Do Golden Retrievers Like Water?

Having a Golden Retriever in your home can be a lot of fun. 

This beautiful dog likes to be around family and friends and they are great at playing and having a lot of fun

One question a lot of pet owners are going to have when they bring this dog home is whether the Golden Retriever likes water or not. 

Do Golden Retrievers Like Water?

Most Golden Retrievers like water and find that it is a great way to play with their owners. This breed was actually created to work in water and their coat is dense and water repellent to keep them as dry as possible while they are in the water. 

While you may not have them working in the water all the time, they will still love to play in the water when they are with their owners. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Golden Retriever and learn more about why they seem to love the water so much. 

While there are some exceptions to this, most Golden Retrievers are going to love the water. They find that it is a fun place to play in and they can spend all day with you and your family in the water, having a lot of fun. 

Since these dogs have been around water since they were first bred, this is an inherited trait that they are going to want to do all the time.

Golden Retrievers can do well in both water and on land. 

Why Do Golden Retrievers Like Water?

There are different reasons why the Golden Retriever is going to like being in the water. A few of these reasons include:

Their Long and Powerful Legs

The Golden Retriever breed is going to have really strong legs that help them get through the water with ease. 

With some of the other breeds that you can choose to bring to your home, you may find that the dog will struggle to tread the water and swim around. 

This is not the case with this breed. 

The Golden Retriever is able to push through the water and does a great job at it, which can make swimming more enjoyable. 

These strong legs are going to be enough to help the dog have enough endurance to do well with swimming, and they can do it for a long time. 

Not only is swimming easier for them, they actually like doing it and will love spending some time in the water with their owners. 

Playful and Energetic

Since this is a dog breed that has a lot of energy, they will need training and exercise to help them manage all of that excess energy that they have. 

There are a lot of different activities that you can do to help get out that energy. 

But if you are looking for a low impact activity that can be fun for the whole family to enjoy, then you will love the idea of using water and swimming to wear the dog out. 

While swimming is a low-impact kind of activity for the dog, it is also a good one that is going to help keep the dog busy and can wear them out along the way. 

This physical activity is able to stretch out the muscles of the Golden Retriever and can help them calm down and feel better in the process. 

Plus, the dog likes it and there are many activities that the dog can do along with the children in your family to help them to get worn out when they are in the water. 

Their Special Coat

The coat of the Golden Retriever is going to help them to enjoy the water a bit more than some of the other dogs. 

Since this is a dog that was bred to do well in the water and they are meant to work in the water, it makes sense that their coat is designed in order to handle this task as well. 

First, the Golden Retriever is going to have a double layered water resistant skin coat and an undercoat that is thicker to help keep them warmer, even in the water. 

The outer coat can help as well. 

It is going to be dust resistant and water repellant to help make sure that the skin of the pet is going to be safe and warm, even when they spend a lot of time in the water. 

All of these things are nice because they will help your pet stay comfortable and warm, even when they are in the water swimming around. 

This can make them enjoy the water more than some of the other dogs that you may have had in the past. 

They will love spending a lot of time working through the water and playing. 

Do Golden Retrievers Like Water 1 Do Golden Retrievers Like Water?

They Just Like to Have Fun

Some dog breeds just seem to like the water a bit more than some of the others. 

This helps them to feel comfortable and have a lot of fun along the way. 

With the help of a good coat, lots of energy, and a family who wants to play with them in the water, the Golden Retriever will have a lot of fun jumping into the water and getting things done too. 

If you ever need to get extra energy out of the dog and out of your children, then head to the lake or the beach to get them both worn out at once. 

Is It Possible for a Golden Retriever Not to Like Water?

You will find that most Golden Retrievers are going to love the water. 

They will see the water and want to just jump right in and have a lot of fun. 

There are exceptions to this and some dogs are just not going to like the water at all. there are usually a few reasons for this including:

  1. The dog has spent most of their life in an area without a lot of water, which can make it harder for them to adapt to the water. 
  2. Some dogs are very picky and they just do not like to get their coat wet or feel soaked in water. 
  3. Dogs that have a tragic history with water in the past may have no want to be in the water again. 
  4. Sometimes being in the water is going to be new for the dog. This can make them nervous and anxious. They may assume that the water is a threat, so they do not want to be in it any longer. 

If any of these situations have happened to your dog, it may be a good idea to slowly introduce them to the water and see how they adjust. 

This can give them a bit of relaxation and make them feel better rather than trying to force them right in. 

How to Keep the Golden Retriever Safe in the Water

Although swimming is a good way to help make sure that this breed calms down and gets the exercise that they want, you do need to be conscious of a few things to help them feel as safe as possible in the water. 

Being careful is a much better way for you and for your dog to have fun in the water. 

Some of the safety rules that you should follow when your pet is in the water include:

  1. Never force the dog to get into the water. While the Golden Retriever is going to like the water, throwing them in, rather than letting them walk on their own, can make them feel a bit traumatized. Make it fun the first time so they are excited. 
  2. Check the temperature of the water: You want to make sure that the water is not too cold for the dog. They can get cold, even with the thick coat. 
  3. Do not let the pet get too deep: You want to be careful about how deep the water is getting for your dog or they could run into trouble when they get tired. 
  4. Supervise them all the time: You never know when the dog is going to get into trouble while swimming by going out too deep or getting too tired. With constant supervision, you can make sure that the dog is safe all the time. 

Following these rules will help the dog to feel relaxed while they are swimming and will ensure that you are able to have a good time while you are out with the dog in the water. 

Helping Your Golden Retriever Have Fun in the Water

Most Golden Retrievers are going to have a lot of fun in the water. 

They like to splash around and play and their fur is designed to do well in the water all the time. 

However, it is a good idea to listen to what your dog is telling you in case they are nervous. 

With a bit of understanding and kindness, you can help your dog have a lot of fun when they are in the water. 

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