Dark Colored Golden Retrievers – Everything You Need to Know

I am interested in Golden Retrievers, and in particular the Dark Colored Golden Retrievers.  Interested in learning more about this breed and about the dark golden colored retrievers, I decided to investigate further.

Dark Colored Golden Retrievers

Everyone loves the Golden Retrievers’ well-behaved and friendly personality, which is why they are extremely popular with families and just about everyone.  Whether you are looking to adopt and welcoming one into your family, or you already have one, many things make Golden Retrievers so memorable, including their color.  With the Dark Colored Golden Retrievers being exciting to behold.

Dark Colored Golden Retrievers are intelligent, dependable, calm, athletic, companionable and outdoorsy just like their fairer colored brothers and sisters.  While this coloring is often seen in the field style Golden Retrievers, this is just what is popular.

The Dark Colored Golden Retrievers are not considered a standard and accepted color by such organizations as the American Kennel Club, but this makes them no less beautiful and perfect.

Types of Golden Retriever

While the origins of the Golden Retriever point to nineteenth-century Scotland, there are three types of Golden Retrievers today.  These types are variations of the same dog breed related to location rather than being different dogs.  There is only one Golden Retriever dog breed.

These three types of Golden Retrievers include the American, the Canadian, and the English.

Each type will have a slightly different fur coat and other slight variations to their physical build and appearance that make them uniquely special.

American Golden Retrievers have fur that is a little bit darker than the Canadian or English Golden Retrievers.

The Canadian Golden Retrievers have fur that is a tiny bit thinner than the American and English Golden Retrievers.

And finally, the English Golden Retrievers have a lighter colored coat of fur than their American and Canadian cousins.  They can also be a bit shorter than American and Canadian Golden Retrievers.

A Coat of Glorious Color

There are three color choices for a Golden Retriever that potential pet parents can choose from.  These colors are recognized and agreed upon regardless of what country they originate from and what kennel club acknowledges them as a pure breed dog.

The Golden color is what most people think of when they think of a Golden Retriever.

Light Golden is another of the three-color choices.  This color is a bit darker than a white fur coat and is often thought of as cream-colored.

Dark Golden is the third color of their fur that the American Kennel Club and other clubs recognize.   This coloring is often mistaken for copper or red fur coat, but it is more of a golden yellow tone to their glorious coat.

Dark Colored Golden Retrievers

Other fur coat colors for the Golden Retriever include white, black, or copper, but they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club and can be a sign of mixed breeding.

When it comes to coloring, the Dark Golden can be highly sought after, with many people interpret it as slightly red or copper.

Elusive History of the Dark Golden Retriever

While all Golden Retriever colors are gorgeous in their own right, the Dark Golden is possibly the most exotic and exciting to behind.  Origins of the Golden Retriever point to nineteenth-century Scotland with the breathtaking dark golden color fur coat being somewhat shrouded in mystery.

Some believe it was a particular crossing of two specific dogs of that time, while others think it is part of the Golden Retriever genetic background.

Whatever their origins, in those times, these dogs were sought after for their tremendous ineptitude for hunting, retrieving, and of course, being intensely loyal dogs to their human hunting companions.

Today those traits continue, making them a perfect family dog and deeply connected companion to everyone who chooses to welcome them into their family.

Traits of the Dark Golden Retriever

While there are three different types of Golden Retrievers and a variety of colors to choose from, including the Dark Golden, these dogs boast some impressive traits.

Coloring doesn’t necessarily affect what traits a Golden Retriever has, but a Darker Golden color may enhance them, similar to when we wear different colored clothing.


Physically, the Golden Retriever, including the Dark Golden’s, are strong and capable.  Regarding size, they fit into the medium to large category, with males, of course reigning in slightly larger in both weight and height.

Due to their double coat of fur, they are capable of handling colder temperatures.  Their fur coat is also insulated and designed to be water-resistant like that of a duck, which is one reason they are so esteemed as waterfowl retrieving dogs.

