Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold?

Do you live in a cold part of the country? Do you like to spend time outside in the winter? If so, you may be wondering if Golden Retrievers get cold.

I did a little research on the subject and this is what I found.

Do Golden Retrievers get cold?

 Golden Retrievers do get cold if they are exposed to frigid temperatures especially if they are left outdoors for a long time in cold weather.  Anything below 20 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for a Golden Retriever. Pet parents or caregivers should pay close attention to them at all times to ensure they are safe, bringing them in periodically to check if they are getting too cold. 

Golden Retrievers can get cold if they do not have the proper gear when out in frigid weather.   When Golden Retrievers get cold, it is best to bring them inside until they warm up and keep a watchful eye for problems if the temperature was freezing.   

There are certain signs that a pet parent can look for when their Golden Retrievers get cold, like shivering or shaking.  If a Golden Retriever gets cold, there are ways to help warm them, including ensuring they are completely dry before and after they are outside.  

For those with the finances, there is outdoor gear that can make it safer for Golden Retrievers to withstand the cold.  These pieces of gear can range in price but are easily found online through various websites. 

Hypothermia can be a serious health condition for dogs and is related to exposure to cold weather, keeping a close eye on them and addressing issues can minimize this problem.

Golden Retrievers are large, healthy, and athletic dogs that enjoy nothing more than working and playing outside.  Their fur coat is a double coat designed to protect them from the weather and outdoor elements.

Like other dogs and humans, Golden Retrievers will get cold if they are out in cold weather for too long.  If the weather is extreme in cold temperatures, this can happen for them sooner rather than later.

Their caregiver or pet parent should pay close attention to them when they are outdoors and bring them indoors for quick checks to ensure they are healthy.  Like other dog breeds, they may appear to be okay until it is too late because they cannot tell us they are having problems.

Golden Retrievers can get cold if they are outside in cold weather and don’t have the proper gear.  There are numerous resources online that can provide protective equipment for those Golden Retrievers that may spend lots of time outdoors.

Golden Retrievers that can get cold during freezing weather mustn’t be left outdoors for too long.  Each dog will have its threshold of what it can and cannot tolerate.  Anything below 20 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for a Golden Retriever.

Unless they need to take a quick potty break at a temperature below this, they should have protective gear and spend as little time as possible outside.  Twenty minutes is the maximum amount of time, if they haven’t gone potty by then they probably don’t have to.

If you find that your Golden Retriever is too cold, bring them indoors to warm up.  During this time, the pet parent or caregiver can inspect and monitor them.  There are numerous signs, like shaking or shivering, that can warn a pet parent or caregiver that something is wrong.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold?

If it is found that your Golden Retriever does have issues, some things can be done to help them recover faster, including ensuring that they are entirely dry.  Wetness can make it harder for them to stay or become warm.

What type of gear is available to help Golden Retrievers who get cold when outdoors?

There are various types of gear available to help.  These include:

Jackets and Sweaters

These pieces of outdoor gear for your Golden Retriever will be beneficial during freezing temperatures.  Pet parents must pay close attention to when they are using them because a Golden Retriever could potentially overheat if used at the wrong temperature.


Waterproof and durable, these are brilliant because they protect the Golden Retrievers’ paws from rough terrain.  They are also anti-slip which can provide even more safety if there is ice outside.  They come in various shapes and sizes with adjustable straps that make it easy to put on the Golden Retrievers paws.

Heated Bedding

For the Golden Retriever that wants to be outside when it is cold but not frigid, this can be an excellent option for keeping them warm and safe.  These beds provide the Golden Retriever with a warm place to lay down if they need to warm up, and when they are comfortable, they can get up and start moving again.

This is an excellent option for Golden Retriever pet parents who spend a good amount of time outdoors during colder months and want to have their dog with them.

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Heated Dog Bowls

These are an excellent option for extended periods outdoors so the Golden Retriever can always have water to drink.  Cold temperatures can cause water to freeze, and it may be entertaining for a dog to chew snow or ice, but they should always have water to drink.

