Do Golden Retrievers Have Hair or Fur?

While you may often refer to the coat of your Golden Retriever as their hair, there is actually a very specific difference between hair and fur.

Both hair and fur have their own pros and cons, but the main difference between them is the amount of shedding you can expect.

So, do Golden Retrievers have hair or fur?

Do Golden Retrievers Have Hair or Fur?

Golden Retrievers have fur rather than hair. They have a double coat that provides two levels of fur that are shed throughout the year. All dogs that have the double coat like the Golden Retriever will have hair rather than fur, which means you can expect a moderate to high amount of shedding.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that the hair and the fur will be different for the Golden Retriever and what makes up their beautiful fur coats. 

There are some dogs that have a single coat on them and these are often the ones that will be considered to have the hair when we talk about dogs.

You will quickly see that the Golden Retriever has two layers of hair, the thick undercoat, and the long and wavy top coat, and this will result in them having fur instead of hair. 

When it comes to taking care of the fur of the Golden Retriever, it will be treated in a similar manner as a dog who has hair instead. 

These are pretty much the same thing and can be used interchangeably if the dog owner would like.

The biggest difference is that the Golden Retriever has two layers of hair, so there will be more work when it comes to grooming them.

Do Golden Retrievers Have a Double Coat?

The Golden Retriever is going to have a double coat.

This is meant to keep them warm and will help them when they need to get into the water, play outside with others, and be active like their breed likes. 

This double coat is going to provide them with some of the protection that they need. 

The thick undercoat is often what is left from their days as a puppy. 

This is a thick coat that will keep them warm and helps provide a bit of extra padding if they need to be outside for longer periods of time.

This dog likes to be active and the undercoat will keep their skin dry and clean when they are running around. 

However, it is the long and luxurious outer coat that most people will recognize when it comes to the Golden Retriever. 

This type of coat is going to almost flow off the dog and will follow them around all the time. 

While it can come in different shades of gold, it is going to be long and flowing. 

This coat is often waterproof, wicking away some of the water and other elements off of the dog while they are active and doing their jobs. 

Is It Easy to Groom the Fur of a Golden Retriever?

Do Golden Retrievers Have Hair or Fur Do Golden Retrievers Have Hair or Fur?

The Golden Retriever has a lot of fun fur to work with.

This is part of the charm and the beauty that comes with this kind of dog. 

But it is important to recognize some of the challenges that will happen for a dog with this kind of hair as well. 

The coat for the Golden Retriever will come in three different lengths of fur. 

There is the undercoat, which is going to enjoy the shorter hair. 

You will likely have to move some of the outer coat in order to even see this, but it is the thick part that is way down deep near the skin of the dog. 

Then you will find the outer coat, which is going to have fur that is medium length. 

This is the full and lustrous fur that you see on the top of the Golden Retriever. 

They will finish out with the longer fur coat, which is the feathering that is seen on the tail, legs, and chest. 

The feathery fur, which is just longer fur but is given that name because of the way that it looks, will not be the main part that you need to focus on when you are grooming. 

You need to focus mostly on the outer coat and the undercoat to make sure the dog is groomed properly. 

And you will not be able to grab a razor and work right through it or you will end up with a mess and potentially harming the dog. 

While it may be a little bit difficult to groom the Golden Retriever the first few times, you will find that this dog is quite easy to groom once you get the hang of it.

It is more about being consistent and sticking with a schedule more than anything else. 

With a good bath and a routine brushing of the fur each week, you can help to remove the excess fur before it sheds all over the place and you can avoid the matting and the tangles that happen without routine grooming. 

The trick comes when you cut the hair. 

You do not want to shave all the way down to the undercoat.

This is going to cause irritation to the skin of the dog and may make them more susceptible to sunburns and other issues of the skin. 

You just want to clip some of the hair so that it does not get underfoot or cause other problems along the way.

If you are worried that you will cut the hair too short, then it is a good idea to consider having a professional do the work for you. 

How Often Should I Groom My Golden Retriever?

Now that we know a little bit more about the coat of the Golden Retriever, it is important to know the steps that you should take in order to help keep that coat healthy and strong.

The exact amount of times that you will groom the Golden Retriever will depend on how much they shed and how much time you have available to do the work as well. 

As soon as you bring this dog breed home, you will notice that they shed often. 

This can make some pet owners nervous because they assume they will need to groom the dog quite a bit. 

The good news is that this is often not the case. You will be able to do most of the work from your own home, saving time and money. 

When it comes to brushing the fur, you should do this at least one time a week. 

This will get some of the hair out before it sheds everywhere and will give you and the Golden Retriever time to bond with one another. 

If they still seem like they are shedding all the time, then you may need to increase the number of brushings. 

A bath will help take care of the coat as well.

This does not need to be done all the time or it can irritate the skin of the dog. 

Doing it two to four times a month will be enough. 

Take a look at how your dog responds to the bath and how dry their skin gets before deciding. 

You may start on a schedule, but you can increase how often you give the dog a bath if it seems necessary because the dog gets smelly or really dirty. 

You should also consider a professional grooming session a few times to help the dog. 

They are able to provide a deeper clean than you are able to do on your own, which will really provide some protection to the skin and fur of the dog.

This should include the bathing, brushing, and trimming that your dog needs.

Doing it every six to eight weeks is good for most Golden Retrievers to be happy.

If you are able to maintain a good grooming routine at home, then you can definitely choose to do some of it at home and avoid going into the professional groomers as much. 

Enjoying Your Golden Retriever

The coat of the Golden Retriever is going to be unique and will provide the dog with all the protection that they need while they are out with their owners and having fun. 

The undercoat may not be seen, but it provides the dog with some of the protection that they need while they are running around and being active. 

The two coats together will work well for the dog, allowing them to have that signature look that so many pet owners love. 

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