Bulldog vs Golden Retriever: How Do They Compare?

Dog enthusiasts may wonder what the difference is between a bulldog and a Golden Retriever. Learn more about them before getting one.

Bulldog vs Golden Retriever 1 Bulldog vs Golden Retriever: How Do They Compare?

How do Bulldogs compare to Golden Retrievers?

Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers compare in many ways, including size, weight, height, and other parameters. For instance, Golden Retriever males weigh between 60-80 pounds, females weigh 55-70 pounds, bulldog males weigh 53-55 pounds, and females weigh between 49-51 pounds.

We discovered a lot of differences between the two breeds after having a series of interviews with the experts.

Veterinarians and breeders we interviewed described the differences between the bulldog and Golden Retriever from their physical makeup, behavioral differences, and health and wellness requirements. Below is a compilation of useful comparisons between the two dog breeds that can help you decide which to get.

Why Dog Breed Comparison is Important

Different dog breeds have varied needs. Therefore, dog owners need to understand what they are getting themselves into. 

The quickest way to know the right dog for you is to compare the variety of dog breeds and settle for the perfect fit.

Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers are both popular breeds chosen by dog parents. An in-depth analysis and comparison are thus crucial for someone unsure. Looking at the different aspects of dog breeds can help you choose correctly.

Bulldog vs Golden Retriever 1 1 Bulldog vs Golden Retriever: How Do They Compare?

How do the Two Dog Breeds Compare Physically

You can consider the physical comparison in several ways. First, you must look at the size, weight, and height. In all these aspects, the two dogs differ.

General Size Comparison

Golden Retrievers are said to be larger dogs in terms of body build. On the other hand, bulldogs are considered a medium-sized dog breed. 

It means that the Retriever is the bigger dog of the two.

Weight Consideration

Weight is another important factor since it determines feeding and exercise requirements. In addition, both breeds will have varying weights depending on whether they are female or male.

Golden Retriever males weigh 27-36 kg /60-80 pounds, while the females weigh 25-32 kg/ 55-70 pounds. The bulldog males weigh 24-25 kg/ 53-55 pounds, and their females weigh 22-23 kg/ 49-51 pounds.

The average weight of both dog breeds also differs. 

For example, Golden Retrievers’ average weight is 31.5 kg/ 70 pounds for males and 28.5 kg/ 62.5 pounds for females. On the other hand, bulldog females have an average weight of 22.5kg/ 50 pounds, and males’ average weight is 24.5kg/ 54 pounds.

Height Comparison

Golden Retriever males are (56-61cm/ 22-24 inches tall, while the females are 51-56 cm/ 20-22 inches tall. Bulldogs 31-40 cm/ 12-16 inches. 

Bulldogs have no prescribed height, but shorter Bulldogs are more prized, especially when showing.

On average, bulldogs have an average height of 35.5 cm/ 14 inches. On the other hand, Golden Retrievers have an average height of 58.5 cm/ 23 inches for males and 53.5 cm/ 21 inches for females.

How Does the Lifespan of the Two Dogs Compare?

When choosing a dog breed, you also want to know how long you can have them around. Even though the lifespan of any dog breed majorly depends on the care given throughout its lifetime, there is an average life expectancy when all factors are constant.

For example, Golden Retrievers have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years, while bulldogs live for 8 to 12 years.

How Do Golden Retrievers and Bull Dogs Adaptability Compare?

Adaptability is an important factor, especially if you live in an apartment. You should know that not all dogs can do well living in apartments, hence the need to know those that can thrive in such spaces.

Some aspects that may disqualify a specific dog breed for apartment living include their energy levels, noise, size, shedding, and smell, to mention a few factors.

Comparatively, bulldogs are better suited for apartment living because of their size. Retrievers can also do well. It is, however, vital to consider how the two dog breeds will do when left alone for more than 8 hours, especially in varying weather conditions.

Bulldog vs Golden Retriever 2 Bulldog vs Golden Retriever: How Do They Compare?

How do the Two Dogs Do in Hot Weather?

Most dog owners will choose a breed according to their local weather conditions. Generally, Golden Retrievers will tolerate hotter weather better than bulldogs.

Just provide shade early in the day before leaving the house.

You also want to avoid pavements which tend to get hotter as the day goes by. Instead, find ideal locations within your home where your dog will be comfortable when you are away.

Cold Weather Tolerance

Most dogs can withstand cold weather. It only becomes a cause for alarm when the temperatures drop below 45° F when the cold-averse breeds get uncomfortable. Smaller breeds may need coats when the temperature falls below 32° F, and a vet must be involved if they fall ill.

Monitor the temperature drop in your area and take care of your dogs. All dog breeds are susceptible when the temperature drops below 20° F as they risk suffering from frostbite or hypothermia.

Generally, Golden Retrievers are more tolerant to colder weather than bulldogs. However, note that bulldogs are not bred to survive in cold weather; hence they will struggle. If you must get one, make sure to buy several coats to help keep them warm.

Overall, pay attention to your dog’s behaviors. Watch out for signs such as shivering, whining, acting anxiously, scouting for warm areas, signaling to go inside, and holding out one paw, among others.

Other adaptability parameters you could look at include sensitivity levels, adapting to first-time dog owners, and tolerance to being left alone. Both dogs have excellent sensitivity tolerance, but the Golden Retriever takes the cup.

