Are Curly-Coated Retrievers Good Pets?

Each breed of dog has a unique personality. 

Some dogs are high-energy and want to play all the time, while others are more relaxed.

If you have kids, you may want to find a breed of dog that is good with kids.

If you don’t want to be cleaning up pet hair all the time, you may want to consider curly dogs such as curly-coated retrievers. 

Speaking of which, are they good pets? 

Are Curly-Coated Retrievers Good Pets? 

Curly-coated retrievers make great family dogs and just as good pets. They are loving and active while also being even-tempered. Their grooming needs are low because of their short and curly hair, making them low maintenance. And they usually get along great with kids.

If you want a super fun and unique-looking dog, you should look into getting a curly-coated retriever.

They usually have little to no waitlists, making them easier to get

You just have to keep up with their love of exercise., 

Are Curly-Coated Retrievers Good Pets?

Curly-coated retrievers are wonderful dogs to have as a pet. 

They are loyal, loving, and easily form strong bonds with their family. 

For owners who love to get outdoors and move, curly-coated retrievers make an amazing companion. 

These dogs love to get plenty of exercise and do well in all sorts of terrains. 

Their coats make them great swimmers and they love to go on a run.

This high level of energy can make them great for high-energy children. 

However, even though they are high energy, they can still be sweet and calm for their family. 

These dogs are cautious yet poised around other dogs. 

They won’t go running off to meet other dogs, instead opting for a more polite approach if allowed by the owner. 

If you have other pets at home, that’s completely okay because curly-coated retrievers are good around other animals. 

Curly-coated retrievers can be great pets for many different kinds of people with many different family styles. They are a great addition to any loving home. 

What Makes a Good Dog to Have for a Pet?

There are many things about curly-coated retrievers that make them great pets, even more than stated above. 

Again, curly-coated retrievers are good for many family styles. 

They work great with children, especially the more rambunctious children. 

These dogs are also great for active families, whether they are active close by or like to go on camping or other outdoor trips. 

Larger families work well with these dogs because of how much socialization they like. 

Curly-coated retrievers just want to enjoy all the love from their family, so bigger families can help them get that attention.

Also, larger families give these dogs more people to play with so that they can stay very active. 

One thing to note is that these dogs can be a little too hyperactive for very young children. 

They might get knocked over by accident, even though these dogs will only have love in their hearts for these kids. 

With the proper training, these dogs are very well behaved around other people and other animals. 

They aren’t a worry to bring to the dog park or go on a walk on a forest path. 

With training, these dogs are incredibly intelligent. 

Training them is super easy and they can pick up tricks very fast. However, some curly-coated retrievers are intelligent to a fault and can be quite stubborn. 

These dogs are both steady and dependable, always there for you.

In the face of danger, they are protective and will make sure that the family is safe. 

Are Curly Coated Retrievers Good Pets 1 Are Curly-Coated Retrievers Good Pets?

Are Curly-Coated Retrievers Good for Apartments?

It is not a good idea to house a curly-coated retriever in an apartment unless you plan to take them outside very frequently. 

Curly-coated Retrievers are known as sports dogs that like to have a lot of exercise. 

They can be quite rambunctious inside and may not have enough room in an apartment to get the exercise that they need.

Unless you plan to take your do on long walks and other activities every day, having them in an apartment is not a good idea. 

These dogs also may not be good if you have a very small yard. 

Again, these dogs need plenty of space to run around so bigger yards are better for them to get their exercise. 

What Care Does a Curly-Coated Retriever Need?

Curly-coated Retrievers are great for people who want a lower-maintenance dog when it comes to caring. 

Grooming is minimal for these dogs because of their curly coats.

However, they are higher maintenance in exercise and interaction from you.

They love their owners and always want their owners to show it.

What Health Problems Should I Look Out For?

While dental problems are common for many dogs, curly-coated retrievers are more likely to develop gum and other dental diseases. 

With these dogs being super active and loving of the outdoors, they are more susceptible to parasites and bug problems. 

Worms, fleas, ticks, and others can infect your curly-coated retriever from rolling outside in the grass, running through fields, or taking a dip in unclean water. 

Curly-coated retrievers are also known for developing various eye problems, joint problems (especially in the hips, elbows, and knees,) along with being more prone to certain cancers. 

While these dogs are typically healthy and active, there are many health concerns to look out for with regular check-ups both by you and by the vet. 

How Much Exercise Does a Curly-Coated Retriever Need?

Curly-coated retrievers are high in energy and need a way to get that energy out. 

The average amount of exercise a curly-coated retriever needs is about 40 minutes a day. 

This can be done by letting your dog go wild outside in your backyard, long walks, playing inside or outside, or bringing them along with your outdoor adventures. 

For active people, this required exercise shouldn’t be difficult to achieve.

There are many other kinds of dogs that require much more exercise, so this is a good in-between dog. 

Much of the time, your curly-coated retriever can take care of their needed exercise themselves. 

How Much Grooming Does a Curly-Coated Retriever Need?

The curly coats that these retrievers have don’t shed as much as their retriever counterparts. 

They are still considered average for shedding levels, but you won’t see your couches and clothes covered in dog hair.

These dogs also have a water-resistant coat. 

The combination of this and their lack of shedding means that only occasional bathing is required, and trimming can be infrequent. 

Trimming makes sure that their coats don’t get too long and heavy which would hinder their swimming abilities. 

However, it is important to give their coat a regular brushing in order to remove any loosened hair and to check for bugs. 

If you find that their coat gets frizzy after brushing, dampen their coats after you’re done brushing to reshape their curls.

You will want to look into dog brushes that are specifically for curly-coated dogs. 

Are Curly-Coated Retrievers Protective?

White curly-coated retrievers can be cautious and hesitant around other dogs, they can be quite protective if the need should arise. 

These dogs are very loyal to their owners, so if danger ever presented itself, curly-coated retrievers are quick to protect.

With these dogs being known as sports dogs, they are also good at protecting their owners. 

With training, they can do well with protecting against intruders or other forms of danger. 

They wouldn’t make a good guard dog, but they can do similar work. 

Are Curly-Coated Retrievers Aggressive?

Don’t mix up a super energetic dog with an aggressive dog. Curly-coated retrievers are not naturally aggressive. Instead, they are super sweet and caring to their family and cautious around other dogs. 

With other dogs, they may seem extra polite and reserved. 

Curly-coated retrievers aren’t known to get hyper around dogs and other animals that they have just met. 

This makes them easy to take out in public on walks or at the dog park. 

Curly-coated retrievers are only aggressive when protecting their owners from danger. 

However, if you are safe, you most likely won’t see this side of your dog. 

Final Thoughts 

Curly-coated Retrievers make amazing pets. 

They are the best for a large and active family where they can get plenty of attention and exercise. 

Their coats aren’t very high maintenance, only requiring occasional bathing and trimming. 

The temperament of these dogs is stable. They can be hyper when they want attention from you but also very well behaved in public. 

These intelligent dogs are easy to train when they aren’t being stubborn. 

These dogs are great companions with their loyal and loving hearts.

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