievers can be good together under the right circumstances with patience, time, and understanding!

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