9 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are So Happy

As one of the most popular dog breeds year after year, Golden Retrievers are an exceptionally wonderful dog breed. They have a friendly personality and gentle demeanor that welcomes almost everyone.

Golden Retrievers make great family pets with their patient, loveable nature and forever puppy attitude. With that, many people may wonder what makes them so happy all the time. Read on to find out what makes them love life so much!

Why are Golden Retrievers so happy 1 9 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are So Happy

Why are Golden Retrievers so happy all the time?

Golden Retrievers are a particularly happy breed of dog because they have been bred to be that way. They are intelligent, alert, friendly, extroverted, and love pleasing people. This makes Golden Retrievers a great fit for almost any home, and that makes for a very happy dog.


The main reason why Golden Retrievers are so happy is their breeding. Good quality breeding from reputable breeders ensures that every litter of puppies has a good temperament, personality, and nature.

While each dog breed will have other qualities that align with their breeding, Golden Retrievers will have a pleasing, smart, deeply bonded, intuitive character.

Good breeding brings out the best qualities Golden Retrievers can and should have, which align with their breed background. Their breeding required that Golden Retrievers be closely bonded and connected to their hunting companion to respond appropriately during the hunt.

Reputable breeders will focus on ensuring that they have those qualities which make them great companions to anyone. This breeding also requires them to be almost intuitive and responsive to those they love.

Awareness and Alertness

Golden Retrievers have strong senses; their sense of smell, sight, and sound keeps them aware of their surroundings. Their senses help them spot new adventures while alerting them to what their loved ones are doing.

They stay alert and aware of what’s happening so they can be involved in all the fun and closely connected to their family and friends. Their alertness and awareness make them happier by ensuring they don’t miss out on anything life offers.

People Pleasing Nature

At first thought, we humans might think being a people pleaser isn’t the best quality for anyone to possess. In the dog world, however, being a people pleaser can work to create more happiness in the dog’s life, and they are smart about it too.

Golden Retrievers are naturally people-pleasing due to their breed background, and it’s a quality that can have many rewards. If Golden Retrievers behave in a certain way, perhaps doing lots of tricks or good behavior, they might get more treats.

More treats can mean more happiness for Golden Retrievers. Life is simple, even for intelligent dogs like Golden Retrievers and being a people pleaser brings all the rewards and perks that life offers.

Why are Golden Retrievers so happy 1 1 9 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are So Happy

Friendliness and Extrovert Personality

Golden Retrievers also have very friendly personalities. They are extroverted and welcoming just about anyone, including strangers. Their friendly nature spells happiness for them. More friends to spend time with, help, and receive treats from also spells happiness.

Aside from all the rewards, their friendships bring to their life. A good social life naturally makes everyone happier, including Golden Retrievers.


Golden Retrievers have a high level of intelligence that makes them naturally happier. Their intelligence allows them to be involved in diverse projects, activities, and work, promoting happiness.

With a youthful zest for life, Golden Retrievers embrace their intelligence and naturally use it to their advantage. They will find new activities and fully engage in all the events of their families’ lives, whether work, play, or rest.

Their receptive, open intelligence allows them to not only create new adventures with the their pet parents and kids, ebut also enjoy every moment they spend together.

Intuitive Nature and Emotions

Golden Retrievers are receptive, responsive family dogs that have a very intuitive nature. This intuitive nature allows them to respond appropriately to the world around them and the people they love in it.

Their intuitiveness allows Golden Retrievers to almost sense negative or difficult moments and responds appropriately to them so everyone can get back to that happy feeling. This intuitiveness naturally strengthens the bonds they share with their humans, which makes them happy.

Golden Retrievers also form a deep emotional connection with their loving family, which helps them understand life and create fun moments they can share with them. Their emotional side makes them happier.

Peace, Harmony, and Calm

For any dog to be happy, regardless of breeding and background, it must be peaceful, calm, and content with life. They need to be in harmony with their surroundings and the people in their life.

Golden Retrievers naturally have a natural calm and friendly personality that is probably related to their character and outlook. It doesn’t go without saying again that good breeding creates character that gives them the right temperament.

As naturally peaceful, harmonious, and calm dogs, Golden Retrievers will find happiness in every moment of their day or night. While stress, anxiety, and difficult situations may arise, their personality helps them get through.

Coincidentally, they are so responsive to others and make great therapy and assistance dogs.

Energy and Activity

Golden Retrievers are active dogs that love nothing more than some good old-fashioned outdoor exercise, work, and fun. Their breed background as a sporting dog breed that assisted hunters during their expeditions helped shape this trait.

They are naturally happy with a love of the outdoors and being active, athletic, strong, and full of puppy playfulness throughout their life.

Golden Retrievers naturally embrace happiness because they embrace an active, enthusiastic lifestyle. As humans, we can easily relate to this mentality. The more we exercise, get outdoors, and embrace a youthful mentality, the happier we are too.

Love and Devotion

Love and Devotion are something we all seek, even Golden Retrievers. That love we feel from another makes happiness.   A warm hug, a good scratch behind the ears, a warm spot in bed at night, and someone to play ball with make Golden Retrievers happy.

Without a deep, warm, loving connection with their human family and others, Golden Retrievers would be unhappy. Every dog breed will need a certain amount of affection and love, and Golden Retrievers need more love than other dogs; in fact, it’s the foundation of all the happiness they feel.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Golden Retrievers put the H in Happy!  Their personality, breeding, and fun spirit make it easy for them to find happiness in each moment of their day with barely any effort!

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