How Often Do Golden Retrievers Pee And Poop?

All dogs pee and poop, it’s a normal body process that happens naturally.  How often it happens can vary from day to day based on many factors, including how much your Golden Retriever exercises. Each dog will need a specific amount of bathroom breaks for both pee and poop and there is no right or wrong amount.  

How Often Do Golden Retrievers Pee And Poop 1 1 How Often Do Golden Retrievers Pee And Poop?

How often do Golden Retrievers need to go pee and poop? 

Golden Retrievers will pee and poop a couple of times per day based on how often they drink and eat.  What comes out of their bodies as waste is a by-product of what they’ve drank and eaten each day.  They will pee about 3-5 times per day and poop an average of 1-2 times per day.

If Golden Retrievers drink a lot of water, and it’s not a typically hot day, they will pee more in their day to remove the excess water.  If they are dehydrated, that same amount of water will be used to nourish their body.

For Golden Retrievers that have health issues like Diabetes, how much they pee will also be based on that illness and how well it is managed.  Golden Retrievers that don’t drink enough water in a day may pee less unless they have health issues affecting their body.

On average, Golden Retrievers that are healthy and well cared for will pee 3-5 times per day, but it depends on how often they are taken outside.  

Golden Retrievers that are taken outside more often or allowed to roam freely in a fenced-in yard may pee more.

This peeing is linked to marking their territory, and that pee may be a few drops here and a few drops there.  Those Golden Retrievers that are older may need more pee breaks during the day and pee more than the average 3-5 times per day.

Puppies will also need to pee more often. Therefore, they will have more pee stops in a day.  They pee more often because their bladders are small and undeveloped.  Once Golden Retriever puppies reach the full mature size, they will be able to hold it longer.

Golden Retrievers will poop about 1-2 times per day if they are healthy.  How often Golden Retrievers produce stool is linked to their diet, and what they eat.  

The better quality of the food, the less waste will come out of their body.

How Often Do Golden Retrievers Pee And Poop How Often Do Golden Retrievers Pee And Poop?

If Golden Retrievers are sick or aging, they will need to poop more than the average of 1-2 times per day.  Diet affects Golden Retrievers’ poop, if their food is inferior quality or unhealthy, they will not have nutrients for their body to absorb.

Also, Golden Retrievers that are fed large amounts of dog food, in excess of what they need, will poop more than 1-2 times per day.  They also run the risk of obesity if excess feeding happens on a regular basis.

Some Golden Retrievers might poop more than 2 times per day if they eat a lot, have health issues or if they didn’t go poop enough the day before that.

The most important aspect of Golden Retrievers’ pooping habits is that they be consistent in their daily bathroom breaks and pooping.  

If they poop three times per day for weeks, this is consistent.  If they suddenly start pooping 1 time per day, this can be a sign something is wrong with their health.

Golden Retrievers with health issues can have unpredictable bathroom habits and poop more and, in some cases, less than usual.  Healthy management of their medical problems can help keep them regular and feeling their best.

How Much Should Golden Retrievers Pee In A Day?

Golden Retrievers should pee an average of 15 milliliters of fluids per day for every pound on their body.  Therefore puppies are smaller and should pee less daily.  Obese Golden Retrievers will have more pee, and healthy-weight Goldens will have more pee.

Fewer amounts of pee in a day can mean the Golden Retriever is dehydrated, but many factors like age affect this and are easily resolved.

Is it okay to let my Golden Retriever hold their pee?

How Often Do Golden Retrievers Pee And Poop 2 How Often Do Golden Retrievers Pee And Poop?

No, it’s never okay to let your Golden Retriever hold their urine.  Regardless of their age or how healthy they are, holding their pee is never okay.  The urge to go to the bathroom comes from a natural bodily process.

Delaying this process can cause physical issues with their body.  Aside from that, emotions and behavior can be affected if this form of treatment is allowed. 

While this is not okay, having your dog hold it in the car until you find a spot to pull over and other situations are okay. 

As long as they are not chronic or repetitive and the Golden Retrievers’ health is taken into consideration, all is well.

While it is average to let your dog out to pee at least 3 times per day, the more the better.  Parents must remember that not all dogs have obvious signals for needing to use the bathroom like we would hope.  Providing them multiple opportunities to relieve themselves during their day is best.

Puppies will need even more bathroom breaks and if they are expected to hold their pee, it’s highly unlikely that they will succeed when the time comes and suffer accidents.

When any dog is expected to hold their pee the chance of a urinary tract infection is greatly increased.

What if my Golden Retriever stops pooping?

If your Golden Retriever stops pooping, suddenly, there isn’t necessarily any cause for panic.  If this happens, you can take a step back and evaluate their overall health.   Note if they’ve been eating regularly in the days preceding the no poop day, they could be having issues.

Constipation can happen for various reasons, including medications, health problems, diet, age, and emotional disturbances.  If nothing is off with their health or diet and they are behaving normally, it could be a simple case of dehydration.

In this case, adding more water to their diet will correct the problem in a few hours or by the next day.  If nothing is wrong and they are eating, there could be something else going on.  If a few days go by and the Golden Retriever still isn’t going scheduling a veterinary visit will help uncover the issue.

Does the Color of My Golden Retrievers Poop Matter?

Yes, the color of your Golden Retrievers’ poop matters.   Your Golden Retrievers poop should ideally be a shade of brown, anything from dark to light brown is fine and normal.

Other colors can signal specific health issues and should be addressed with the Golden Retrievers veterinarian.  Red poop can signal bleeding, as can Black or extremely dark-colored poop.

Colors like white, grey, green, and yellow can signal other health issues and must all be addressed by their veterinarian for the Golden Retrievers’ health and wellness.  Issues can include organ problems like the gall bladder or pancreas.

Before their veterinary visit, you will want to note any other issues they are having physically or behaviorally that can help the veterinarian discover the health issue.  In some cases, changes to your Golden Retrievers poop color can be linked to diet alone.

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