White Labrador Retriever Cost: Prices Compared To Other Colors

Understanding dog prices for specific breeds matters before buying one. But how much do white Labrador Retrievers cost?

White Labrador Retriever Cost 1 White Labrador Retriever Cost: Prices Compared To Other Colors

How much do white Labradors cost?

Most white Labradors are priced from $1,000 to $3,000, while standard Labradors cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000. White Labradors at Labrador dogs with a white or near-white coat. The cost is based on the breeder details and your purchase location.

But why are white Labradors this expensive, or is there something special about them? We sought to understand why this cost seems exaggerated and, as such, found ourselves interviewing breeders who specialize in breeding white Labrador puppies. 

We uncovered interesting details from the many interviews we conducted, most of which revealed how white Labradors are not easy to breed since there are no guarantees. These puppies are always in high demand. Hence the high cost pegged on the few available.

Types of White Labradors

White Labrador Retriever Cost 1 2 White Labrador Retriever Cost: Prices Compared To Other Colors

As already mentioned, white Labradors have a white or close-to-white coat. This means they are not the ordinary color you would expect in a Labrador dog. The typical white Labradors include yellow labs, albino Labradors, white leucistic Labradors, and silver Labradors.

Yellow Labradors

This is the most common type of white Labrador you will likely encounter. They are not very different from other Labradors, only that they come with extremely pale coats. Such puppies get this kind of coat from both parents.

Usually, the dogs display similar features and intelligence to other Labradors. For example, they are likely to have black or brown noses and eyes like the others. These yellow labs also have similar temperaments and intelligence as ordinary Labradors.

You may note that the yellow Labradors come in a range of colors. They include gold, fox red, and cream, not forgetting white. They are often bred by breeders who have been keenly developing a range of colors for decades as a trick to broaden the market.

White Labradors are likely to be more English than they are American. This is linked to breeding history. Therefore, most white Labradors will take the stockier and broader look, just like the English Labrador.

The Albino Labrador

Albino Labradors are white Labradors, different from yellow Labradors with white coats. Albino Labradors get their white color from a rare genetic condition in dogs. This gene tends to switch off the animal’s color pigment resulting in white-haired dogs with ashen skin color.

The condition also affects the dog’s eyes since it changes its color pigment to red or blue. Unfortunately, unlike the yellow Labradors, which are healthy just like their darker brothers and sisters, albino labs aren’t. 

Due to the genetic condition, the lack of pigment leads to various health challenges, including skin cancer and tumors that result from sunlight exposure.

Most dogs with this condition also develop eye issues since their eyes are often too sensitive. As a result, their eyes are easily damaged. As a result, cases of eye deformity and blindness are rampant in such pups.

The Leucistic White Labrador

This type of white lab is different from the yellow and albino labs. The dogs in this category have low pigment. 

Unlike albino dogs, which do not have the color pigment, leucistic dogs are white because of their low pigment. Usually, the cells responsible for color pigment are blocked and prevented from migrating to the required areas.

Usually, the condition can affect the dog’s skin color in part or throughout the whole body. It can be equated to the vitiligo issue in humans. Sometimes the dogs are similar to albino dogs except those with standard eye color. This condition is quite rare among dogs since it is a recessive trait in the gene.

The Silver Labrador

This is a form of a white Labrador dog, but they are not quite similar. They come about due to the dilution of the black and brown pigment. Usually, these dogs are registered as chocolate labs and are often excluded from shows.

Silver-coated Labradors are healthier dogs. However, they. However, they are not different from the white or yellow labs or the ordinary black and brown Labradors.

Why are White Labradors Very Expensive?

This category of Labradors is not your ordinary category. The Labradors are not always available, nor are they easy to find. Breeders invest time and resources to generate this pool of white-colored labs, which is why they are not cheap in the market.

Are White Labradors A Rare Breed?

White Labrador Retriever Cost 2 White Labrador Retriever Cost: Prices Compared To Other Colors

One of the reasons why most white Labradors are expensive compared to brown or black labs is because they are indeed rare. 

White labs from albinism are extremely rare, with only one dog in 20,000 dogs affected. Yellow labs are also very rare since both parents have to pass the color trait down to the puppy for this to be a reality.

How Big do White Labrador Dogs Get?

The white Labrador’s size depends on many things, but color is not one of the determinants. Instead, one of the biggest determinants is the size of the puppy’s parents.

If the white Labrador puppy you own has American parents, you can expect it to weigh between 70 to 100 pounds. On the other hand, English Labradors, which are stockier, are surprisingly lighter and are likely to weigh between 60 to 85 pounds. They will also appear smaller than the American ones.

How Long is Your White Labrador Going to Live?

Considering that these white Labradors are generally more expensive than the darker-colored ones, you want to be sure that your puppy will stay around for a long while. Generally, all healthy Labradors have a decent life expectancy of about 12 years. However, this life expectancy is significantly reduced when ailments set in.

This means that albino white Labradors are less likely to live that long. 

In addition, the complications resulting from their lack of skin color pigment can shorten their lifespan. For example, cancer and tumors can shorten the dog’s lifespan.

Knowing such details is vital to avoid disappointments. While proper care is a major determining factor when dealing with a dog, sick dogs have very low chances of surviving.

Should White Labradors be Considered Pure Breeds?

White Labradors are purebred dogs in the line of yellow Labrador Retrievers. These dogs qualify for registration in kennel association shows. If you are interested in showing your dog sometime in the future, then this is something you want to look at when getting them.

Do White Labradors Shed?

You may have heard about how Labradors shed and wondered if you should get a white one. Well, the truth is that all Labradors will shed a lot, including the white ones.

Just be sure to up your game as far as grooming is concerned.

Labradors have a double coat, meaning they have a lot of hair to shed. It even gets more stressful during the shedding season. Make sure to invest in grooming strategies to keep your space for free.

Will the White Labrador Coat Turn Yellow?

This is another primary concern most pet owners have when choosing a white Labrador. You may want to maintain its coat as white but are not oblivious to the possibility of tanning.

The dog will spend some time outdoors, meaning they will likely be exposed to the sun. Sunlight exposure is more dangerous and can easily turn the coat into a yellow shade. 

After all, most breeders refer to the yellow/ pale coated Labrador as white Labradors since not many Labradors can maintain a white color unless they have albinism.

Is there a Large Demand for White Labradors Compared to Other Colors?

Yes, there is a huge demand for white labs. This is why they are pricier than their darker brothers and sisters. Most people want to own and show white labs at dog shows for the price they earn.

Owning a healthy white lab makes most dog owners proud and happy. Thus, this created a niche for white labs and pushed the demand high. This explains the high and almost exaggerated prices.

Besides, it is not easy for a breeder to come up with a litter of white Labrador pups. There are no guarantees, and it takes a bit of investment to breed white labs which makes them pricey.

What’s more, these dogs are great companions and excellent working dogs. They are practical to own and invest in. They make great hunting dogs, especially if you are into retrieving tasks.

White Labrador owners use their dogs for a different setting.

Some dogs are bred specially for shows because of their appeal, cleanliness, and poise. It is, therefore, not surprising when they fetch such a significant price to acquire them.

Key Takeaways

  • White Labradors are rare and will cost more to acquire because many breeders are not in a position to breed them often.
  • White Labradors are expensive to maintain, especially those that are not healthy such as the albino Labradors, which are prone to many diseases.
  • Because of sunlight exposure, white Labradors may not maintain their white coat over time.
  • White Labradors are worth investing in because they are friendly and compassionate dogs that are great to adopt.
  • White Labradors will be perfect for active individuals since dogs need lots of exercise and are great hunters.

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