Are Golden Retrievers Hyper? 5 Tips To Calm Your Hyper Golden Retriever

Goldies are common dogs across the US. Most of us love Golden Retrievers because of their affectionate and playful nature.

Are Golden Retrievers Hyper 1 1 Are Golden Retrievers Hyper? 5 Tips To Calm Your Hyper Golden Retriever

Are Golden Retrievers Hyper Dogs?

Golden Retrievers can be hyperactive dogs because of their high-energy nature. They are full of energy and curiosity, especially when the dog is young. While their tendency to be playful and hyper might diminish as they grow older, they are still more active than other dog breeds.

Due to their high-energy nature, it can sometimes be difficult to contain them, especially if you are a new owner. This is why we talked to dog breed experts and behaviorists to find out how to calm down a Golden Retriever. Here are some of the things we learned:

Five Effective Ways to Calm Down Goldie

Goldies were bred as working dogs; therefore, they naturally have greater stamina and energy than other breeds. In the middle of the 19th century, they were primarily utilized in Scotland as hunting companions to pursue downed birds. According to their background, Retrievers were raised to track prey over long distances, whether in water or on land.

The Retriever is one of the most energetic dog breeds and has a high activity level. Their history as working dogs is the main reason for their nature. 

Golden retrievers like being petted, going on adventures, playing all day, and doing other activities, but if left uncontrolled, this degree of playfulness might become problematic (particularly for new parents). 

Here are a few hacks to help you calm down your retriever:

Are Golden Retrievers Hyper Are Golden Retrievers Hyper? 5 Tips To Calm Your Hyper Golden Retriever

Mental Stimulation

Golden retrievers, puppies, in particular, benefit greatly from mental stimulation. The cognition and learning intelligence of your dog is improved through mental exercises.

Good examples involve your Golden Retriever playing hide-and-seek games or treat-rewarding training sessions.

Mental activities and games can assist in keeping your dog amused and focused during training sessions. As a dog parent, you must select a mental stimulation activity or game to keep your dog stimulated and engaged. 

This will help the dog be more invested in the process and have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


In addition to being highly satisfying for you and your dog, training your Retriever also helps reduce their hyperactivity level.

The intelligent and relatively simple-to-train Golden Retriever dog breed occasionally requires some help with self-control – something that may be taught relatively quickly.

You can mentally challenge your dog through obedience training while teaching them when to do certain things and when to obey specific commands. For instance, by teaching the dog to adhere to “down or sit” orders, you may stop them from jumping on furniture or people.

Training sessions should be consistent and regular. Before moving to a different training subject, ensure your dog has fully grasped the previous one. 

Furthermore, if your dog has not fully learned their training, repeat it as much as is required for them to understand.

Are Golden Retrievers Hyper 2 Are Golden Retrievers Hyper? 5 Tips To Calm Your Hyper Golden Retriever

Physical Exercises

Retrievers have a lot of energy; one good way of burning some of it off is by ensuring they get enough physical activity each day. 

While there are many schools of thought about how long the minimum amount of training should be for a Goldie.

We recommend knowing the limits of your Goldie and tailoring the physical training regime based on their energy levels. For most Retrievers, 30 minutes to 2 hours of training daily will be enough.

It is essential to split these physical training sessions into multiple sessions; for example, you may have a session in the morning and another in the afternoon. 

The main idea here is to spread the session at a different time of the day and not just have a single session. This will be more beneficial to your dog.

Furthermore, it would help if you choose physical activities your dog will enjoy. It would be even better if you could find activities you can do together, good examples include swimming, going on a walk, jogging, and fetch.

Use Quality Chews and Toys

Are Golden Retrievers Hyper 3 Are Golden Retrievers Hyper? 5 Tips To Calm Your Hyper Golden Retriever

Boredom is never good for anyone, especially for a high-energy dog like Goldie. When bored and full of energy, your Golden Retriever may engage in destructive or unwanted behavior. One of the most effective ways of managing this is by using toys and chews.

Chews and toys will give your dog something to do and keep them busy; thus, they will not be bored and engage in destructive behavior. 

It would be best if you bought high-quality and safe toys and chews for your dog to prevent any harm or injury. Also, remember to look at the packaging to learn what the toys or chews are made of in case your dog is allergic.

Also, remember to change the toys and chews whenever possible; no one wants to play with the same toy for several weeks – your Retriever is no exception. It helps if you buy the chew or toy sets that come with a collection of different devices.

Give Attention to Your Goldie

Your dog may be misbehaving to catch your attention. When you have a male Golden Retriever, they will be especially attached and loving and want all the attention you can give them.

Your Golden puppy may be acting out to attract your attention if you haven’t cuddled or played with them recently since they may be feeling somewhat abandoned. If that is your situation, the solution is to set aside some time at least 2 times a day to give the dog the attention and one-on-one playtime they’ve needed.

Giving your Golden Retriever attention will mitigate the need for them to engage in unwanted or destructive behavior so that they can be noticed. It also ensures the dog is not bored since you can address their concerns beforehand.

Key Takeaways

  •  Mental stimulation is essential to the cognitive development of your Golden Retriever.
  •  Training is crucial for a Golden because of their high energy and playful nature.
  •  Most Retrievers only need between 30 minutes and two hours of training daily. 
  • Quality toys and chews will give your dog something to do and keep them busy.
  •  When adopting a Golden Retriever, remember they will require care and exercise 

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