Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths?

Carrying things in their mouth is an instinct bred into Golden Retrievers.  The need to do this is a base instinct, like biting their fur when they have fleas. But why do Golden Retrievers like to carry things so much more than other dog breeds?

Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths 2 1 Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths?

Why do Golden Retrievers like to carry things?

Golden Retrievers carry things because they are hunting and sporting dogs bred to retrieve game for their hunting companions.  Historically they retrieved the hunt after it was brought down by the hunter.

The desire to retrieve and carry things in their mouth with a soft bite on their own is deeply ingrained in who the Golden Retriever is as a dog breed.  Their breeding required certain characteristics for particular tasks they performed. 

When the breed was created like other dog breeds, certain traits were bred into them to make them good at what they did.

Today this might not be as important for all Golden Retrievers as they are not all hunters, but the deeply ingrained instinct is still a part of who they are as a dog.  Carrying things for Golden Retrievers brings them satisfaction, and they will often feel drawn to perform this task.

Like many other purebred pets that historically had specific purposes ingrained in their breeding, Golden Retrievers will retrieve things and bring them back to the hunter or their human companion.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths?

If the parents are willing to play into this instinct, they may find it an asset to their home and life with Golden Retrievers.  If the parents need their slippers, the newspaper, or a bottle of water Golden Retrievers are especially good at retrieving an assortment of things.

Many parents and families may find this unusual, and since they love their Golden Retriever, they may not want to make the family dog do anything.

Parents and families must understand that instinctual qualities ingrained in the Golden Retriever or any dog breed are vital to their happiness.

This means Golden Retrievers carrying things around are fulfilling a basic need, similar to drinking water.  To feel satisfied with their day and life, they need to do that.  Some Golden Retrievers will be more driven to carry things around, while others, not so much.

This instinct depends on their breeding if they are a purebred Golden Retriever, their age, and other traits like health.   Providing Golden Retrievers with opportunities in their day to carry things around and deliver them to someone will bring them happiness and fulfill a basic need.

Parents can use this to their advantage, especially since Golden Retrievers are always eager to help and be closely connected to their families.  Finding a task for them to do in the home and with the family will enhance the relationships they share with that family and bring them happiness.

It can also be great fun for families, especially children, to teach the Golden Retriever to fetch or retrieve something.  When children get sick, and parents are tired, it can be a very helpful quality, and the Golden Retriever will enjoy it because they have a task to do.

The most important thing for parents to remember is to never attempt to eliminate this instinct.  That would go against who the Golden Retriever is and be hurtful.  Punishing the Golden Retriever if they carry something in their mouth is unacceptable.

It is better to find something else for them to carry that is acceptable.  For instance, if carrying shoes is a no-no and parents don’t want to turn this instinctual trait into a task, they can provide a toy the Golden Retriever can carry around with them.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths 1 Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths?

Providing Golden Retrievers with acceptable toys and objects to carry around whenever the mood strikes allows them to find satisfaction in their own way while reducing stress on the family and dog.  Toys are usually the best choice, but other household items that are not easily damaged and acceptable can work too.

How Can Golden Retrievers Carrying Things Be Of Assistance In Our Communities?

Golden Retrievers carrying things can greatly assist our communities in many areas of life.  One of the most important areas that Golden Retrievers can find satisfaction while performing a much-needed task is being assistance dogs.

Golden Retrievers have a deeply ingrained instinct to carry things back and forth to their owner or family, which can be translated to an occupation in the community.  They are also empathetic and form deep connections with those around them.

These canines also have a gentle and loving nature, making them an asset to a household or family.  They make great assistance dogs for diabetics who need medication and sometimes food or drink to stay and maintain good health.

Diabetes, particularly Type One Diabetes, can require a patient to sit still when feeling unwell.  During this time, they might need medication, their medical kit, or food and drink, which a Golden Retriever can be trained to retrieve.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths 3 Why Do Golden Retrievers Carry Things In Their Mouths?

In this case, carrying things around in their mouth is a handy and vital ability as an assistance dog for a diabetic patient who might be very sick.  There are also many other tasks in the community that Golden Retrievers can perform, which require carrying things around.

Golden Retrievers bred for this task will need specialized training, but in a home or family, they can be taught to perform this task for anyone who needs it to bring comfort and peace. 

If grandma suffers from a health issue and requires certain things, the Golden Retriever can carry things to and from grandma to help keep her healthy and safe.

How Can I Increase My Golden Retrievers Instinct To Carry Things?

The best way to increase this instinct is to provide time to do that in their day.  Most Golden Retrievers will find ways to do this in their day.  Carrying a toy or treasured object will naturally happen on its own, as this is an ingrained instinct.

Still, parents and families can create games where the Golden Retriever fetches toys, treats, or other things every day.  These games will be great fun for Golden Retrievers, and everyone will have a blast thinking of new things they can retrieve.

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