Each type of Golden Retriever will have its unique look, but they are all designed to perform well, withstand the weather and endure long hours of working, playing, or spending time outdoors.

Emotionally and Mentally

Emotionally and mentally, this breed is intelligent and deeply affectionate, forming close bonds with those around them and their human family.

Their emotional state is balanced and calm, but they also have a youthful exuberance.  They are the epitome of a versatile and reliable dog breed that humans can depend on and trust.  Golden Retrievers make friends very quickly and can be counted on to welcome one and all.

Since they are very perceptive and connect deeply with their loving family, this breed can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety.  Training and socialization can help manage this issue if they do suffer as well as other lifestyle modifications.

All Golden Retrievers, regardless of coloring, are all loving, athletic, and gentle.

Mentally they are smart and pick up on training and tasks quickly, which is one reason Golden Retrievers make such good therapy, search and rescue, and assistance dogs.

Sizes of the Dark Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retrievers’ origin points to a medium to large dog that is agile and sturdy for the various terrain a hunter might frequent.  In today’s world, breeders attempt to bring us what we are searching for, including miniature Golden Retrievers.

In truth, the miniature Golden Retriever isn’t a Golden Retriever at all, regardless of coloring.  These dogs are cross-bred and a mixture of the Golden Retriever and either Cocker Spaniel or Poodle.

Dark Colored Golden Retrievers

They were created for people who want a smaller Golden Retriever that sheds less than the true pure-bred Golden Retriever.  So while a mini Golden Retriever may appear to be just what the name implies, a mini version of the purebred dog, they are, in fact, not.

Dark Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever puppies of any color are adorable. There is no doubt about it.  As puppies, these dogs, regardless of the color, Dark Golden, Light Golden, or Golden, will have a different type of fur coat than what they have as adults.

Dark Golden Retriever puppies will have a fuzzy and soft puppy fur coat that will begin to change around six months old.  This process gives way to their new, adult fur coat, a double fur coat that is longer and denser.

Their puppy fur coat can go through many different stages and changes as the Dark Golden Retriever grows, with their adult fur coat coming in somewhere around two years.

Pricing of the Dark Golden Retriever Puppies

While purebred dogs of any breed will cost more than their mixed breed friends, specific colors within a breed are known to pull a higher price tag because they are rare and hard to come by.

When it comes to the Golden Retriever dog breed, the Dark Golden colored dogs definitely can come with a higher price tag.  This breed’s price range can start at just under a thousand and run close to five thousand, depending on the breeder and dog.

Many factors play into how much any dog costs regardless of breed, and quality breeders will naturally cost more as they are more reliable, trustworthy, and meet the breed standards.

Field vs. Show Ring

Field Golden Retrievers are the hunting dog in the field, as the name implies. They have slight variations in appearance, usually slightly smaller than their show ring counterparts, with a shorter fur coat.  They also boast a high level of energy and often come in Dark Golden.

Dark Colored Golden Retrievers

The Truth about Dark Golden Retrievers

Dark Golden Retrievers are pretty much the same as other colored Golden Retrievers.   They appear more often in the field-style dogs as they are not considered show ring material because they don’t meet the breed standard.

Their coloring is brilliant and dazzling to behold and can be more popular than other colors, but these are just what is momentarily trending.

Regarding personality, temperament, and other attributes, all dogs will be unique regardless of color.  Despite that, a Golden Retriever will still be a Golden Retriever.

In Conclusion

Like other Golden Retrievers, Dark Golden Retrievers are gentle, loving, and intelligent dogs that have a history of dependability, trustworthiness, and loyalty.

With high energy and a love of the outdoors, and the ability to withstand the elements, these dogs are very popular.

Whether Canadian, English, American, Dark Golden, Light Golden, field, or show, these dogs have some great qualities rolled into one fantastic dog breed!

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