These dog bowls guarantee that the water they drink will not be too cold.  This promotes warmth on the inside of their body as well.  If the water they drink is too cold, it can cool the Golden Retrievers’ inside which can cause them to get colder faster.

How long can I leave my Golden Retriever out in the cold?

How long you can leave your Golden Retriever out in the cold depends on many factors, including their health, age, and how cold it is outside.

Older dogs, puppies, and unhealthy dogs should not be left outside for too long when the weather is cold, regardless of their breed.

For healthy, adult Golden Retrievers, it is safe for them to spend as much time as they want outdoors in temperatures above twenty degrees.  So long as they are watched and checked periodically and show no signs of issues, they are safe to play.

It can be helpful during these outings for pet parents to have booties and a sweater for them to wear as added protection and peace of mind and provide them with periodic rest breaks inside.

For temperatures that are twenty degrees and below, they should have a quick bathroom break or perhaps a short play break that lasts no more than twenty minutes.

What signs do Golden Retrievers show when they are too cold?

The signs that Golden Retrievers will show when they are too cold include:

Seeking Safety

All dogs, like humans, will instinctively search for a safe place where they can get out of the cold.  Golden Retrievers might huddle by the door, under a table, or somewhere they can attempt to get warm.


Golden Retrievers that get cold may become more anxious because of the physical stress they feel.  This anxiety can have them acting out in various ways depending on the unique dog.

Shaking and Shivering

Like humans, Golden Retrievers’ bodies will respond to the cold by shaking and shivering in an attempt to warm up.  It can also mean their body temperature is dropping.

Lifting Paws or Limping

The Golden Retriever that gets cold may attempt to lift its leg to keep it away from the cold ground or snow and ice.  Coldness can settle into bones, in particular, the legs, and cause them to stiffen.  This can cause the Golden Retriever to limp, hobble or move in strange ways due to discomfort.

Frozen in Place

Golden Retrievers that get cold may stop moving because they don’t know what to do or where to get warm.  Their body may hurt, and they may feel anxious.  When their feel unwell physically, emotionally and are confused or scared, they may freeze in place.

Barking or Whining

The Golden Retriever that is cold will likely bark, whine, howl, or make other noises in an attempt to seek help because they are unable to help themselves.

How can I help my Golden Retriever stay warm?

There are a few ways you can help your Golden Retriever stay warm that include:

Staying Close

When a pet parent or caregiver stays close to their beloved Golden Retriever, they can ensure that they are safe and healthy by keeping a watchful eye.

Do Golden Retrievers Get Cold?

Keeping Dry

Ensuring that your Golden Retriever is dry before stepping outdoors can keep them warm.  Water will quickly freeze in colder temperatures, and this can make your Golden Retriever get cold faster if they have wet hair.

The same holds true for when they come inside, drying them with a towel and ensuring that they don’t have snow or ice attached to them, will keep them from staying cold.

What about Hypothermia?

Hypothermia is a medical condition where the body temperature is decreased.  It can be mild or severe and come on fast, depending on the situation.

For Golden Retrievers, mild symptoms like shivering, it can quickly progress if left unattended.  Therefore, they should always be monitored when outdoors in the cold.

Such problems as low blood pressure, lethargy, tiredness, pale skin, and shallow breathing, as well as fixed and dilated pupils, can be seen in more severe cases.

If this medical condition is suspected, the dog should be moved to a warmer place and wrapped in warm towels or blankets.  Contacting their veterinarian or emergency vet hospital is needed for their health and well-being if their temperature falls below 37 degrees celsius.

In Conclusion

Golden Retrievers get cold just like other dogs and humans.  Their thick fur coat does not mean that they can endure any temperature.

With a little love and care, and some proper gear, they can enjoy plenty of time outdoors, having fun when it is cold but not frigid.

When in doubt, keep them in.  As much as they like the outdoors and we long to keep them happy, our Golden Retriever is our loving best friend.  We must honor that and protect their health and life.

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