Fluffy vs. Non-Fluffy Golden Retrievers – What You Need to Know

All dogs are not created the same, and even in one breed, you will have slight variations of that dog breed. When it comes to the Golden Retriever, they, too, have some slight differences in the same breed that make them each unique.

Variations in color from Light Golden to Golden and Dark Golden but also fur coat style. Golden Retrievers can come in two coat styles the Fluffy fur coat and the Non-Fluffy fur coat. The fluffy fur coat is the most common fur style for a Golden Retriever.

Fluffy vs. Non Fluffy Golden Retrievers 1 Fluffy vs. Non-Fluffy Golden Retrievers – What You Need to Know

Why do some Golden Retriever puppies not have fluffy fur?

The reason some Golden Retriever puppies don’t have fluffy fur is because of genetics. If one of their parents has a non-fluffy fur coat, the Golden Retriever puppy and other puppies from that litter may have the same.

While most Golden Retrievers have fluffy fur coats, some don’t. The breeder can identify if their dog parent or another dog in their ancestral line has non-fluffy fur.

When a Golden Retriever is a puppy, their fur coat style might not even be an object of conversation. 

With all their adorable cuteness, growth, and development a parent will be too busy to think about their fur coat in adulthood.

Still, at some point, starting out around three to four months they will begin to change from that adorable fuzzy fur coat in favor of their adult fur coat. The process starts with a light feathering at various points on their body, like the tail.

As their adult fur coat comes in there can be variations in styles that they have, much like hair styles for humans. 

There are certain things that cause a Golden Retriever to have a Non-Fluffy fur coat. These include genetics, age, diet, and health.

Fluffy vs. Non Fluffy Golden Retrievers 1 1 Fluffy vs. Non-Fluffy Golden Retrievers – What You Need to Know


Genetics will be the foundation of who the Golden Retriever is and how they look. Their genetics will determine many things like size and coat style therefore choosing a quality breeder who breeds responsibly is a good place to start.

Before selecting a puppy if you have a particular appearance in mind, you will want to choose a reputable breeder who has dogs like that.


Golden Retrievers, like other dog breeds will look slightly different at different stages of their life. Older dogs will have less fuzziness, and younger puppies will have more adorable fluffy fur. 

A puppy will have a fluffy fur coat which can change as they get older.


As a Golden Retriever grows, their diet has a profound effect on their physical appearance. If they are fed an unhealthy diet, their fur coat will show it. Poor nutrition directly affects your dog’s health, including their coat.

If they eat a healthy, nutritious diet, their fur will be shiny, soft, and silky. How their fur coat looks will be shaped by their diet and nutrition.

Their diet won’t necessarily make a Golden Retriever have a fluffy or not fluffy fur coat, but it will affect how their existing fur coat looks. 

Fluffy vs. Non Fluffy Golden Retrievers 2 Fluffy vs. Non-Fluffy Golden Retrievers – What You Need to Know


If your Golden Retriever is unhealthy, their fur coat and physical traits will be the first to reveal sickness. Health won’t make a Golden Retriever have a shiny or fluffy coat if they aren’t meant to have that, but it will make their coat look as good as it can for the individual dog.

Good health promotes a beautiful fur coat but also all-around wellness.  Good health, a healthy diet, sleep, exercise, and other lifestyle habits should be taken seriously for all-around wellness.

Annual veterinary visits are vital for their wellness.  

Checkups during other times of the year when needed for injury or other issues is also important. 

Will grooming make my Golden Retrievers fur coat look as fluffy as possible?

Yes, grooming can make your Golden Retrievers fur coat look as fluffy as possible.

Regardless of what they are born with, grooming makes the best of their fur’s appearance, much like our human hair.

Healthy grooming habits will include brushing regularly. 

The amount will change from season to season, with more brushing on a daily basis during Spring and Autumn. Brushing your Golden Retriever regularly keeps it clean, smooth, and fluffy.

When the fur is brushed, it also promotes healthy skin and removes debris. The more this is done after a few weeks their coat will look fluffier than it did at the start.

Bathing shouldn’t be done too often and only when necessary. If your Golden Retriever is extra dirty from spending lots of time outside, they can be bathed more than normal to remove dirt and promote a silky, fluffy fur coat.

Healthy grooming habits provide an opportunity for parents to inspect the fur, skin, and other body parts for issues, so it serves a dual purpose.

Regardless of what style fur coat they have, fluffy or non-fluffy healthy grooming habits make the best of their fur. 

It will look its best, be shiny, soft, and as fluffy as it was meant to be.

Fluffy vs. Non Fluffy Golden Retrievers 3 Fluffy vs. Non-Fluffy Golden Retrievers – What You Need to Know

During the Spring and Autumn season, your Golden Retriever’s coat will need to be groomed more, and brushing my have to happen once or twice per day to promote a healthy, beautiful coat. This time is short as they shed their fur, but grooming should be continued.

Under no circumstances should your Golden Retrievers’ fur be shaved, which can be detrimental to their health and the appearance of the fur coat.

Non-Fluffy Golden Retrievers don’t need as much grooming as the Fluffy ones, but they should still be brushed at least once per week. 

At the onset, it can be disheartening if you wanted a Fluffy Golden Retriever, but they don’t need as much grooming, which can be a blessing.

Final Points

Regardless of their fur coat style, a Golden Retriever is a beautiful, friendly, and one of the most adorable, loveable dogs on the planet.

Embrace whatever Golden Retriever you have been blessed with, and you will barely notice the style fur coat. 

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