While both breeds hate being left alone, bulldogs which do well in apartments are more tolerant when left alone compared to Golden Retrievers, whose level of distress can be alarming. Both dog breeds are excellent for first-time dog owners and will not be problematic as long as they are appropriately cared for. 

However, new owners should beware of the bulldog’s stubborn nature and exercise more patience when handling them.

Generally, though, both dogs have excellent adaptability to changing lifestyles. So they will not be a problem when you move or change lifestyles.

How do Golden Retrievers and Bulldogs Temperament Compare?

When factoring dog temperaments, avoid bundling all dog breeds into one group. Each dog breed has a unique temperament, affecting its behavior and social abilities. This is a crucial factor to consider when settling for a dog breed.

Which of the Two Dog Breeds has Better Temperament for a Family Dog?

Both the Bulldog and Golden Retriever are excellent companion dogs.

They are both outgoing, friendly, compassionate, and pleasant, which makes them ideal for family setups. However, Golden Retrievers tend to do better in situations involving children.

Both dogs are patient and gentle when dealing with kids. Even so, you need to monitor the temperament levels of each dog because these vary for individual dogs. You may also want to be careful when pairing bulldogs with overly playful kids because bulldogs don’t like to play too much like Golden Retrievers.

The good news is that both dogs show high affection levels and are great loyalists. They are both soft, gentle, and loving toward their handlers. The emotional capability of both dogs is considerably good, and you do not have to worry about them snapping.

Based on their social needs, Golden Retrievers need to be more socialized than bulldogs with average social needs.

Which of the Two Dog’s Temperament Makes them a Better Guard Dog?

Dogs that are generally too friendly may not make excellent guards. Some owners welcome the guarding, while others prefer their dogs to be friendly. 

Both Golden Retrievers and bulldogs are super friendly, so they are not likely to offer excellent-grade protective services unless they are adequately trained.

A bulldog is average, sociable, and friendly, so you can easily train them to become guard dogs. On the other hand, you may have a challenge with Golden Retrievers since they are extremely friendly and welcoming to family, strangers, and other dogs. However, both dogs exhibit average guarding capabilities with low to zero barking tendencies, especially bulldogs, which hardly bark.

Comparing their Grooming and Health Needs?

Each dog breed has specific health requirements and grooming ideals. However, you should note that the only way to ensure the puppy’s health is to find out the nature of the parent’s health by checking the health certificate. 

After all, most dog conditions are inherited from the parent breed.

Some breeds are more predisposed to certain dog conditions and ailments than others. For instance, certain dog breeds are more prone to obesity than others, while others are at a higher risk of developing hereditary conditions. 

One example is the larger dog breeds which could easily develop hip dysplasia as they grow.

These factors may determine how you feed the dogs and how much exercise you engage them in. Therefore, nutritional caution and weight control are often highly recommended.

Which of the Two Dog Breeds is Healthier?

The Golden Retriever and the bulldog are healthy breeds, although the bulldog is a healthier breed. Both dog breeds have specific conditions they are likely to battle with.

The Golden Retriever may suffer from allergies, bloating issues, cataracts, Dysplasia of the elbow, and hip, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism. They also struggle with hemangiosarcoma, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), osteochondritis dissecans, and subvalvular Aortic Stenosis. Other Retrievers could suffer from von Willebrand’s disease and osteosarcoma.

Bulldogs may struggle with unique ailments, including brachycephalic syndrome, demodectic mange, and hip dysplasia. In addition, some may suffer from patellar luxation and entropion, while others could also very easily struggle with cherry eye, dry eye, head Shakes, and reverse sneezing.

Which of the Two Dogs Needs Regular Vet Visits?

Both dog breeds perform well when it comes to vet-clinic visits. They both rarely need to visit the vet except in emergency scenarios. The expected regular visit can happen anywhere from 12 to 18 months, even without any medical need.

Exercise and Energy Needs?

Golden Retrievers are high-energy dog breeds that must be exercised as part of their grooming needs. On the other hand, bulldogs require very minimal exercise. The different needs stem from their energy levels, with the bulldog being a low-energy breed.

Golden Retrievers also require minimal sleep compared to bulldogs, who need a lot of sleep. Therefore, you have to make the sleeping area super comfy.

Both dog breeds also require sufficient high-quality food serving, taking care not to overfeed them because they can easily be obese.

You need to invest more in nice-smelling grooming products because bulldogs tend to have a high stench potential compared to Golden Retrievers, with a medium stinkiness rating. Both dogs also drool, with the bulldog being on the excessive side. So you should be ready to deal with drooling spots on your clothes and all over the place when you pick either dog.

Which of the Two Dogs is a Better Working Dog?

Golden Retrievers perform better than working dogs because of several reasons. It is great with search and rescue missions, perfect for boat sailing, an excellent sniffer dog when adequately trained, and a great therapy dog.

While the bulldog flops at all those, it can be a perfect draft of a cart-pulling dog, which a Golden Retriever cannot.

One must exercise patience when dealing with the two types of dog breeds, especially when training them.

Key Takeaways

  • Both the bulldog and Golden Retriever are pretty resilient and tolerant dogs.
  • Official dog organizations recognize the two dog breeds. The American Kennel Club recognizes the Golden Retriever as a Sporting breed., and the bulldog as a non-sporting breed.
  • Both the Golden Retriever and the bulldog are great family-friendly dogs.
  • Choosing the Golden Retriever or the bulldog is a personal preference.
  • It helps to compare the traits of the Golden Retriever with those of the bulldog before choosing between them.

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