Are Labradors Good House Dogs?

Dogs are amazing companions, but sometimes it is hard to keep them in the house. However, are Labradors good house dogs?

Labradors are good house dogs as long as they have room to play outside. This breed does well when they have an outdoor space available to play in. They often chew on furniture as puppies, but after being trained that should stop. As they get older, Labs become more well-mannered.

If you feel that you have the space in your home for a Labrador, then they will make an excellent addition to your home and family. What are some qualities that make them good house dogs?

Labrador Manners and Training

Like all puppies, labs need to be trained so that they learn how to behave around a house, around people, and in public. There are lots of personality traits that when training is applied, these labs become amazing for living inside homes.

Labs are friendly dogs. They want to make friends with everyone they meet. They are highly rated as being loving and friendly dogs to children, adults, families, and strangers. They are still protective, but not watch guard material. They will bark and warn you of people that look like they are breaking into your home, but they won’t bite an intruder. They may growl at them, but they won’t bite. For those who want a dog to protect them and their home, they will need to choose a different dog breed. (Source)

Training is important for labs. They will need to be taught when to listen, and when it is okay to be let loose and play. They are energetic and fun-loving dogs, so as puppies that can be a lot to handle. However, as they grow, become more mature, and are trained, they will understand how they should behave in different situations and different places. They will also know the commands that you have taught them.

Because these dogs are energetic, they love to play outside and run around. If you have a large backyard, your home situation is perfect for a Lab. If you teach them to go to the backyard to use the bathroom, then they will have the ability to go there whenever they need. They will also be able to occupy themselves and keep themselves entertained.

Labs love toys. They love being able to chew on toys and keep their brain stimulated. You could get both indoor and outdoor toys for your lab. And, it will be a lot of fun for them to play with toys, run around in the backyard, and relax inside while you or other family are out of the house during the day.

The best time to start training for a Lab is early. You can pay a trainer to take your dog for a few weeks to get their training started, or you can train them yourself. Labs learn quickly, and they will quickly become a large and important part of your home and family. The only downside to having a Lab is how much they shed.

Disadvantages of Labradors in the House

Are Labradors Good House Dogs

Labs shed a lot, and they shed throughout the year. If you or a member of your family has an allergy to dogs or dog hair, then a Lab is not the best dog breed for you. (Source)

Labs are amazing family dogs. They are gentle with kids, and they learn rules and commands quickly. However, the amount of fur that they shed is a deal-breaker for some households. Some parents want a low-maintenance dog to join their family, but with the amount of shedding that labs have, they make it hard for some families to want them. Some families need a dog that does not create a huge mess, and Labs do create messes.

If you don’t want fur on your furniture, train them to stay off the couch. However, if the shedding does not bother you much, keep your vacuum and a lint roller handy to keep your home clean.

Labs shed quite a bit, but they do not drool much. They mainly drool when they have been playing hard and are panting, and it doesn’t tend to get on your clothing or furniture. If you are worried about the amount of drool a Labrador produces, wipe their face after they are done playing.

How to Make Your Labrador a Better House Dog

The best way to make your lab a fantastic house dog is to teach them the rules you want them to follow. Over time, they will learn boundaries and learn what behavior is okay inside of the house. They will be happy, healthy, and well-trained dogs that will be a joy to have in the house.

The best time to train your Labrador is during their first year of life. Labs become adults after they are 11-18 months old, and they learn faster when they are puppies than when they are adults. Be patient with your new puppy as they are learning the rules.

The personality of a lab makes them the perfect house dog, but they are not perfect. Apart from their flaws, they blend well into family life and they are very self-sufficient. If you need to leave your dog during the day while you are at work, then you can train your dog to go into your backyard for playtime or to use the bathroom all by themself. You can also train them to stay in a crate. Then, your Labrador will be trained well enough to be left home alone during the day.

If you are going out of town, have a friend or family member check up on your Labrador. Before you leave, introduce your friend to your Labrador. Allow them to get used to your friend’s scent and become comfortable with their presence.

Labradors are amazing house dogs if you are alright with dog hair and a small amount of drool. Labs prefer being inside the house with their family members, although they enjoy being outside as well.

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