Do Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Smell?

One of the most notable concerns that dog owners have is if their dog smells.

If your dog smells, you might find it embarrassing to have people over to the house. 

It can also make it harder for you to snuggle or sleep with your dog if you notice them smelling.

If you’re thinking about buying a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, you might be wondering if they are prone to smelling and if you need to worry about them emitting bad odors regularly. 

Do Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Smell? 

The good news is that Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are not prone to smelling. Under certain circumstances though, you might notice them having a bad smell. This usually happens after they have been exercising, swimming, or have found something gross to roll in.

Since every dog can smell from time to time, you might be wondering how you can make sure your Chessie doesn’t smell. 

We will go over some tips in this article to reduce odor as well as discuss some instances that might make your dog smell more strongly than others. 

Why Does My Chesapeake Bay Retriever Smell?

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are bred and built for game hunting and sport. 

You may notice their natural hunting instincts when you are outside with them.

They are most used for duck hunting and water sports which makes them excellent swimmers.

You might notice your dog eagerly heading to a body of water and wanting to swim regularly. 

Their need to swim often is one of the reasons why they might start smelling though. 

One of the reasons why they are such good swimmers is that they have dense and oily coats. 

While this is perfect for swimming, it’s not ideal for odor. 

The oily coat serves as a protective shield and allows them to be resistant to water. 

Combine oily hair with dirty water and you have a perfect scenario for a dog to start smelling. 

While they can start to smell from swimming in clean rivers or pools, the smell is usually worse if they have been in dirty water or cold water. 

The smells from the water can become trapped in their hair and give them an overall unpleasant odor.

The less you bathe them, the more they will smell. 

However, like with all dogs, it’s not a good idea to bathe them too often because their skin can become irritated, and you might see them itching constantly. 

Make sure they are not swimming too often or you are getting into dirty water because then you will be stuck bathing them more frequently. 

You also need to make sure you are grooming them often and brushing their hair to get rid of unwanted odors. 

Do Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Smell 1 Do Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Smell?

How Can I Make Sure My Dog Doesn’t Smell? 

If your dog is not constantly swimming or playing outside, it will probably not smell.

If you take them for long walks through on hot days or they spend most of the days under the sun, you will probably notice them smelling often. 

While they do need exercise, you shouldn’t take them for walks or runs during the hottest part of the day. 

This is not good for odor or their health because they can overheat. 

Try taking them outside during the mornings or evenings so they sweat less and produce fewer smells. 

How Often Should I Brush and Bathe My Chesapeake Bay Retriever? 

You can also brush them a few times a week to get rid of smells.

Brushing is great for getting rid of unwanted dirt that can become trapped in the hair and then cause your dog to smell.

If you need to bathe them, make sure you are only doing bath time once every few months. 

Remember that Chessies have naturally oily fur and bathing them too often can strip them of these natural and essential oils. 

Once the oil part of their coat is gone, it might not completely come back. 

This can cause your dog’s coat to change forever and make it harder for them to swim and hunt like they were bred to do. 

Bathing too much can also make them more prone to shedding in the spring and fall. 

Their coat will naturally change with the weather and then you will be stuck with more and more hair around the house. 

If your dog is swimming often, you can bathe them once a week but do not bathe them every time they go swimming. 

This will lead to them having dry and uncomfortable skin. 

Brushing your dog often can ensure they have fewer skin issues including yeast infections which can give them dry and problematic skin. 

Brushing your dog often also reminds you to do regular skin checks on them. 

Checking your dog’s skin often is important because you want to ensure they do not have bugs or parasites in their fur. 

As you brush, you can look at their fur for any signs of bugs. 

Brushing your dog often also gives you time to bond with them. 

This is especially important if you are away from home often and don’t get to spend much time with them. 

Brushing also takes away the need for regular baths. 

This way you can stick to the proper bathe schedule without needing to worry about making their skin dry.  

Should I Not Allow them to Swim Because of Odors? 

However, the fact they smell after swimming should not discourage you from taking them swimming.

They were bred to be swimmers, which means they feel content and happiest when they are in the water.

To make sure they are getting enough exercise and they are serving their breeding purpose, you can take them swimming.

To reduce odors, you can take them swimming in cooler climates since they were bred even to swim in icy waters. 

Once they get out of the water, you can allow them to dry under the skin or you can dry them in a warm towel. 

Drying them immediately will help to get rid of odors rather than allowing them to dry indoors over an extended period of time. 

Do Double Coat Dogs Smell?

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a double coat dog which means they have much more fur than other dogs who only have a single coat. 

This extra fur can definitely make them more prone to smell if you are not brushing and bathing them as much as you should. 

Double coat furs are also more likely to trap in dirt and grime that can contribute to a bad odor. 

Brushing is one of the best ways to ensure your dog does not smell. 

It will remove the dead smell of hairs and leave the clean-smelling ones behind. 

Why Does My Chesapeake Bay Retriever Always Smell?

While most of the time the smell is from too much sweat or swimming in dirty water, you might notice that your dog is always smelling no matter what steps you take to combat the odor.

If you are brushing them and bathing them according to the guidelines above and they still seem to smell often, you might want to check if they have an underlying health condition. 

There are some conditions that can make your dog smell regardless of how well you take care of their coat. 

Most of them are easily treated by a vet, so make an appointment as soon as you can. 

Skin Infections 

Your dog could have a chronic skin infection that is making them smell. 

These infections can be caused by bacteria or yeast. 

They might also be caused by allergies.

If there is a reason your dog is smelling so often, they will probably have other health conditions as well. 

You might notice them having watery eyes, skin rashes, itching often, or even sneezing. 

See your vet for some antibiotics and for a skin check to make sure they are healthy. 

Gastrointestinal Issues

Sometimes your dog’s smelling might not be because of improper grooming or because of their skin. 

If your dog is having diarrhea often or they have an infection in their anal glands, you might notice them having a constant fishy smell. 

These problems often need a change in diet that includes more vitamins and fiber. 

You might also need to see if your dog might be allergic to something in their food that is causing them to have diarrhea.

Improper Grooming 

In some cases, you could be doing all the grooming and they can still smell. 

It might be because you are simply not grooming them well enough. 

Make sure you are throughout brushing them each time and that you are pulling the dead hair clumps off. 

At bath time, take your time scrubbing them and make sure you rinse them afterward. 

Final Thoughts 

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers don’t smell too often unless they have been swimming or have been in the hot sun. 

As long as you are brushing them and bathing them, they should not have a strong odor unless they have a health condition that needs to be addressed by the vet.  

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