Are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Good for First Time Owners?

Getting a dog for the first time can be exciting, but also nerve-wracking. 

You might not know what to expect and you might feel unsure of how to train your new puppy. 

If you are getting a dog for the first time, it’s important to pick a breed that is known to be good for first-time dog owners. 

You have probably heard of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, so you might be wondering if this is a good choice. 

Are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Good for First Time Owners? 

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are not recommended for first-time dog owners or inexperienced dog owners. Chessies can be prone to dominance issues and they can try to be the boss of the house which is difficult for first-time dog owners to handle. 

Don’t be discouraged though. 

If you are set on owning a Chessie even though you have never owned a dog, you still can. 

You just need to make sure you are being very strict with training and that you properly socialize them from a young age. 

Can First Dog Time Owners Have Chesapeake Bay Retrievers?

The short answer is yes, but they are not recommended by most vets and dog trainers for first-time dog owners.

Chessies have naturally dominant behavior that makes them bossy around the house.

New dog owners might not know how to properly train a dog with this kind of attitude. 

Chessies also need to be properly socialized as puppies which means you need to make sure they have time around other dogs and other humans besides the owner. 

Chessies also tend to be very stubborn if they are not properly trained and need to have firm obedience training starting from a young age. 

If you are a new dog owner and you want to get a Chessie, you might want to discuss with it your vet and an experienced dog trainer.

They can be honest with you and tell you if you can handle this type of dog or not. 

If you decide to own a Chessie as a new dog owner, make sure you are up to the task of training them. 

Start from the day you get them as they are quick to develop habits of their own that are hard to break later down the road. 

You might want to also get a professional dog trainer for them, at least at the beginning. 

An experienced dog trainer can teach you how to train them and can show you the dogs and don’ts have obedience training. 

What is the Best Environment for Chessies? 

As a Chessie owner, rather experienced or inexperienced, you need to make sure you are giving them the proper environment for learning and healthy living. 

Chessies are not recommended for apartments because they are large dogs that need big areas for exercise and play. 

So, if you are a first-time dog owner and you stay in an apartment, you might want to consider getting another breed. 

When Chessies are in small spaces, such as apartments, they are more likely to display destructive behaviors like chewing and barking. 

This can also disturb your neighbors since apartment walls are often thin.

If they can hear your Chessie barking constantly, they might report you to the management team. 

This can be a tricky scenario and cause you to lose your place of living. 

Some people say it’s possible to live with a Chessie in an apartment if you are committed to exercising them several times a day. 

This includes taking them for long walks twice a day and giving them mental stimulation. 

Mental stimulation for Chessies includes agility courses that need to be set up in a large space like a dog park or a fenced-in backyard.

They will not be able to work in an apartment which means you will need to travels somewhere. 

Traveling and walking a dog twice a day is not easy for everyone, especially those with busy schedules and long work hours. 

If you stay in an apartment, you need to be committed to exercising with your Chessie each day. 

Are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Good for First Time Owners 1 Are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Good for First Time Owners?

First Time Owners in a House 

If you live in a home with a large backyard, you will find that owning a Chessie is much easier. 

Even if you are a first-time owner, having a place for your Chessie to run and play makes it much easier to exercise them and train them. 

While you might be able to let them run around outside unsupervised, this doesn’t mean you can avoid walking them and training them. 

Chessies still need to be walked by their owner to encourage bonding and proper leash training. 

Are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Hard to Train? 

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers can be hard to train for first-time owners because Chessies need a dominant trainer in order for them to listen and obey.

Experienced dog owners find training Chessies to be easy because they already know the basics of obedience training and they can implement the procedures. 

Experienced dog owners are also more likely to be dominant when it comes to training so the Chessie will listen to them easier. 

Obedience Training 

Since obedience training was mentioned earlier in the article, you might be wondering what it is and how to use it to make sure your Chessie follows commands and listens to your voice. 

Basic obedience training involves teaching your Chessie how to come, sit, lay down, and stay. 

These are basic commands to teach your dog that ensure their safety and make sure they listen to you. 

Obedience training can be easy when done correctly, but first-time dog owners need to make sure they are being consistent and committed. 

Start with the basic commands like sit and lay down. 

Make sure your Chessie always follows the commands and does not give them treats or let them walk away until they have done the command. 

Many first-time dog owners get frustrated when the Chessie does not respond to commands and they allow the Chessie to get away with not listening. 

This shows Chessie that they are the dominant person in the household and they will continue to ignore commands since you have let them get away with it in the past. 

The easiest way to train a Chessie is by giving them commands and then rewarding them when they follow the command. 

You can reward them with treats, praise, or affection

Doing a combination of the rewards is best because you want to make sure they are not getting treats every time. Giving them too many treats can cause them to favor treats over food or it can cause them to expect treats in every situation. 

Are Chessies Aggressive?

Chessies are not usually aggressive but first-time Chessie owners are more likely to have a dog that shows aggression. 

This is because first-time dog owners might not properly socialize the dog. 

When a dog has not been socialized from a young age, they are more likely to show aggression towards strangers and other dogs. 

The good news is that when trained and socialized properly, a Chessie will not be aggressive. 

They will always be suspicious of strangers though as this is just their nature. 

Don’t be surprised if your Chessie barks at the door when someone knocks of they ignore strangers in your home completely. 

Socializing your Chessie 

From the time you get your Chessie, you need to make sure you are socializing them. 

The best way to do is this by taking them for walks. 

This allows them to see other people and animals. You can also take them to the dog park and allow them to greet and smell other dogs. 

Having people over to your house is also an excellent way to socialize your dog. 

This allows them to see that other people are in the home or normal. 

If your Chessie sees you acting friendly with someone, they will usually be friendly with them also. 

If you are having a hard time getting your dog to be friendly with other people and dogs, you might need to seek professional help. 

If your dog shows any signs of aggression, you also need to make sure you take steps to stop it right away. 

This can be hard for the first time and experienced dog owners, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. 

In general, your dog will mimic your attitude. 

If you get anxious or suspicious when people knock on the door, they might be more prone to bark or be aggressive towards the person on the other side of the door. 

Final Thoughts

In general, Chessies are not the best breed for first-time dog owners because of their natural dominant personality and their tendencies to want to be boss. 

If you still want a Chessie, you need to make sure you are starting obedience training right away and that you show you are the boss. 

Don’t let them get away with bad behavior and call a professional if there is any aggression. 

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