Why is my Golden Retriever so hyper?

I have a great dog. She is a Golden Retriever.  She is intelligent and affectionate, but at times she can seem hyper.  I didn’t think this was typical of this breed, but I am not sure.  I wonder if some of you also have that problem.

Hoping to get a better understanding of my dog, I researched the topic and discovered this.

Why is my Golden Retriever so hyper?

The reason why your Golden Retriever is so hyper is likely pent-up energy, but there are other causes for hyperactivity like boredom and even stress.  If your beautiful and athletic, outdoorsy Golden Retriever is so hyper, there are some ways you can manage this extra energy, so it doesn’t become a problem.  

Hyper behavior can be modified with training which teaches them that it is not okay to be wild and out of control.  It can also be managed with lots of playtime, fun toys, and exercise that stimulates both the Golden Retrievers’ mind and body.  Providing enough exercise and a physical outlet for their energy can work wonders to calm them down naturally.  

This can be done by taking them on long walks or visiting fun and exciting parks, including dog parks where they can socialize, which can stimulate their minds.    This playtime, as well as moments spent playing fetch and other fun games, can help a Golden Retriever get rid of all that pent-up energy that, if left unchecked, can cause hyper behavior.  Toys that can be played together or by the Golden Retriever on their own can entertain and rid them of boredom while allowing the pet parent to attend to other things. 

There are so many toys on the market today that no dog should ever be bored.  Dealing with why your Golden Retriever is so hyper, needs to begin with a solid foundation of practical training that teaches them that out of control and excitable behavior doesn’t get treats or other rewards, but calm behavior does.

Golden Retrievers are big outdoorsy dogs, they can need a lot of exercise or ways to expel all their energy.   If they don’t receive their necessary exercise and outdoor time, their behavior can sometimes become a problem.

One of the best ways to combat this is by modeling the behavior you want them to have, yourself.  Dogs have historically run in packs.  Therefore, as their pack leader, pet parents must be calm if they want their Golden Retriever to behave in a clam manner.   This is even true when they are being trained.  The more in control you are of your emotions and the situation, the higher chance that they will learn to be more in control of themselves or at least follow your lead and what you expect of them.

At what age are Golden Retrievers most high energy and hyper?

Golden Retrievers are most high-energy and hyper when they are going through the puppy phases.  Their growth, curiosity about the world around them, and lack of sufficient training or socializing will cause them to be a bit excitable and have higher energy.  This phase can last a while, so it is best to begin training as soon and early as possible.

Each dog is unique. Therefore not all puppies will display this tendency to be hyper in the same way, but it is a common theme for this age group.

When it comes to adult Golden Retrievers, it is more likely that they should have the ability to control their energy just a bit, so they don’t jump on people, chew their shoes, or destroy things.

Older dogs should have prior training and learned social skills that help them deal with these confusing moments where they don’t know what to do with all their energy or excitement.  Suppose a pet parent finds this isn’t the case, then it may be helpful to have them evaluated by their veterinarian as it is possible that the adult Golden Retriever could be suffering from an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed.

It should be noted that some dog breeds and some individual dogs take longer to calm down in adulthood, and some never completely shut off that puppy mentality that has them curious, excitable, and energetic.

Woman playing on the beach with golden retriever

Each dog is individual and must be taken as so.  When welcoming any dog into their home, family, and life, it is essential for pet parents to learn about the unique dog, who they are, what triggers they have, what makes them happy, scared, upset, etc.

Knowing your dog can make life so much easier when attempting to correct negative behaviors or deal with their emotions.

Golden Retrievers are enthusiastic about life.  They love spending time outdoors with their family and doing fun things.   While it may seem like they will never calm down, they also have a loving, caring, and calm, gentle nature that can easily balance out the rough spots when they are hyper.

Many Golden Retrievers have a perfect balance of calm and energy.  Creating the right environment for them, meeting their needs, and loving them can go a long way towards creating a happy, calm life with this four-legged family member.

Is your Golden Retriever hyper?  Here is what to do.

If you find that your Golden Retriever is hyper, there are some things can be done to manage the situation and restore peace and harmony.

First and foremost, keep yourself calm and try to maintain a relaxed attitude with minimal stress.  This can be easier said than done but is essential.  Whether it is during training and learning social skills or everyday life, a Golden Retriever can pick up on our emotions and the vibe we are giving off.

Be patient, and wait for them to do as you have commanded.  How quickly they respond will depend on each dog and their training, but they should not be rewarded in any way until they follow the command.

It is essential not to get overly emotional or impatient as this can delay their calming down.  Once they “sit” or “stay,” they should be rewarded with words of praise and treats as well by offering some affection.

It can also be very helpful to note the current environment your Golden Retriever and you are in.  Are there numerous distractions?   Is there a lot of chaos or stress?  If necessary, remove the Golden Retriever from the immediate environment.  This might include taking them away from people visiting during a party or whatever situation you find yourself in.

Removing them, and placing them in a separate room, crate, or another safe and quiet place can reduce distractions and stress and help them be calmer and focused.

If there are no distractions of any sort, it may be necessary to think about their day.  Consider when the last time was that they went for a walk.  Think about how recently they went to the bathroom or had something to eat.   Being thoughtful and considering their day and environment can help a pet parent determine if something is amiss and needs correcting.

Once this is done, they may be able to behave a bit calmer and less hyper.  Lack of meeting a pet’s daily needs is one reason for misbehavior.  You think about how you get snappish if you haven’t eaten for a long time or when you need to use the bathroom.  What your body language might be if there is none in sight.  Better still imagine being cooped up all day without any outside time or fun and connection with someone you love while they are away at work, need I say more?

What are some signs that my Golden Retriever is acting hyper and needs to calm down?

Some signs that your Golden Retriever is acting hyper and needs to calm down include barking and whining, not walking correctly on a leash, biting, chewing, scratching, or destroying things, and the appearance of generalized fatigue that comes in waves that follow a cycle.

The Golden Retriever might act hyper and run around to expel some of their pent-up energy. Then they might suddenly grow tired and crash out somewhere on a couch or in their bed.  This roller coaster ride will go on and on and then finally nothing, as this is their attempt at releasing some of their energy.

Young golden retriever on the beach

The above signs can warn pet parents of their need to address something in their dog’s life that is causing the hyper behavior.   By providing exercise and an outlet in the form of toys and activity. Excess energy can be adequately channeled, and hyperactivity reduced.

Closing Points

Any dog can become hyper at any time in their lives for a variety of reasons.  With the right tools, mindset, a calm persona, and thoughtful preparation, a pet parent can reduce the incidence of this type of behavior.

Each dog is unique, with the Golden Retriever being a high-energy, athletic but gentle and loving dog.  When a pet parent finds their Golden Retriever is acting hyper, often playing detective and providing some quiet alone time can help them calm down.

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