Do Golden Retrievers Like To Cuddle?

I bet every dog likes to cuddle at one time or another. What do you think?  I often wonder about the bigger dogs like golden retrievers, if they like snuggle time or not.

Do golden retrievers like to cuddle?

Yes, golden retrievers like to cuddle, hug, snuggle and lean up against those they love or anyone that needs a friendly companion.  Golden retrievers like to cuddle because they have this innate sense or what some call an intuitive bond with their loved ones and family. 

As if they can sense when someone needs a hug or some love and affection, golden retrievers like to cuddle to be supportive of those around them, sharing the warmth and love they have in overabundance. 

Golden retrievers like to cuddle because they are people pleasers, and nothing makes them happier than to make someone else happy and be there for them.  The more affection and love you give a golden retriever, the more the golden retriever will like to cuddle and be close. 

With a gentle nature, golden retrievers like to cuddle as a way of being of service to others, especially if someone needs support and closeness.  This is part of what makes them good at being therapy and service dogs.  Golden retrievers like to cuddle with other animals. 

Be it another dog in the house, or dare we say it, the house cat.  Golden retrievers make great friends with everyone because they are so cuddly and loveable, despite their large size.

Golden retrievers were originally bred for hunting and retrieving dogs for those who hunted waterfowl and other game.  Besides their skill in this area, they are exceptional companion animals that love to please people.

Being a people-pleasing dog breed, the golden retriever loves to cuddle and be there for their pet parent, companions, and loved ones.

Many pet parents who own a golden retriever believe that their dog has an innate sense or intuitive bone with them that allows the golden retriever to anticipate when they need to cuddle, snuggle up or receive some loving attention.

Golden retrievers are not only people-pleasers. They love to be of service to others.  This could mean that they bring slippers or putting away their toys, or it could mean a good silent cuddle on the couch after a rough day.

Golden retrievers also like to cuddle to receive love in return.  Nothing makes them happier than to receive the love, praise, and attention of their family.  The more love and affection golden retrievers are given, the more they return.

Golden retrievers don’t discriminate between who they like to share a cuddle with.  If there is another dog in the house that is friendly to them, they will be more than happy to cuddle up with them.  If there is a house cat and that cat is open to this loveable giant dog, a golden retriever will be delighted to cuddle with them.

Is there such a thing as a dog being too cuddly?

This answer depends on each dog and pet parent pair or family.

Some pet parents may not like to be cuddled with their dog regardless of the breed.  If that is the case, then yes, there is a limit to how much cuddle time a person can share.

The good news is that golden retrievers appear to have a sixth sense or intuitive bond with their pet parents at times, and they may be able to anticipate when it is not a good time to cuddle.

No one can say for sure if every golden retriever can anticipate what their pet parent wants and doesn’t want.  If, however, a pet parent finds themselves dealing with a golden retriever looking for some cuddle time, these people-pleasing dogs will understand that now is not a good time.

They are very gentle and loving and will probably wait until a better time comes up.

It should be said that pet parents who don’t enjoy cuddling up with their golden retriever if this is done too often for this breed could affect their overall health.

Like other dog breeds that thrive in close connection to their pet parents, golden retrievers can feel less connected if their need for attention and cuddle time is not provided.

How do I increase cuddle time with my golden retriever?

Increasing cuddle time with your golden retriever is easy to do with a few simple ideas and tricks.

The first step is to spend more time with your golden retriever.  Spending more time throughout the day will provide extra time for these cuddle moments and other adventures to happen naturally.

Take your golden retriever with you on adventures, whether it is a hike or bike ride or a quick trip in the car to the post office.  This time spent together provides moments for quick cuddles and words of praise and attention.

Both you and your golden retriever will form a closer bond, which inevitably your golden retriever will use to offer and share cuddles and snuggles.

Cuddle time with your golden retriever doesn’t have to be lengthy.  A quick hug and kiss now, a few words of praise later, followed by a more extended session of cuddling on the couch at the end of the day, can do wonders to quickly increase the time you spend with your golden retriever cuddling.

Secondly, be sure to take breaks.  These breaks are not only good to cuddle with your golden retriever, but they also provide rest and restoration to busy pet parents that forget about themselves.

Golden retrievers are excellent at being helpful. They make lovely therapy and assistance dogs for people of various disabilities and challenges.   Should you be lucky enough to have one as a pet, allow them to do what they do best and love doing, being of service.

Sit down on the couch, allow your affectionate and people-pleasing golden retriever to fetch your slippers, and welcome them on the couch beside you for some cuddle time while you watch the news after dinner.

These breaks restore both of you, create a stronger bond, and are enjoyable for both you and your golden retriever who loves to cuddle.

Do Golden Retrievers Like To Cuddle

Lastly, be responsive to their needs.  Sometimes we as pet parents can get wrapped up in our day and things that we haven’t even noticed the dog in the house for a whole eight hours before we know it.  Oh, we fed them and let them out the back door, but that was done on autopilot.

In between, we didn’t notice the golden retriever that was looking to cuddle and nuzzled our arm with their nose.  Or maybe we didn’t even blink an eye at the golden retriever that laid its head on our lap silently because we were too busy.

Making time for them and their needs will increase the amount of time you and your golden retriever spend cuddling by turning off the autopilot switch, at least some of the time.

What if my golden retriever wants to cuddle house guests and other people?

If your golden retriever wants to cuddle house guests or other people, it is okay if the recipient is okay with it.  Some people are not open to this kind of love and affection, especially from a golden retriever.

Should someone come to visit or you are out and about, and the golden retriever wants to cuddle or snuggle up with someone, see how they react, or ask if they are open to this kind of attention.

If they are, which many people have a hard time resisting the loveable, cuddly affection of a golden retriever, then it is perfectly acceptable to allow them to cuddle.

If, however, for some reason, the person is not open to this, the golden retriever might be able to anticipate this and remain close to their pet parent or look for someone else who needs love and cuddle time.

In those moments where the golden retriever isn’t aware or ignores this, merely reminding them of what is expected of them gently will do the trick.  golden retrievers are people-pleasers that want nothing more than for everyone to be happy.

If their pet parent is happy and content, they usually are too.  They are very gentle by nature and have an easy-going personality.  This will make most interactions smooth.

Do golden retrievers cuddle when they are working as therapy or service dogs?

Yes, golden retrievers cuddle when working as therapy or service dogs.  The cuddling they do while working as service or therapy dogs can be different from what they offer as a regular pet.

They might nuzzle up with their nose or head, or offer a paw or lay beside the person they are working with.  It depends on their pet parent and the nature of the work they perform.  Golden retrievers love to cuddle, and they will find numerous ways to do so, even if it means adapting to the situation they are to show and receive love and affection.

Final Thoughts

Cuddling is as essential as food and water for dogs.  Giving and receiving love through physical touch can come in many ways for a golden retriever.

Whatever way they give love, no one will ever question just how gentle, affectionate and sweet they are!

Do Golden Retrievers Like To Cuddle?

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