11 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs

Golden Retrievers are the best dog breed ever, and many reasons justify their popularity. Learn the pros of a golden retriever before getting one. If your household has children, you’re not only looking for a dog that gets along well with children but also one that will instantly get to be their best buddy. Golden retrievers have a long history of being good dogs, but what makes them so? 

Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs 1 11 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs

Why are Golden Retrievers considered to be the best dogs?

Golden Retrievers are the best dogs because they are: loyal, compliant, require little maintenance, long-lived, don’t frequently bark, enjoy swimming, are intelligent, compassionate, and gentle, and are easy to train. They are one of the best dog pet you can have in your home.

The 20 to 24-inch tall, brown-furred, and dark brown-eyed dogs have gained popularity for their multitude of perks over the years. Many Golden Retriever dog parents continue to laud their pets, believing they are the greatest.

But what exactly makes the Golden Retriever the best pet. We used guidance from our vet and knowledge from canine encyclopedias to develop the most conclusive solutions.

11 Reasons That Make Golden Retrievers The Best Dog Breeds

It is easy to understand why the Golden Retriever is among the world’s most loved dog breeds as a family pet and working dog.

 Here are eleven reasons why Golden Retrievers are superior to all other dog breeds:

1. Golden Retrievers Are Compassionate and Gentle

Due to the Golden Retriever’s strong desire to please their owners, they are among the most gentle and affectionate dog breeds. These dogs are known to aid in treating depression and should not come as a surprise.

They are great with children and seldom get into mischief, making them popular family dogs.

Additionally, they are a delicate dog breed with an incredibly gentle mouth hold. The dog breeds can transport an uncooked egg in their jaws without breaking it.

2. Golden Retrievers Are Smart

Golden Retrievers are among the most intelligent dog breeds that were initially bred to aid in the pursuit of prey.

Owners of golden retrievers should not be surprised by how their dogs demonstrate their abilities, whether by playing fetch or performing tricks.

Having an intelligent dog brings numerous perks and pleasures. Due to their intelligence, golden retrievers must be regularly taught new skills and games to keep their minds stimulated. Additionally, they desire to learn new things and explore their environment.

It may appear to be a lot of work, but this is the only way to establish a genuine bond with your pet. By going on excursions with them, playing with them, teaching them tricks, and shaping their minds, you can create memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Training Retrievers Is Easy

It is possible to teach the golden retriever a range of talents due to their exceptional intelligence. This is one of the reasons why retrievers are so popular among therapy, guiding, and search-and-rescue teams.

Goldens have a long and storied history of hunting and retrieving games, making them a good choice for individuals who seek to train a dog to accomplish tasks that other breeds are incapable of.

It is no surprise that many well-known film canines were golden retrievers.

Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs 1 1 11 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs

4. Golden Retrievers Are Loyal

Goldens are so loyal to their owners that they experience separation anxiety if separated for an extended period.

The maximum time you should be separated from your dog is eight hours; any time beyond that will make them uncomfortable and restless.

Retrievers are a few dog breeds historically bred for utility and personality rather than “beauty.” However, their spectacular coats and beautiful appearance rival any other dog breed.

The renowned golden retriever coat makes these canines comfortable in the winter and summer. Regardless of where you live or the weather, a golden can adapt to any situation.

5. Golden Retrievers Are Compliant

The brown-eyed, furred canine is gregarious, honest, and willing to assist, making them a good choice for a super-intelligent, obedient companion.

They are not merely proficient; they are champions, and they are so simple to train and educate.

Thus, they are the ideal dog for anyone who wants a devoted companion who listens to commands and is a beautiful addition to any family.

6. Golden Retrievers Enjoy Swimming

Golden retrievers have a peculiar double-layer coat that repels water and keeps them warm, yet they like swimming. They have a natural ability to swim and can be trained to perfect it.

They helped retrieve birds such as ducks from bodies of water because they were initially designed for hunting. Don’t be stunned if your golden retriever decides to join you for a swim in your pool today, as they have a deep affinity for water and a water-friendly build.

7. Golden Retrievers Do Not Frequently Bark

Golden retrievers are pretty calm and typically bark to show their owners’ loyalty compared to other dogs. The only reason they bark at strangers is to inform their owners that they are being approached. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to hear them bark.

Their lack of noise indicates that they are among the most peaceful, quiet, and affectionate dogs you’ll ever meet.

Even if you wind up with a frightened or excessively barking golden retriever, it is simple to educate them to bark only when you want them to. Goldens are also kind and affectionate with everyone they meet, which is another excellent reason for their widespread use as support and service pets.

A golden retriever is an excellent option if you want a beautiful, quiet dog that won’t bother you or your neighbors.

8. Golden Retrievers Are Very Popular With Families And Youngsters

Golden Retrievers are a wonderful family dog who makes a great, active playmate for children and retains a puppy-like disposition further into adulthood. You need not worry about your golden retriever’s compatibility with your young children or infants.

Remember that Goldens have incredibly soft mouths, so they are unlikely to be bitten even if your children accidentally place their hands near their mouths. Your children are safe around the golden retriever

9. Golden Retrievers Are Incredibly Long-Lived

Due to their courteous, friendly, and playful demeanor, Golden Retrievers are compatible with other pets. This includes kittens, horses, pigs, and even other dogs. They are extremely healthy dogs, too. Golden Retrievers can easily live over 10 years.

Because of their intelligence and outgoing personality, golden retrievers are the ideal companion for you and your household, and they may eventually become the best of friends.

10. Golden Retrievers Require Little Maintenance

A golden retriever doesn’t require much maintenance; a bath and a couple of brushings each week should be enough. Once or twice a year, a golden retriever’s outer protective coat sheds, so brush your dog daily during this time.

Regular dental brushing, ear and eye checks, and regular nail trimming are required for all dog breeds.

11. Golden Retrievers Are Comforting

Having a golden retriever is like having complimentary access to a personalized therapist. These dogs appear to sense when you are distressed and in need of a furry embrace.

They are even better than some human friends, as they will not protest if you spend hours discussing your problems.

Nothing is more calming than returning home to a gorgeous four-legged companion with whom you can share your day’s troubles without feeling bothered.

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