Are Duck Tolling Retrievers A Mix?

I saw this fascinating dog the other day, and I am interested in learning more about them.  They are called a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and I want to know if they are a pure breed dog or a mix.

Are Duck Tolling Retrievers a mix?

No, Duck Tolling Retrievers are not a mixed dog breed.  They are a purebred dog breed that hails from Nova Scotia, Canada.  They were initially bred in this region in Yarmouth’s County by sportsmen as a hunting companion.  The Duck Tolling Retrievers are not a mixed dog breed, but they are a rare dog breed that has a pretty unique way of helping their hunting companion during the hunt of waterfowl. 

While they are not a mixed breed, they are considered purebred in the sporting class with the American Kennel Club.  Some people mistake this dog breed as a miniature version of the Golden Retriever because of their smaller size and similarity, but they are not. They are their pure-bred dog.  Duck Tolling Retrievers are not a mixed breed. 

They boast many qualities that make them versatile and unique, including a high level of intelligence and an exuberant personality that, when combined, gives them an energy that has them diving headlong into every activity they do, regardless of what it is. 

These character traits lend the Duck Tolling Retriever to be suitable for any family, providing that the family members have the level of energy needed to keep up with them and give them the care and management that this breed needs.  For those potential pet parents looking to make these dogs a member of their family, they should know that while many believe mixed breed dogs are healthier because they are a combination of multiple dogs, this dog breed is considered relatively healthy.

The Duck Tolling Retriever is a purebred dog initially introduced as a hunting dog when bred by a sportsman in Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, Canada.  They are a pure-bred dog that is full of energy and excitement about life that shines through in everything they embroil themselves in.  Everything is done with a unique gusto that is hard to match.

While the breed is not mixed, they are a rare breed, potentially due to their hunting background and their high maintenance needs that make them more work to care for my pet parents.

They have a unique way of approaching waterfowl hunting with their human companion that is both ingenious and successful.  Waterfowl, for whatever reason, have a fascination with the fox.  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers have the coloring of a fox.

While hunting with their human companion, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever will use a technique of displaying physical mannerisms that match the fox.  This draws the waterfowl close to the water’s edge, making it easier to hunt.

Many people may believe that this dog is only suitable for hunting; their enthusiastic zest for life makes them versatile and a good match for many diverse activities.

Whether it is playing catch with the kids in the backyard or running on a trail beside their owner, they will do it with everything they have: one hundred percent, all the time.

The American Kennel Club lists the Duck Tolling Retriever as a dog in the sporting class.   They are known for their unique mannerisms during the hunt, but many people believe them to be smaller Golden Retrievers.

This breed is in the same class as the Golden Retriever, and they have similarities, but they are not smaller Golden Retriever, despite being smaller in weight and height.

If I have a very diverse lifestyle that has me doing many things, would this be a good dog breed?

If you have a very diverse lifestyle with you doing many things, yes, this breed will make a good dog breed for you.  The Duck Tolling Retrievers are known for being varied and adaptable to different situations.

Their intelligence and the need for stimulation and action will have them thriving in families where there is a lot of activity, change, and movement.  This doesn’t have to be in the sense of physical moment but actions.

Families that go to the park for a picnic, then head off to the hardware store, followed by a trip to grandma’s house and some movie watching on the couch after will have a companion that is more than happy to tag along and enjoy every moment.

They do need activities that stimulate them both physically and mentally, as most dogs do.  The more fun and intriguing it is, the better.  Having a creative mix of ideas and different activities that can keep excitement high is needed.

Are Duck Tolling Retrievers A Mix?

These dogs do tend to get bored quickly, which can be challenging at times.  Families or pet parents prepared for this with new and exciting toys, treats, and fun activities will find that their Duck Tolling Retriever behaves better.

This dog breed can easily be motivated by treats and tend to put on weight. Therefore, offering treats when needed, when they have been excellent, or everyone in the family has a treat, is best.

I understand that the Duck Tolling Retriever is not a mixed breed, but do I have to worry about them shedding fur everywhere?

The Duck Tolling Retriever is a purebred dog that has a medium-length double fur coat.  They do shed moderately, and while they don’t require a lot of lengthy care regarding their grooming habits, they are not hypoallergenic.

Since they shed an average amount, the fur may be going to end up everywhere, but this is related to the pet parents’ cleaning and grooming habits.

Pet parents that don’t want to be bothered with cleaning up shedding fur everywhere should potentially look for another dog breed.

This breed has a double coat of fur which means that it has two layers. The inner layer is a denser and more soft fur designed to insulate the body and keep it warm or cool.  The outer layer of the double coat is designed to be water-resistant and collect dirt and debris.

Not all dogs have a double coat. Dogs that are designed to spend extended periods outdoors, whether hunting or working, usually do.  These dog breeds need the added protection from the weather and outdoor elements.

While this breed doesn’t require much fancy grooming to look good, they still need some grooming for cleanliness and health.

They enjoy being outside and tend, as many dogs do, to roll around in things they shouldn’t.  They also love the water so that they might be found on many occasions also rolling around in muddy puddles.

The Duck Tolling Retriever may need more bathing than other dog breeds because of their zest for life and the joy of being outdoors.   The fact that they love the water can be beneficial to get that job done.

How can I keep my Duck Tolling Retriever happy?

How you can keep your Duck Tolling Retriever happy is to be responsive to their needs.

Feed them a healthy diet as instructed by their veterinarian.  Ensure that they have a safe home to live in that has minimal amounts of stress.  Offer a comfortable place for them to sleep and provide them with ample amounts of love and attention, as well as a solid framework of training and social interactions, and they should be happy.

The Duck Toll Retriever, like any dog, will benefit from a loving home. This means being responsive to their needs.  Now each dog is an individual like humans, with unique quirks.  Knowing your dog, understanding them, and meeting their needs is beneficial not only to their happiness but lifelong health.

This will include providing enough exercise and the right kind when they need it and diversions to minimize boredom which can get them into trouble and have them acting up.   It can also mean modifying the pet parents’ lifestyle to make room for the dog and their needs.

Happiness in a family that includes the fur baby can mean taking their needs and wants into account, like that of a child.

If they struggle with separation anxiety, finding ways to help them deal with the situation can make life easier for everyone, least of all the dog.

It may seem like a lot of work to keep a dog of any breed happy, but it need not be.  Love, attention, care, time, patience, understanding, a set routine or schedule, and meeting basic needs and comforts get it done.

Final Thoughts

The Duck Tolling Retriever is not a mixed dog breed.  While they may appear to be a smaller version of the ever-popular Golden Retriever, they are different somehow.

Bred historically to be a hunting companion, they have a lot to offer potential pet parents but require that their family have the energy to handle their needs and wants.

Those who can manage it can be a most beautiful dog breed that will bring joy to everyone’s life!

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