At What Age Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down?

I have had my Golden Retriever puppy now for a few months, and he is growing up fast.  One thing I am interested in knowing is when I can expect him to calm down.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy the puppy phase, but I can say that I could use a bit of peace and calm.

Curious when I could expect some relief from this energetic puppy phase, I did a little digging earlier today. Please take a look at what I found out.

At what age do Golden Retrievers calm down?

Golden Retrievers calm down at around two to three years of age.  Each dog is individual and will reach this more mature milestone at a different time, but it usually happens when they are three years old. 

There are some instances where Golden Retrievers take until around four years old to calm down.  And still, there are some Golden Retrievers that never calm down and carry their energetic, enthusiastic outlook on life for their whole life.  

When Golden Retrievers calm down is based on how quickly they move through all the phases of puppyhood, and it is also based on their environment and lifestyle.  Some Golden Retrievers will take a bit longer, and others will move faster.   

There is no way to speed up the growth process that a Golden Retriever goes through from puppy to adult.  To help Golden Retrievers calm down regardless of age, it is good to ensure that they are tired out both physically and mentally.  

Physical exercise, ample playtime with lots of toys and games, and lots of love will ensure that they grow healthy and strong.  The age that Golden Retrievers calm down can vary, but it will not mean that they don’t have energy.  Golden Retrievers are big, athletic, and energetic dogs that are always up for an adventure.

Golden Retrievers are working down, and being part of the working dog group means that they have the strength and energy to do so.  Those who own Golden Retrievers must understand that these dogs’ energy and enthusiasm can last their whole life.

While many Golden Retrievers will begin to calm down around two to three years of age, some will take until they are four years, and others still will never lose that puppy zest for life.

Age is but a number, and it can be impossible to know when and if a Golden Retriever will calm down if trying to follow the numbers.  All dogs, regardless of breed, are unique and special, with each one growing, developing, and maturing at their own speed.

Some Golden Retrievers will pass through the puppy phases in a wildly energetic manner and then calm down once beyond that phase.  Others still will continue to live life as the neverending puppy.

Their home environment and lifestyle can play a part in when Golden Retrievers calm down.  If they are provided with physical and mental stimulation that is adequate for them and live in a loving home, they will likely have moments of calm mingled with energy.

For those pet parents who feel as though they have had enough of the puppy phase, they can take heart in knowing that it doesn’t usually last forever.  There is no way to speed up the process, but the right home life and lifestyle can ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for everyone, including the Golden Retriever.

Lots of love, plenty of affection, a healthy diet, a large amount of exercise, enjoyable moments of playtime, and periods of rest are the ingredients for a healthy and happy puppy lifestyle.  Exercise should include mental stimulation as well as physical.

At What Age Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down?

Mental stimulation fosters high intelligence as well as rids the puppy and their pet parents of boredom.  Boredom can lead to many adverse problems like chewing, biting, and excessive barking.

Whatever age a Golden Retriever calms down, they may still have an overabundance of energy due to their breed background and who they are as a dog.  Each dog is unique in how they react to their environment and those they love.

How do the puppy stages affect a puppies’ energy and behavior?

The puppy stages affect a puppies’ energy and behavior in various ways.  While each puppy is unique in character and temperament, they will go through the puppy stages and display certain behaviors and levels of energy.

Once they are brought home from the breeder, Golden Retriever puppies will be in a social phase.  This phase can include fear and other emotions linked to their new curiosity and interest in interactions with the outside world.

This outside world includes other dogs, their physical home environment, and humans, including their pet parents.

This stage generally lasts till around twelve weeks and is an excellent time to socialize the Golden Retriever puppy.   Energy will be high due to their increased awareness of the world outside themselves and their littermates and mother.

Their behavior will be linked to their fear, curiosity, and other emotions.  Therefore it is a good idea to keep a Golden Retriever puppies’ environment positive so they will calm down.

Providing positive interactions with others and their world can reduce anxiety and create a calmer and less hyper puppy.  Their behavior will be linked to how they react to their environment.  Their energy will be related to growth on many levels and a by-product of those emotions and reactions.

The next stage will begin around twelve weeks and continue until about six months.  This stage starts their understanding of ranks regarding submission and dominance.  They will continue through another period of fear during this time, but they will also begin having teething issues.

Having a good assortment of toys to entertain and keep them from chewing other things is a great way to minimize issues.  This can also help Golden Retriever puppies to calm down.

Their behavior will be linked to how they interact with others regarding dominance and submission.  They will physically act out in various ways depending upon who is around them.

To help them be as calm as possible, creating happy and positive interactions with others can be beneficial.  Their energy will continue to be related to their overall growth and be stimulated by their interactions with others.

From six to eighteen months, a puppy will continue learning about rank within their family pack.  At this time, they will display challenging behaviors related to dominance and submission as they are testing the waters and their ranking.

They will also go through another chewing stage and begin to display sexual behaviors while maturing in this area.  At this time it might be very hard for Golden Retriever puppies to calm down.

Energy will be related to growth in all areas of life and stimulated by how they rank in the family unit and their hormonal and sexual development.

The next stage, which carries through from eighteen months to when they reach adulthood, can be considered teenage or young adult years.  During this stage, Golden Retrievers will continue to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Difficulties with behavior may begin to subside or go away for short periods as they reach their full adult maturity.

At each stage of a puppies’ life, their behavior and energy will be related to what is going on inside their bodies.  It will also be related to their outside environment.  The people, places, and situations they are exposed to will shape how they behave and who they become.

While the puppy phase for every dog can be challenging, exhausting, and almost never-ending, it eventually passes.   How we react as pet parents and the environment we provide can influence their behavior and energy.

If we ensure that they are both physically and mentally stimulated in a positive way by their environment, they can be more calm.  We alos have a higher likelihood of seeing moments of calm, even in puppyhood.  Although these calm moments might be short-lived, erring on the side of minutes for a pet parent to rest, they do happen.

Training, socialization and positive experiences, and a whole lot of patience will get any pet parent through this phase.

What can I do to create the right environment for my Golden Retriever to calm down?

What can be done to create the right environment for your Golden Retriever to calm down is to provide a stable, comfortable and positive home life.

This positive home life will include the necessities for any dog, a warm place to sleep, ample food, freshwater, loads of love, and enough playtime and exercise to entertain and exhaust the Golden Retriever.

It should also include interactions with others in a fun social way and training to ensure the Golden Retriever understands the house rules.

A well-rounded lifestyle is essential for a dog of any breed and age.    When we live a healthy lifestyle, we are healthy inside and out, and it shows in how we behave.  This is true, not only for humans but dogs too, and it can help Golden Retriever puppies calm down.

In Conclusion

Knowing when a Golden Retriever or other dog will calm down can be important for exhausted pet parents.  This stage usually passes somewhere between two and three years, with some dogs never letting go of their energetic ways.

Thankfully, the Golden Retriever is such a loveable dog most pet parents can overlook any flaws they may have!

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