Running With a Golden Retriever: What You Need To Know

Going running with your Golden Retriever is an excellent form of exercise for both you and the dog. A Golden Retriever is an excellent running partner.

Running With a Golden Retriever 1 Running With a Golden Retriever: What You Need To Know

What do I need to know before I run with my Golden Retriever?

Running with a Golden Retriever is beneficial to both you and your dog. First, you must understand how running works for both of you. The dog’s physical condition and age also determine its physical abilities.

We learned more about Retrievers and their running abilities after talking to the owners of Retrievers. These dog owners shared their experiences and let us know how they get to run with their Retrievers. Below is all the information we gathered and witnessed in our research period.

Can you Take your Golden Retriever Running?

This is a question most new dog owners ask before engaging in any physically draining activity. Fortunately, Retriever owners can take their dogs for a run without worrying about physical or health complications.

These dogs are high-energy dogs that require lots of exercise. Running is one such form of workout that they can easily adapt to without straining. If you love jogging, these traits make your Retriever an excellent partner in your endeavors.

But what makes Retrievers excellent running partners? First, they are well-built with a balanced body type, long-muscled legs, and a deep chest. Besides that, they are also very eager to please you, so they are most likely to respond positively to your exercise needs.

Naturally, though, Retrievers have a strong desire for physical activity. They will therefore appreciate running more than other breeds would. So, match your running to your Retriever’s increased physical needs.

What are the Reasons Why Retrievers are Excellent Running Mates?

Running With a Golden Retriever 1 1 Running With a Golden Retriever: What You Need To Know

The original reason for breeding Golden Retrievers is to have them serve as working dogs. Over 150 years ago, these dogs were excellent companions in hunting escapades and search parties. But, most of the time, they were responsible for retrieving shot prey in the Scottish highlands.

Considering the purpose for which they were bred, it is only fair to say that Retrievers were built for hard tasks. They were meant to be sturdy and have a lot of stamina. While they are not worker dogs today, some of the original traits for which they were bred remain to date.

More often than not, the terrain these dogs had to go through was mountainous, rocky, and littered with ponds, lakes, and streams. In other words, Retrievers were built to withstand physically challenging terrains. 

Due to the conditions they were subjected to in earlier years, the dogs naturally thrived as good swimmers and excellent long-distance runners.

Everyone agrees that the Retrievers had to adapt to such hard work and fit for it. While this is not a requirement today, they still possess the same significant genetic predisposition that their ancestors had. 

As such, they tend to be highly active and great running partners.

You can trust them to train with you when practicing long-distance running. However, their sweet nature is also perfect for shorter jogs if you want some simple workouts.

How Fast Do Golden Retrievers Run?

Once you have discovered that Retrievers are excellent running companions, you must also understand how fast they run. If you are a running enthusiast that loves dogs as a partner, then a greyhound will have more impressive speeds. However, the Golden Retriever also has a good performance display considering that many can attain speeds of 35 mph (48 km/h) in short bursts.

Also, understand that the specific speeds depend on the dog, since their physical and other factors. For example, breeding background, age, and physical and health fitness are factors to consider. Choosing a Retriever that matches your running speed needs.

How Long Do Golden Retrievers Run?

Knowing the speeds your dog can attain is one thing. But equally important is understanding the duration they can withstand running.

Every dog has a limit they can withstand both in duration, distance, and speed.

For example, older/ senior Golden Retrievers cannot run faster or longer than their younger counterparts. Additionally, weight also matters because heavier dogs will struggle with covering more distance, running faster, or running more compared to those who are not so heavy. 

Therefore, find a dog with an optimal weight if you want to get the most out of the running experience.

However, once you choose your Retriever companion, focus on training. Most Retrievers can be trained to be great running companions that can even help prepare for professional competitions.

Adequate training will undoubtedly position your dog to run a marathon without too much effort. This means that the Retriever can comfortably handle 26 miles or 42 kilometers. 

Gradual training is the key, and make sure to start with 8km on the first day and then 19km on the second day and continue increasing till its full capacity.

The best way to train your dog is to start with them. This means you should also be a beginner in this journey and grow your strength and capacity as the dog improves. This way, both you and the dog can develop your stamina.

Developing your abilities as a team is essential to sustained success.

How Old Should Your Retriever Be Before Running?

The dog’s age is also essential in determining its ability to run and how well they do it. For instance, puppies cannot run long distances for long but get more stamina as they grow into adults. However, you do not want to push your puppies to start running too early lest they develop hip dysplasia.

Most Golden Retrievers will be ready when they reach 12 to 18 months old. The dog’s bones will be mature enough to withstand the pressure and stress of running. However, regardless of the dog’s age, have the vet check your dog’s health and physical ability first.

Key Takeaways

  • Retrievers are excellent runners when properly trained.
  • Retriever dogs become perfect runners when they are in optimal health.
  • Retrievers are physically and genetically designed to be great running companions.
  • Running with your Labrador Retriever is beneficial as it helps you both keep fit and improve your relationship.

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