Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks?

Some breeds of dogs need more exercise than others. You won’t have a happy Border Collie unless you take them for long walks every day. But what about Golden Retrievers? Do Golden Retrievers need long walks?

Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks 1 Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks?

Do Golden Retrievers need long walks?

No, Golden Retrievers don’t need long walks.  They can have numerous walks and outings in their day, but they need a lot of exercise daily.  The amount of exercise they need is based on their breeding as a sporting and hunting dog breed.

Golden Retrievers don’t need long walks in one session, although taking Golden Retrievers that are healthy and fit on long walks is not something they are opposed to doing.  How long a walk you talk a Golden Retriever on and how much exercise they get in a day is based on many factors.

If the Golden Retriever is young or older and their health, as well as their diet, sleep, and lifestyle habits, will determine how much daily exercise they get and how long during each outing.

Dogs with health issues or older Golden Retrievers might benefit from multiple walks throughout their day, which add up to a lot of exercises, just not all at once.

Younger Golden Retrievers or those who are healthy can have a long and short walk.  Golden Retrievers need about 1-2 hours of exercise per day.  The exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, but it can be for healthy dogs.

Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks 1 1 Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks?

Each age group will need a certain amount of exercise provided in a certain way, which can also change daily depending on their lifestyle habits and health.   The terrain on which a Golden Retriever will be walking will also determine if it will be a long or short walk.

Weather conditions can also change how much of a walk the Golden Retriever receives at one time.  As a hunting and sporting dog breed, they can spend a great deal of time outdoors, but that doesn’t mean they are equipped for a lengthy time in bad weather.

Golden Retrievers were typically a part of a hunting pack in history.  They stayed together, close to their human companion, and often spent a great deal of time outdoors.   Their fur coat is designed for the more harsh weather elements; they have a double fur coat and love water.

What this means for hiking with their human family is if you find yourselves taking a long hike and it rains a little or there’s mud, your Golden Retriever will survive and enjoy it.

Puppies will need a lot of exercises but tire easily.  These Golden Retrievers should take short walks and have more of them in their day.  Their little bodies are still developing, and the parents might wind up carrying them back if they get tired.

Regardless of the age group and health, long walks should include ample time for the Golden Retriever to rest and recuperate.  Parents and families should keep this in mind and plan accordingly.  Golden Retrievers have an abundance of energy and may not need the break, but it doesn’t hurt to offer it.

What Should I Bring If I Take My Golden Retriever On A Long Walk?

Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks 2 Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks?

Parents should bring treats or food, water, and other gear if they take their Golden Retriever on a long walk.

Regardless of the age group a Golden Retriever fits into, taking them on a long walk requires certain things for their health and wellness.  Golden Retrievers will need, at the very least, some dog treats and perhaps some snacks or food if the walk is especially long.

Aside from that, a dog’s first aid kit is necessary if the walk is far away from home, the vehicle, or a town.  Issues can arise at any moment, and it’s better to be prepared them sorry when it happens to a Golden Retriever.

Finally, parents will want to bring extra gear like booties, sunblock for dogs, or a coat if they are hiking in diverse weather.  Toys are also good to have, and an extra leash, collar, harness, and blanket to rest on.

To determine what gear parents should bring, they must look at the type of walk they will take, where it is, how long, and when.  With any type of outdoor physical activity, parents must plan for the adventure much like they would do that for themselves.

If parents bring extra water for themselves, they should also do that for the dog.  If they need a coat, the Golden Retriever will need one too.  Planning is very important unless the parents plan on taking their Golden Retriever for a long walk through the city or around their neighborhood.

Even in these situations, there are things that parents should bring or be aware of, such as bags for cleanup and treats for distracting them when needed.

How Much Exercise Does A Golden Retriever Puppy Need?

The amount of exercise a Golden Retriever puppy needs anywhere from a few minutes to an hour daily.  This is based on their age, Golden Retrievers that are only a few weeks will need less, and older puppies will need closer to 1 hour.

Some puppies might need more, as they are enthusiastic and have more energy.  Parents can determine how much their puppy needs by gauging their energy levels.  For instance, if a parent takes a Golden Retriever puppy on a walk and they slow down after half an hour, that is a good stopping point.

Watching the Golden Retriever puppies’ behavior and actions will give parents a clue of how much they need.  During this phase, it is important to not rush things; they will need the 1-2 hours daily before long.   A fun run in the yard or at the park and tossing a ball are great activities to tire out Golden Retriever puppies.

Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks 3 Do Golden Retrievers Need Long Walks?

Final Thoughts

Walks can be a great way for parents and their Golden Retrievers to exercise.   How long those walks are and how many a Golden Retriever gets in a day will be based on many factors like age.

While this breed needs a lot of exercise, it can easily be broken up into different parts of the day based on time and their current health and age.  In this way, they still get the 1-2 hours a day of exercise they need without straining everyone in the home.

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