6 Reasons Why Your Lab Is Sleeping So Much (Some Are Red Flags!)

New Labrador owners may wonder why their Labradors sleep too much. There is a good reason for the long hours of sleep that Labradors need daily.

Why does my Labrador sleep so much 1 6 Reasons Why Your Lab Is Sleeping So Much (Some Are Red Flags!)

Why does my Labrador sleep so much?

Most Labradors will sleep for long hours because of rapid eye movement during which dreaming happens. Adult Labradors need at least 12 hours of sleep daily, while puppies can sleep up to 20 hours every day. Note that each dog has their sleep requirements.

We spoke to pet parents to find out more about their experiences. Besides that, we also spoke to professional veterinarians and dog breeders who informed us more about this phenomenon.

Why Your Labrador Sleeps for Too Long

While one of the obvious reasons is because of rapid eye movement (REM), it is not the only reason this happens. 

You should also know that dogs have different personalities and what makes one sleep longer than others may not be the same reason another dog sleeps that long. Understanding this can help you treat your dog better and handle them well.

Why does my Labrador sleep so much 1 1 6 Reasons Why Your Lab Is Sleeping So Much (Some Are Red Flags!)

This is their Nature

Most Labradors sleep longer hours because this is a natural phenomenon. These dogs have been created that way and would naturally take longer hours to get the much-deserved sleep. 

Adults will take an average of 12 to 14 hours, while puppies can sleep for up to 20 hours out of the 24 hours of the day.

This should make it easier for you to accept that this is a natural occurrence and not something that should make you panic.

The Weather is Hot

Sometimes the hot weather is the main problem causing the dogs to sleep for longer. Hot weather leads to fatigue, a significant cause of sleepiness even in humans. 

You can fix this by giving your dogs some water, exposing them to cool areas, preferably under a shade, or even letting them stay indoors.

Be careful not to expose your dogs to too much heat since this could cause them to suffer from heat stroke. Control the amounts your dogs spend outdoors, especially when the weather is too hot.

Why does my Labrador sleep so much 2 6 Reasons Why Your Lab Is Sleeping So Much (Some Are Red Flags!)

They Could be Sick

If your dog starts sleeping more all of a sudden, then you need to check for illness. Most dogs will sleep for more hours when stuck since they tend to be more fatigued. 

However, this is often coupled with other signs, so it is easy to conclude that the dog is struggling with a specific issue. If you suspect sickness, take your dog to the vet for confirmation and proper diagnosis.

Your Dog Could be Bored

One of the underestimated reasons your dog is sleeping more could be boredom. When the dog struggles to find activities to do, or keep busy, then chances are that they will sleep more. 

The best and quickest remedy to this challenge is to ensure you get your dog to exercise more. Ensure a routine that utilizes pent-up energy since boredom will push your dog to sleep more.

A Changed Diet

Monitor your dog’s diet if you notice that they sleep more than they used to and are not sick. This could mean they are either overeating or eating a diet that does not match their needs.

Make sure that no one else is feeding your dog without your knowledge since this causes them to eat wrong or overfeed. Remember that most dogs eat more food even when they have their fill.

Age Matters

Why does my Labrador sleep so much 3 6 Reasons Why Your Lab Is Sleeping So Much (Some Are Red Flags!)

When a Labrador is young, the puppy needs more sleep for better growth than an adult lab. Naturally, this dog breed needs to sleep for more hours compared to other species.

However, the younger dogs need a lot more hours because they are rapidly growing and require more energy to support this growth.

On the other hand, older Labradors will also need to sleep more. Senior dogs will require more time sleeping compared to ordinary adults. The seniors need such amounts of sleep to help them conserve the energy required to move around since they quickly get tired.

What Should Be Concerning

Generally, a Labrador sleeping for more hours is not something to worry about. However, it is disturbing if this happens all of a sudden or in an unexpected manner. There are certain factors you need to consider to avoid unnecessary panicking.

Check how it Started

Everything has a cause and a good reason. If the change is sudden, it is highly likely to be caused by illness or something else that needs to be checked. 

The weather is also another primary culprit for such sudden changes. However, if the change is sudden and unexplained, involving a vet to verify is advised.

Consider the time the Dog Sleeps Most

It is also possible that the changed behavior your dog has suddenly started exhibiting is linked to the time. Check to see if this has anything to do with the sudden increase in sleep hours. 

This often happens with a change in weather, as most dogs will sleep more at times when the weather is hotter.

It can also happen after taking certain foods. When the dog sleeps more after feeding, The dog may be fed inappropriate food, and the diet must be checked.

How to Handle a Labrador that Sleeps too Much

There are numerous reasons why Labradors sleep more than they should. Usually, these reasons are legit and can be fixed or rectified. However, several responses must be followed before identifying or fixing the cause.

Please do not attempt to stop them or hold them back. Instead, make sure to allow them to sleep and, if possible, keep them comfortable. Keep your environment cool and plan for regular vet visits to confirm nothing is wrong.

Key Takeaways

  • Your Labrador is sleeping more because it is a natural occurrence for this breed of dogs
  • Older and younger Labradors need hours of sleep for varied reason
  • Never prevent your dog from sleeping if they want, instead make them comfortable.
  • Understand your dog’s need for more sleeping hours and adjust accordingly. 
  • A quick vet visit can put your concerns to rest and give you the peace of mind you need.

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