What Makes Labradors So Special?

Labradors have become a very popular dog breed over the last few years. Their friendly demeanor and loving nature are just some of the reasons they are such an appealing dog breed.

Labradors are special because they are smart, well-tempered, and gentle with children and adults. Labradors work hard, love people, and are relatively low-maintenance. They are known as family dogs, which makes them popular. A Labrador’s happy energy makes them extremely loveable.

Labradors are special to people because of how loveable and kind they are. To find out more about why Labradors are special and popular, keep reading.

Why are Labradors Special?

Labradors are special because they are kind and gentle dogs. They are famous for being amazing family dogs, and they have a loving nature. They also live to please their owners and are incredibly smart, which makes them easy to train. When looking for a dog, people look for a dog with all of these qualities, which makes them special and increases the demand.

Labs are always up for an adventure. They are inherently curious and will try almost anything. Labs are work dogs, so they are hard-working and have high energy levels. People who have young children want to get a dog with high energy levels so the dog can keep up with its children.

Labradors love to hike, swim, and go running, which means people can take their dogs with them when they participate in those activities. This makes the activity more enjoyable for both the owners and the dog. When people choose to go home after running, swimming, or hiking the Labrador falls asleep either in the car or when they get home.

Labs are unique because they are extremely devoted to their owners. They find joy in being with a family. Being in the backyard with the family, playing fetch, and running around is a Labradors dream. They are considered special to have this trait because some dog breeds prefer to play, then go into a corner by themselves.

Labradors are considered special partially because they are often trained as service dogs. It takes time to train service dogs, but Labradors pick up on commands and illness triggers more easily than most dog breeds. This is a special skill that is in high demand, so Labradors are considered very special by their owners, especially if their owner has a disability.

Labrador retrievers are one of the most common dog breeds that are used as service animals. If you are looking for a service animal, you likely want to get a Labrador depending on the type of job they will have to perform for you. They are popular service dogs for those who have seizures, diabetes, blindness, and PTSD. (Source)

Labrador’s Temperament

What Makes Labradors So Special?

Labradors are considered special because of their temperament. They are kind, friendly, and rarely aggressive towards people or dogs. This makes Labradors special because most dog breeds have somewhat aggressive tendencies in certain situations. It is hard to make a Labrador act aggressively.

A Lab’s great temperament is a defining characteristic of the breed. Labs are known for the gentle manner in which they interact with people, especially children. Labs are loving but they are also extremely energetic. They constantly want to play because that is one way that they show their love.

Labs are also affectionate and friendly. They love to cuddle and be pet. Labs are people pleasers and love to make their owners happy. They will greet and cuddle with nearly anyone, which makes them highly desirable. People want their friends to be able to cuddle with their dogs and not be afraid of their beloved pets.

Labrador retrievers are often chosen to visit hospital patients to comfort them because of how friendly they are. They will cuddle with nearly anyone if they feel the person is sad and can be trusted, especially if their owner is nearby.

Labs go with the flow. They seem to constantly be in a good mood and are up for meeting new people, going on adventures, or just sitting at home. They can adapt to nearly every way of life, which means they suit a variety of lifestyles. They are low-maintenance physically and emotionally. As long as a Lab is getting the exercise it needs and loves from its owners, it is incredibly easygoing and will be happy and healthy.

Training Labradors

What Makes Labradors So Special?

Labs are a joy to train. Labradors are ranked the 7th smartest dog breed out of 138 breeds, so they are highly intelligent. Labs are naturally very obedient, so they pick up on commands and a variety of tricks in a short amount of time. This is one of the reasons why Labradors are often trained as service dogs.

A lab is also super observant and will copy behaviors just from watching their owners. If Labs are trained young, they will grow up to be highly obedient and intelligent companions. People want a dog that will listen to them and is easy to train, which makes Labradors special and highly desirable. It only takes a few weeks to fully train a Labrador depending on the intensity of the training.

Reward a Labrador with treats or with verbal praise when they do something right or obey a command. Labs respond especially well to praise because they are natural-born people pleasers. Labs respond well to firm, simple commands such as “sit”, “drop it”, and “fetch.”

Labradors were bred to be water retrievers, which is one of the reasons why their full name is Labrador Retriever. This means they perform exceptionally well in the water. They have a water-resistant coat that makes them naturally buoyant and has webbed toes that are designed for swimming. Labs are great at swimming and can even be trained to catch fish in their mouths.

All dogs are special, but Labradors are considered extra special because of their friendly and loving personality and high level of intelligence. Labradors are a great choice of dog breed for anyone who has children or multiple adults in their household, which contributes to their popularity.

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