Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive?

If you’re going to see a purebred dog walking around the neighborhood, chances are that it’s a Golden Retriever. Few dogs are more popular than the Golden Retriever, but if you’ve ever looked into buying one, you know that Golden Retrievers are actually very expensive. What makes Goldens so expensive?

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive 1 Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive?

Why are Golden Retrievers so expensive?

Golden Retrievers are often expensive because of the care given during breeding and training. Quality and reputable Golden Retrievers breeders take great pride in creating litters of well-mannered, intelligent, expertly trained, and beautiful dogs with loving personalities.

Quality breeders have a set of standards that align with the American Kennel Club; their dogs meet top-notch criteria in physical appearance, mental capacities, behavior, and characteristics related to their breeding.

Another reason why Golden Retrievers are so expensive is their popularity. Popularity often drives up the cost of adopting any dog breed. While prices can vary based on region, age of the dog, the color of the dog, and the individual breeder, they are popular and expensive.

The cost of adopting Golden Retrievers will vary for the above-listed reasons, but they are expensive based on their popularity. Year after year, this dog breed continues to top the list of the most popular dog breeds.

Golden Retrievers are popular due to their unforgettable, gentle, friendly, and lovable personality. The epitome of a perfect family dog, they have great character, high intelligence, beauty, and strength.

Golden Retrievers are energetic and active and love the outdoors. Their personality makes them perfect for active, outdoorsy families and those with kids.

Golden Retrievers are also great for those that can’t or don’t get out as much.   While they love the outdoors and being active, they love a strong bond with their family. As long as their parents consider their needs for activity and exercise, they will get along fine in almost any situation.

This dog breed has an empathic, almost intuitive nature and forms a strong bond with loved ones. For this reason, they are the perfect dog breed for those that live alone or need a friend. Golden Retrievers also thrive well in houses filled with people and children.

As a sporting and hunting dog breed, they are an exceptional companion for sports, and their intelligence helps them work hard and adapt to diverse situations.

Golden Retrievers are a well-rounded, adaptable dog breed that almost everyone adores. While their size might be a challenge for some individuals, their gentle and patient nature counteracts the effects of their size.

Aside from all these great qualities, Golden Retrievers can be expensive because of their beauty. All dogs are adorable and beautiful in their own right, but some dogs have something special that is memorable.

Golden Retrievers are stunning with their silky, smooth, and flowing fur coats. Their loveable dog face and huggable size make them hard to resist.

How expensive a dog breed is at any time is based on breeding and popularity.

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive 1 1 Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive?

What is the difference between sporting Golden Retrievers and show quality Golden Retrievers?

The difference between sporting Golden Retrievers and show quality Golden Retrievers is what they are bred to do. Sporting Golden Retrievers are bred to be companions for humans in sports, and these Golden Retrievers are bred with particular qualities related to hunting and outdoor sports.

These dogs will look slightly different and will be raised by the breeder differently than their show-quality cousins.

Show quality Golden Retrievers will be slightly different in appearance, behavior, and personality. They will be bred to be successful in the show ring with particular qualities relating to this success. They are also less likely to be as sporty as their cousins.

Both types of Golden Retrievers are Goldens; each is slightly different based on their breeding and what they are bred to do. You wouldn’t find a show-quality Golden Retriever chasing after creatures during a hunt. You would never find a sporting Golden Retriever being examined for perfection inside a show ring.

Show quality dogs and sporting Golden Retrievers will be different costs to adopt.

Are Golden Retriever service dogs more expensive than other Golden Retrievers?

Yes, service dog Golden Retrievers are more expensive than other Golden Retrievers. The reason for this is their training and the qualities they must have to be of service to humans.

Service dogs undergo rigorous training for the purpose and job they will serve alongside humans. Their personality, intelligence, and intuitive nature make them perfect candidates for these occupations in our community.

That being said, Golden Retrievers on this path will cost more due to the in-depth care they need to train and help them succeed in this occupation. The expenses for this adventure are more than for a regular companion animal.

Their training for such occupations is tailored based on their occupation. For instance, training to help a person disabled in a wheelchair or a diabetic who might have high or low blood sugar.

These skills require expert training, time, and energy on both the trainer’s and the dog’s part, which makes them more expensive.

How do I save money when adopting a Golden Retriever?

The best way to save money when adopting a Golden Retriever is to look at all avenues of adoption. Individuals that want to be parents to a Golden Retriever but can’t afford the expense can research different breeders for comparative pricing.

If that isn’t the answer, potential parents can look into rescue or other adoption options, like choosing an older dog from another litter. These options can reduce expenses and make adopting a Golden Retriever easier.

Some breeders may also work with potential adopters with payment plans to provide a discount for less popular colors. There are many ways to become a Golden Retriever parent, even going so far as to adopt a crossbreed that mixes a Golden Retriever with another dog.

Whatever option is chosen, potential parents on a fixed income can rest assured there is a Golden Retriever out there waiting to be adopted and loved by them.

Final Points

Golden Retrievers are expensive due to breeding and popularity, and these factors can drive the expense up or down from one year to the next.

If the expense of adopting a Golden Retriever seems too good to be true, it probably is, and the breeder isn’t quality.

Whatever the case, how expensive Golden Retrievers are doesn’t mean a potential parent will never adopt!

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