Are Curly Coat Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

I am thinking of adopting a Curly Coat Retriever.  I want to know more about the breed, mainly if they are good with kids because I have two children.

When I had some free time this past weekend, I decided to look up what I could find on this breed.

Are Curly Coat Retrievers good family dogs?

Yes, Curly Coat Retrievers are good family dogs because they are loyal and form close bonds with their loved ones. They are active, which may be good for families with children who have an even temperament.  Curly Coat Retrievers make excellent family dogs due to their character and nature, but this can depend on how much activity they receive. 

Their temperament is even, and like other retrievers, their personality is gentle and loving, making them excellent in families where there are diverse aged family members.  This breed needs to be exercised and appropriately trained as lack of daily exercise or thorough training can cause a lack of mental and physical stimulation or boredom. 

Each dog will be unique in how they behave with people, but this breed as a whole makes an excellent addition to any family.   While they are suited to families, specific unique family environments may not be suitable for them.  Families that live in apartments or smaller dwellings may be unsuitable as they need a yard and plenty of room to play and exercise.  It is also important that they have a fenced-in yard to minimize distractions as they have a high prey drive. 

For families, it can be essential to learn about this breed and how best to live with them.  This breed is especially well suited to families who like spending time outdoors and being active, as this dog will fit right in perfectly.  For a family that has very small children, it is essential to make sure that both dog and small child are supervised at all times to minimize accidental injuries on both sides.

Neither will intentionally hurt the other, but accidents do happen.  This breed makes a good family dog for a family that has someone confident in being in charge.

Curly Coat Retrievers make excellent family dogs when they are in the right family.  Their temperament and personality, which is similar to that of other retrievers, is loving, loyal, and even-tempered, provided they have ample exercise, which should be about an hour a day.

Exercise for them can reduce the chance that they will get bored and get into trouble, like chewing things that they are not supposed to at times.  They get along well with their family members no matter the age, but young or small children should always be supervised when they are together.

Unintentional injuries or accidents can happen that neither will mean, but someone needs to be there to take charge, supervise and ensure all is well.

This breed needs a good amount of physical and mental stimulation, which can come from family games and toys expressly designed for this purpose.  Without this, they can misbehave.

They should also have a fenced-in yard for their protection and safety.  Apartment life or living in a family home that doesn’t have a yard will not suit them well due to their high energy and physical activity needs.

Families that are very active and enjoy spending time outdoors doing things will find this breed a great addition to their family fold, a dog they can take on many adventures and make special memories.

When it comes to training and who is in charge, this breed needs a strong leader, someone in the family who is confident in their place as leader, leaving no room for negotiation.

Aside from that, they form a very close bond with their loved ones as many retrievers do and will be right at home in the mix of a small or large family.

What exactly is a Curly Coat Retriever, and where do they come from?

A Curly Coat Retriever is a type of hunting dog from Great Britain.  Origins of this breed are yet not entirely known, but somewhere in the mid-eighteen-hundreds, this breed made its first appearance in the show ring.  They are believed to be the original retrieving dog, and while they are hard to find today as their popularity has decreased with another breed of retrievers, it is still possible to locate them.

They were once prized for their hunting and retrieving abilities, and periodically throughout history, there has been an increase in their popularity and number.  This breed has seen an increase at times and a decrease as other retrievers have gained popularity, but they have much that makes them appealing.

They have a unique coat of fur that is different from other retrievers that are more popular, for starters.  When it comes to size, they range from twenty-three to twenty-seven inches in height to the wither.

Their weight ranges from sixty-five to one hundred pounds.  Females are smaller than males.

When it comes to personality, they have the typical retriever traits but can be more reserved around strangers than some other retriever breeds.  This breed does take longer to mature from puppyhood to adult, and it is a regular occurrence for pet parents to see an adult Curly Coat Retriever acting like a puppy well into their advanced adult stage of life.

Hardworking and determined, this breed is a go-to dog for hunting enthusiasts for various reasons, least of all their loyalty and devotion to getting a job done right.

When it comes to their health, they are generally considered healthy as a whole breed.  Some dogs will suffer health problems, but this happens in every breed regardless.  Some issues they can suffer are related to their eyes, joints, and even some problems with baldness.

Like other breeds, they can also suffer other genetic disorders like cancer, tumors, and stomach bloat, but these are less common in the breed.  They can also suffer GSD, which is known as Glycogen Storage Disease, which relates to how their body uses carbohydrates.  Thankfully some tests can be performed to determine if a dog is a carrier of this disease which lessens the chance that quality breeders pass the gene on to future generations of puppies.

When determining the health of any dog or breed, quality breeding speaks for itself.  It is essential to research and select quality and responsible breeders before selecting any dog.

Are Curly Coat Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Is the Curly Coat Retriever good with other animals?

Yes, the Curly Coat Retriever can get along with other animals provided they are properly socialized and trained.

It can be hard to say if this will be the case with every dog as some dogs and their household companions may have other unforeseen issues.  Curly Coat Retrievers can be prey-driven, so there may be times when the game of chase the cat happens, but it is usually good-natured.

How do I prepare my family for welcoming a Curly Coat Retriever?

The best way to prepare your family for welcoming a Curly Coat Retriever into the household is to teach them what is expected of each of them.  Children especially need to learn and understand how they are treated the dog if there isn’t another dog in the house.   They should learn to respect the dog, including their bed and place where they rest.  They should learn not to mistreat the dog physically or verbally and know that there are consequences to such behavior.

Besides that, they should be encouraged to spend time with the Curly Coat Retriever, forming a close, positive bond with the age-appropriate and acceptable dog.

Beyond that, they need to have a safe place that is theirs to escape when things get too stressful or chaotic, which can happen in even the most comfortable and relaxed households.

The family members should be involved in selecting the dogs’ necessary items and planning where things will go, and the family schedule regarding caring for the dog.

The more involvement each family member has, the more they will feel like the dog is their dog and form a close bond based on that connection.

It can help introduce the family members to the dog before the Curly Coat Retriever joins the family home.  This can allow them to get to know the dog before it is a part of their home life.

The selecting of a dog, welcoming it into the family unit, and caring for it should be a family venture.  One that includes everyone’s thoughts and feelings.

How long do Curly Coat Retrievers live?

Curly Coat Retrievers can live for anywhere for nine years to fourteen years of age.  This is a guideline as some dogs will live longer or not quiet make it to this age.  Each dog is unique and will life to their fullest potential if they are fed a healthy diet, properly cared for, and were bred by a responsible breeder.

In Conclusion

The Curly Coat Retriever is an excellent dog for a family with their loyal and loving personality.   While they need someone in charge that is comfortable in the position and not easily swayed, they get along great when adequately socialized and trained.

They need to have enough exercise and a fenced-in yard, but beyond that, they and the family who welcomes them will be more than happy with their new furry companion!

Are Curly Coat Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

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