Do Golden Retrievers Need AC? In The Summer And Winter?

When it gets too hot or too cold, we often turn to our ACs. But what about our dogs? Do Golden Retrievers need ac as well, or will they self-regulate? Just like humans, dogs are affected by temperature changes. You’ll often be tempted to allow your pup to lick off your ice cone on sweltering days or crank up the AC to combat the winter cold. But do our pets need these interventions?

Do Golden Retrievers Need AC 1 Do Golden Retrievers Need AC? In The Summer And Winter?

Do Golden Retrievers need to be in the air conditioning?

Golden Retrievers may need AC to keep warm during winter and cool during summer. But you must set the unit to an optimum temperature of 68-72°F and replace the AC filters regularly to keep your pup comfortable and healthy. An AC helps the dogs to maintain the optimum body temperature.

Keeping your pup comfortable is a worrying factor for many pet parents. Providing the optimum temperature is at the top of the list, including food, water, and a sleeping area. Stick around as we discuss how you can use your AC to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of your dog.

If you’ve found yourself debating whether to turn on the AC with your pup in the house, you’re right. After extensive research, check out what the experts say about Golden Retrievers and ACs.

Do Golden Retrievers Need AC?

Maintaining the optimum temperature for dogs can be difficult and time-consuming. A complete internal air conditioning solution is a reliable way to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Pet parents who regularly spend long hours away from home benefit from smart AC controllers. They can control the air conditioner from the convenience of a mobile app. It allows you to set temperature triggers and even change the temperature range from anywhere.

States like Florida, Arizona, Hawaii, and Louisiana have scorching summers, and installing an AC to cool your home and pup is vital. It is also invaluable in the cold seasons if you suspect your dog is getting cold at night, even though they have a cozy blanket to snuggle.

How to Care For a Golden Retriever in Hot Weather

Do Golden Retrievers Need AC 1 1 Do Golden Retrievers Need AC? In The Summer And Winter?

The primary purpose of the double coat on Golden Retrievers is to keep them warm during the cold season, but it can be an inconvenience. How? You ask. Imagine going through summer wearing a fur coat!

Typically, Golden Retrievers handle heat quite well. When hot, Goldens release heat by panting. But temperatures exceeding 86°F ( 30°C) could lead to overheating, dehydration and heatstroke.

And because it’s pretty tricky to control outdoor temperatures, an AC comes in handy. It allows you to manage your Golden Retreiver’s temperature indoors effectively.

With soaring temperatures comes high humidity levels. Combining these two conditions can be demanding on your dog, compared to the same temperature with low humidity. Therefore, installing an AC unit with ample capacity to act as a dehumidifier is best.

This leads to the question, ” can Golden Retriever survive in hot weather without ac?” Well, yes, they can. But it depends on the climate where you live.

Try these fantastic tips on caring for your Golden Retriever in hot climates.

  • Use your AC at a substantially low setting.
  • Provide cool drinking water. Refill regularly.
  • Trim your mutt’s coat to minimize heat retention.
  • Ensure there is a cool spot for them to lie on, such as a bare tiled floor.
  • Keep your windows open to allow the breeze into the house.
  • Restrict your Golden Retrievers outdoor activities to the cooler times of the day, like early mornings and late evenings.
  • Invest in breathable cotton sheet bedding.
  • Fill up a kiddie pool or take your pup to a dog water park.

How to Care For a Golden Retriever in Cold Weather

Golden Retrievers are very playful pets, and they will not pass up an opportunity to have fun, whether it’s raining or snowing. So, is it okay to allow your mutt to run through the rain or roll in the snow for hours? No, it’s not!

Golden Retrievers can get cold when temperatures outside drop to 45°F (7°C). The thick dual coat helps the dogs to keep warm in the winter season, but not enough to beat the cold.

And when the decreasing temperatures plummet to 20°F (-7°C), Golden Retrievers are at high risk for health issues such as frostbite and hypothermia.

You cannot solely rely on their thick hair coat to provide enough warmth. Check out these invaluable tips on caring for a Golden Retriever in winter.

  1. Again, use the AC.
  2. Avoid shaving your pet during the cold season.
  3. Your dog should not play for more than half an hour in the snow.
  4. Buy protective gear such as snow boots for your Golden Retriever to curb frostbite on the toes.
  5. Put them in a snow jacket to prevent cold-induced health problems.
  6. Promptly visit the vet if you notice signs of hypothermia or frostbite.
  7. Ensure the sleeping area is far from the airflow direction to avoid direct cold drafts.
  8. Minimize the frequency of washing. If you do it twice a month, reduce it to once monthly.
  9. If you need an expert opinion, reach out to a vet. They will have the right answer to all your questions.

What Temperature Do Golden Retrievers Thrive?

Dogs have a higher body temperature compared to humans. Their internal body temperature ranges between 101 – 102.5°F, and they thrive in external temperatures of 68 – 72°F. Therefore, ensure the home thermostat is within that range during winter.

You might be wondering, “But leaving the AC running all day will lead to high power bills.” Not necessarily so. Setting a comfortable temperature range, ideally 78-80 degrees, is an effective solution. It keeps the energy costs in check and your Golden Retriever comfortable.

However, certain factors influence the temperature needs of Golden Retrievers. These include:

  • Age
  • Size
  • Body covering
  • Medical factors


Your pets’ ability to regulate their body temperature declines as they age. If you have an older pet, they may require warmer temperatures than younger and more active pets.

Puppies are particularly susceptible to cold temperatures and must be kept warm.


Adult retrievers have a well-developed coat of dense hair to protect them from the elements. But it becomes a different story when we’re talking about puppies.

Typically, puppies less than 5 weeks old will sleep with their littermates, tucked neatly alongside the mama dog. But if the young one separates from their mom and his siblings due to unavoidable circumstances, you must find a way to substitute the mother’s warmth.

An air-conditioned room is a viable way of achieving desirable temperatures and good ventilation for small dogs.

Body Covering

Your Golden Retriever’s sleek and shiny coat is more than just aesthetics. It plays an integral part in thermoregulation.

Golden Retrievers are a double-coated dog breed. The soft and fuzzy undercoat and the long, smooth, waterproof outer coat. The dual coat on these pups serves a vital role. It is there to protect the dog in any season.

The dual coat protects the dog from the harsh climate and helps them stay warm and fuzzy in cold weather. A funny thing happens in warm temperatures. Golden Retrievers will shed this coat naturally as they no longer need it.

Medical Issues

Pets with health issues may have a weakened immune system, making them more vulnerable to colder temperatures. It is helpful to guarantee their comfort by keeping them warm and cozy.

Can AC Make My Dog Sick?

There are no real risks for pets when left at home with the air conditioning activated. The AC will not make your dog sick if the settings are correctly regulated.

However, you must keep your AC system in excellent working condition. Golden Retrievers are heavy shedders, especially in fall and spring. Hair and dander are sucked into the vents of HVAC units, compromising air quality, which could make your dog sick.

Sweep and vacuum your house, clean and replace the AC filters frequently, and groom your pup often to avoid them getting sick.

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