Are Golden Retrievers Good First Dogs?

Some dogs are famously more difficult and strong-willed than others, and those breeds don’t make great pets for first-time dog owners. If you’re getting your first dog, you should consider the traits that are important to you and also be careful to get a dog that’s going to work with you as you both learn how to live together instead of a breed that’s going to walk all over you.

Are Golden Retrievers Good First Dogs 1 1 Are Golden Retrievers Good First Dogs?

Are Golden Retrievers good first dogs?

Yes, Golden Retrievers are good first dogs, and new dog owners will find them easy to train and manage. Golden Retrievers have amazing character, and their nature and temperament are perfect for newbie dog owners.

They are friendly, which promotes social skills with others which can help new dog owners make friends and learn. Their friendly nature makes them easy to get along with and co-exist with.

Golden Retrievers are also very intelligent, which means they can be helpful to their new parents. Their intelligent mind will lend them well to helping with chores and make them easily trainable, a perk for new dog owners.

While they were bred to be hunting companions, their breeding made them great companions for many activities like yard and housework, in the community running errands, and performing just about any task.

Their eager, people-pleasing nature will give new dog owners the confidence they need in their new role as a pet parents. Since they are not aggressive in any way and with a gentle and kind nature, Golden Retrievers will passively promote a peaceful, happy home.

Golden Retrievers are good first dogs because they have intuitive personalities. They form a close bond with their family and respond accordingly to their needs.   Their ability to sense what the new dog owner needs, wants, and expects makes the role easier.

This dog breed is active and energetic. Golden Retrievers also need a lot of exercise and activity to feel content. This can work two ways for a new dog owner. They will make good first dogs for those families that are couch potatoes, promoting outdoor time and exercise, which leads to better health.

Golden Retrievers make good first dogs as they naturally blend well with the family’s lifestyle, enhancing it for the family that’s already active and engaging in life.

Golden Retrievers make good first dogs because of their loving, attentive nature. New parents need to feel secure as pet parents and caregivers. During this learning process, there will be many uphill battles with learning how to train, groom and care for a dog.

Golden Retrievers have the right personality that gives comfort and will naturally help new parents feel secure in their new role.

This dog breed is also a lot of fun, making the experience of being a first-time pet parent enjoyable, exciting, and positive. They also aren’t aggressive or territorial, which boosts confidence.

Golden Retrievers provide the best first-time dog parenting experience because they are simple, easy, and fun. They are the perfect size for hugs, snuggles, and going on a long hike. This breed doesn’t bark very much and usually lives long, healthy lives.

Finally, Golden Retrievers make good first-time dogs because they are great with everyone, from kids to seniors and almost every critter, even cats.

Are Golden Retrievers Good First Dogs Are Golden Retrievers Good First Dogs?

What are some mistakes a new Golden Retriever parent makes?

Some mistakes that new Golden Retriever parents make include having unattainable goals. These goals can include goals for the dog, the family, or both.

Bringing a puppy or dog into the home and family can be a huge undertaking that affects everyone differently. Having a patient, understanding, and flexible mindset will help parents get through it all.

If they are too regimented, strict, or have unrealistic goals, they are setting the Golden Retriever and everyone up for failure.

Another mistake is being too flexible. This can be a big contradiction to the first mistake, but it is possible to be too flexible with themselves and the new Golden Retriever.   Too much flexibility doesn’t create enough structure, which might seem right initially but can backfire in the long run.

Being too quick to socialize their dog or move every aspect of the Golden Retrievers’ life forward. Socialization, training, and other areas of a dog’s life happen gradually. They should never be thrown into the mix of something, be it making friends, learning a new skill, or being home alone quickly.

Golden Retrievers, like humans, have thoughts and feelings. We need to consider them, and as new parents, it’s easy to forget this part of a dog. They need to be provided the same considerations we as humans expect to thrive and become the best dog they can be in life.

Reasons Golden Retrievers Are Not Good First-Time Dogs

Excessive Shedding and Grooming Needs

This dog breed needs a lot of brushing, bathing, and all-around grooming since they shed a lot everywhere. They have a double-layer fur coat of silky hair.

Their fur coat was designed for their breeding requirements of spending a lot of time outdoors in the elements.

Not Created to Guard or Protect

Parents looking for a guard dog or dog that protects their home will be hard-pressed to get that with a Golden Retriever. This dog breed has many redeeming qualities but guarding and protecting their home and family is above and beyond their personality and temperament.

Golden Retrievers are more likely to welcome a stranger into the home and get to know them, then warn their family of the intruder and protect them.

Outside Life Is Not For Them

New parents looking for a dog that can be left outside for long periods, or at least left alone to do their own thing while outside, won’t find that in a Golden Retriever.

This dog breed thrives in a closely connected home where they spend most of their time right by their families. They want to be right in the mix of all the fun, and if the parent isn’t outside, they won’t want to be there.

They Are Not Hypoallergenic

Parents who want a hypoallergenic dog for health reasons will not want this dog breed because of its long silky double fur coat. Golden Retrievers have a full, long, double fur coat designed for the outdoor elements.

They also shed a lot, and their fur isn’t hypoallergenic like other dog breeds.

Closing Points

Golden Retrievers are good first-time dogs because they have much to offer the new pet parent.

Their personality, temperament, and character make it easy for new parents to learn the ropes and find the confidence they need for success!

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