How Fast Can a Flat-Coated Retriever Run?

As a mixture of the Golden Retriever and the Black Lab, the Flat-Coated Retriever is going to be a fast dog that has a lot of energy

This can make the dog hyper and ready to go out for any adventure that you would like. 

If you are an owner of one of these dogs, you may be curious about how fast this dog breed is able to run at their top speed. 

How Fast Can A Flat-Coated Retriever Run?

A Flat-Coated retriever is able to run about 35 miles per hour at top speed but their average running speed is between 15 to 25 miles when they are playing with their owners. Their age, size, and health make a big difference in how fast they are able to run. 

The Flat-Coated retriever has a lot of energy and likes to have a chance to run around and have fun with their owners, rather than sitting inside all the time. 

Let’s take a closer look at the top speed for this Flat-Coated retriever and some of the ways that the owner can make sure this dog is always safe when running. 

The speed that the Flat-Coated retriever is able to get will be somewhere between their parents. 

With a Golden Retriever and a Black Lab as their parent, you will need to look at the parents in order to figure out just how fast they are going to be able to go. 

To start, we can take a look at the Golden Retriever. These dogs can go pretty fast. 

Their top speed is around 35 miles per hour. 

This is when they are sprinting and going as fast as possible, so they will not be able to maintain this kind of speed for too long.

They may be able to go from 15 to 25 miles per hour for a longer period of time, and they will not have a hard time keeping up with their owners when it is time to go for a run. 

Then we can look at the Black Lab parent as well. 

A Black lab is able to go at a similar speed as the Golden Retriever when they are at their top speed. 

This means that they are likely to run between 30 to 35 miles per hour when they are going as fast as possible. 

For most Black Labs though, it is more common for them to go a bit slower. 

There are a few factors that will come into play to determine how fast the Flat-Coated retriever will be able to run. 

You will have to take a look at some of these factors to determine whether they are going to help the dog to run faster or run slower. 

The age of the dog, their overall health, and the individual dog will all be important determinants. 

When the dog is very young or starting to get older, then they will run slower than before. 

As a puppy, they are going to struggle to run fast because they are growing so quickly and not able to go as fast. 

As they get older, they may struggle with stiff joints and bone problems and will want to go a little slower as well. 

The health of the dog is going to make a big difference as well. 

When a dog is young and in good health, they will be able to run faster and for longer periods of time. 

When the dog is older or when they have some bad health issues, especially health issues of the muscles or joints, then they are much less likely to be able to run at the top speed that we talked about before. 

Does the Flat-Coated Retriever LIke to Run?

Owners of this dog will quickly notice that this dog breed is one that likes to run quite a bit. 

They have more energy than some of the other dog breeds out there and you will not be able to expect this one to just sit still and do nothing all day long. 

You must get them out to run and have fun, or you will end up with a dog who bounces all over you and will not sit down. 

Keep in mind that you will need to lead an active lifestyle if you have this kind of dog. 

They need at least 90 minutes of exercise during the day to help wear out that energy, and you will have to do it in longer spurts if you plan to leave the dog at home when you go to work. 

The good news is that you can split it up into some smaller exercise segments if you would like, such as doing a long walk in the morning or one at night. 

There are a lot of different types of exercises that you will be able to do with the Flat-Coated retriever. Running is one of their favorites. 

Whether you want to take them on a nice jog or run to wear out the energy or you would like to help them catch a ball and throw it in the backyard, you will find that this is a dog who will need lots of help getting rid of that energy.

They will also spend time doing other activities as well. 

They will swim, play games, go on walks, go hunting, and more.

The more ways that you can be active with your dog, the easier it will be to get all of that energy out of them along the way. 

Keep in mind that each dog is going to be a little bit different. 

While many Flat-Coated retrievers love to run and spend time outside chasing after things, some of this breed may choose to get their activity out through a different method. 

Some like to swim, some like to do games, and others may prefer to walk. 

Learning what your dog likes to do, even for the hyper Flat-Coated retriever, will make a difference and can make sure that they no longer have all that energy. 

How Fast Can a Flat Coated Retriever Run How Fast Can a Flat-Coated Retriever Run?

How to Help My Flat-Coated Retriever Run Safely

While this dog can do a good job at running and having fun with their owners, there are a few rules that you will need to keep in mind to ensure the dog will be safe when you do decide to run. 

First, you need to start out slowly when running with this dog. 

When you start them out as a puppy, they will not have the endurance to go a long distance at a fast pace, even though they do have a lot of energy. 

Take them on short spurts of running at a slower speed and help them build up. 

When you start them as an adult dog, remember that the Flat-Coated retriever can be a good size for a dog and will need to carry all of that weight with them. 

Carrying all that weight and running too much can be hard on their joints. 

As your dog gets better at running and gets used to the exercise, you will be able to increase the amount of time that they can run and the distance that you would like to go. 

This dog does love to run and can have a lot of fun with it too. 

They will love getting a chance to run with their owners and spend some time bonding. 

When it is hot outside, take some extra caution when it comes to running with this dog. 

They can get overheated when the sun is hot and they have to run really far and long. 

Give them plenty of water ahead of time and let them cool down and get some water when they are done to ensure they never get too overheated along the way. 

Always listen to the cues that your dog is giving to you. 

Some are going to be excellent at running and will pick it up right away. 

Others will not like it as much and may experience more fatigue and other issues. 

Only run the amount that your dog is able to handle. 

Helping Keep Your Dog Active with Running

Running is a great activity for your Flat-Coated retriever to enjoy. 

It allows them a way to get out of the house and really enjoy time with their owner. 

For the owner, it is one of the best ways for them to wear out some of the energy that the dog has at the time. 

Helping your Flat-Coated retriever get better at running and spending some time doing this each day can be good for the dog and their owner. 

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