Can A Golden Retriever Kill A Coyote?

It is normal to worry about coyote attacks, especially for any dog parent living in areas known to be a habitat for these dangerous creatures.

Can A Golden Retriever Kill A Coyote 1 1 Can A Golden Retriever Kill A Coyote?

Can a Golden Retriever kill a coyote?

A Golden Retriever cannot kill a coyote in most scenarios. Golden Retrievers are gentle and do not have the same sharpened killing instinct as a wild coyote. In case of a confrontation between these two animals, it is most likely that your Golden Retriever will be killed or injured.

Several dog parents have lost their companions from coyote attacks across America. We talked to animal behavioral and wildlife experts to find how a dog parent can protect their Golden Retriever, or any other dog breed, especially for those close to coyote habitats. Here are some of the things we were able to compile.

Coyotes Can Be Dangerous To Dogs

Can A Golden Retriever Kill A Coyote Can A Golden Retriever Kill A Coyote?

Despite their small size, you should never underestimate coyotes. They are dangerous and effective hunters, especially if you have a small dog. 

Coyotes view smaller dog breeds as simple prey that they can snatch quickly since, as predators, they tend to go for prey that is the easiest to get.

They can also be dangerous for large dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers. While this is not as common as a coyote for a smaller dog, it can still happen. 

This usually is because the coyote feels threatened, is scared, or the Golden retriever comes between the coyote and its prey.

Let us look at some of the reasons that make coyotes dangerous even to larger dog breeds such as the Golden Retriever.

Coyotes Are Used to Fighting

Despite the smaller size of a coyote compared to your large breed dog, they are still formidable fighters. These wild animals are used to fighting other wild animals regularly and honing their skills. 

On the other hand, your dog will not have the skill to match a coyote and is not used to fighting every time.

Coyote Have Predatory Instincts

For most animals, having good predatory instincts can be the main difference between life and death in the wild. Being the predators that they are, coyotes have excellent tactics and instincts that will give them an upper hand against your golden retriever.

They can tentatively play the waiting game with your dog and play on their nerves to wait for the right moment of weakness to launch an attack with extreme precision.

Coyotes Nocturnal Ability

Coyotes are nocturnal animals and mostly come out during the evenings and nights. If they come across your dog, they will have the upper hand since they are already used to fighting in the dark while your dog is not.

Coyotes are Quick, Smart, and Sneaky

These animals are not only sneaky but also intelligent and quick. It is difficult for your dog to notice them, let alone you, in advance. This will always give them an advantage over your dog.

Coyotes Can Hunt in Packs

Coyotes sometimes attack in packs and will surround their prey. Getting your dog in a similar situation is almost certainly a death sentence for them.

Can A Golden Retriever Kill A Coyote 2 Can A Golden Retriever Kill A Coyote?

How to Protect Your Dog Against Coyote Attacks

Now that we have outlined how and why coyotes can be dangerous, let us get into how you can protect your furry friend. Typically, a coyote will not attack a large dog breed, but it can still happen if you live in an area with a high number of these predators.

Protective Vest

If you live in an area with coyotes, you must get your dog a protective vest. There are many different types available on the market. Some of these vests are made with a culver and other protective material to protect your dog’s neck and vital body parts. 

If the worst happens, the dog will likely not suffer any fatal injuries.

Leashing Your Dog When Outside

Having a leash on your dog is advisable, especially if you take them out at night and live in an area with these predators. You can restrain them from chasing a coyote if they ever see one.

Training Your Dog to Obey Their Recall

Training is essential for any dog. One of the best things to train your dog is to obey the recall phrase. This is a phrase that when you use, your dog will leave whatever they are doing or chasing and come to your side.

It is essential, especially if they notice a coyote and start barking at it or chasing it. Recalling your dog might save its life.


While fencing your property to keep out coyotes ultimately might be a challenge, particularly for individuals with large properties, it is something to consider seriously. There are various fencing options, such as hog panels with smaller holes that a coyote cannot get through or even electric fencing at night.

Avoid Leaving Food Outside

Avoid living outside, especially if coyote habitats are close to your property. When you leave food, it will attract smaller animals to your property, and these smaller animals will, in turn, attract predators such as coyotes.

Cut Tall Grass Around Your property

Tall grass can make for a great hiding scenery for coyotes when hunting. Cutting the grass down around your property will deter coyotes from moving too close to your home. In addition to this, it will make it easy for you to spot them since they will not be easily hidden in case they come close to your home.

The Best Way to Protect Your Golden Retriever

The best way to protect your dog will depend on your situation. However, in most cases, it will involve several of the above measures and any others you might see fit. No one method is foolproof, so you should always be alert, especially if you live in an area with a high number of coyote attacks.

Also, always call the relevant authorities when you spot any coyote lost to your property and avoid confronting them. 

Preventing an attack is better than dealing with everything that can go wrong after an attack. So, avoid your Golden Retriever from coming into contact with a Coyote.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure you take all the protective measures around your property to reduce the chances of a coyote attack.
  • These measures include fencing, cutting tall grass around your home, and many others.
  •  Never let your dog out alone at night.
  • It would be best if you considered buying a protective vest for your dog to protect them against fatal injuries in case a coyote or any other predator attacks them.
  •  The best way to protect your Golden Retriever is to be attentive and take all the protective measures you can.

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