Is It Good For Golden Retrievers To Lay In The Sun?

If parents keep an eye on their Golden Retrievers’ health during their outdoor time, there are warning signs they should look out for to prevent overheating. Thankfully, most dogs are pretty good at determining if they are too hot and getting out of the sun. But is it worth it? Should you let your Golden Retriever lay in the sun?

Is It Good For Golden Retrievers To Lay In The Sun 1 1 Is It Good For Golden Retrievers To Lay In The Sun?

Is It Good For Golden Retrievers To Lay In The Sun?

Yes, Golden Retrievers can lay in the sun as long as they have a comfortable shady or cool spot close by to get away. Golden Retrievers have a lot of hair with a double fur coat which can cause easy overheating.

Golden Retrievers can sunbathe if they have water nearby and the ability to get out of the sun when they get hot. They can and should enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, but parents should keep a close eye on days when the weather is especially hot and humid.

Overheating can happen quickly during certain times of the year, and with the Golden Retrievers’ double fur coat, they are more susceptible. If they are sunbathing for long periods of time, they should be provided fresh water before exercising.

Providing a cooling mat, a nearby kiddie pool, or another cool spot is a great way for parents to ensure Golden Retrievers can self-cool when they feel overheated.

Parents should keep an eye on Golden Retrievers on really hot or humid days because dehydration can happen quickly. While pets are pretty good at seeking water when they need it and getting out of the sun when it’s too hot age plays a part.

Golden Retrievers that are puppies can lay in the sun and soak up the warmth, but they are not yet old enough to know what to do. Their youthfulness and zest for life will probably make it easier because they won’t sit still for long but parents must watch.

Offering Golden Retriever puppies a cool spot under a shady tree, and access to the indoor or a cooling mat provide relief on hot days.

Is It Good For Golden Retrievers To Lay In The Sun Is It Good For Golden Retrievers To Lay In The Sun?

Parents can make breaks a priority, removing the puppy from the outdoors to inside gives them a chance to cool off and parents to see if their body is too hot.

Older Golden Retrievers will also benefit from laying outdoors. 

Their enthusiasm for life may be less noticeable, but they are more likely to remove themselves from the sun if they are too hot. This age group may need more water and a couple of comfortable places of shade to choose from for comfort.

Golden Retrievers of both age groups should always be watched for safety and checked periodically to make sure they don’t overheat.

What should I have outdoors when my Golden Retriever lays in the sun?

The things that you should have when your Golden Retriever lays in the sun include water, a shady spot or cooling mat, a hose, or a pool.


Plenty of water is essential for any extended time outdoors laying in the sun. Like humans, Golden Retrievers need plenty of water to keep hydrated, and cool

Dehydration happens fast on hot days but can easily creep up in less hot days if the sun is bright and warm.

Changing the water often and adding ice cubes make the water more appealing to your Golden Retriever, so they are more likely to drink.

Shady Spot or Cooling Mat

Your Golden Retriever will need a comfortable spot to cool off if they get to hot. Water will prevent dehydration and cool them off on the inside, but at certain times it might not be enough. A shady tree or patio provides a perfect spot out of the sun.

If a shady spot isn’t possible and indoor access can’t be gained, a cooling mat can provide relief from the heat, so your Golden Retriever doesn’t overheat.

Hose or Pool

Having a spot where your Golden Retriever can go to get wet and cool off their skin and body provides necessary relief on really hot days. 

A hose is a quick way to provide wet relief that will move beyond their double fur coat to the skin and cool off their whole body.

A pool or kiddie pool allows your Golden Retriever to splash around and cool off whenever they need it. It can be hard as a parent to gauge how your Golden Retriever feels and allowing them access to a pool provides relief without the guesswork. 

Do Golden Retrievers need sunlight?

Is It Good For Golden Retrievers To Lay In The Sun 2 Is It Good For Golden Retrievers To Lay In The Sun?

Yes, Golden Retrievers need sunlight. All mammals including humans and dogs need sunlight to thrive and be healthy. The sun provides vitamin d a necessary vitamin for staying healthy. You can give your dog a vitamin d supplement, but nothing quite beats the sun.

Sunlight and daylight are essential to the overall health of Golden Retrievers. It helps maintain and control the biorhythms of their body.

They need exposure to sunlight at different times of day to expose them to UVA and UVB rays which aid in overall health since they are historically outdoor creatures.

Morning, afternoon, and evening walks or outdoor adventures provide much-needed exposure and health benefits.

Indoor sunlight through windows will not help with a Golden Retriever’s health and well-being just like with humans. They need time outdoors to enjoy the sunlight, fresh air, and every aspect of nature that provides natural health benefits.

Exposure to natural direct sunlight helps with Golden Retrievers’ sleep and wake patterns, mood, personality, and metabolism. 

Every part of their body benefits from natural light, skin, eyes, fur, and internal organs. Golden Retrievers should wear sunblock for protection if they are in the sun for extended periods of time.

Signs A Dog Is Overheating

Excessive Panting

If a Golden Retriever is panting excessively, they are overly hot and need to be removed from the sun and provided with water. Excess panting is a dog’s way of self-cooling their body when they are hot.


If their dehydration wasn’t attended to during a hot day outside a Golden Retriever might overheat and start salivating a lot. Excess salivation and drooling happen as their body tries to cool itself off naturally without the needed water.

Difficulty Breathing

In extreme cases, some dogs and breeds will have difficulty breathing due to dehydration and excess body heat. If this symptom appears while a Golden Retriever is outdoors, they must be removed to a cooler space.

Inflamed Mouth

When a dog overheats the recesses of their mouth, including their gums and tongue, will be red which is their body’s way of trying to push heat out and away. 

If a Golden Retriever develops this symptom while outdoors they are overheated.

If any of these symptoms are noticed it’s important to remove the dog from the sun and heat immediately. At that time accessing their health is important. 

Offering a cool spot or splashing with water gently will provide a slow cool down which is important.

Providing water is essential to the cool-down process, and this needs to be done consistently but slowly. 

The dog’s body is already overheated and cooling down too quick can be just as harmful as the overheat itself.

Small drinks of water, light spraying of a hose, and then repeating every so often will allow the dog to cool off and prevent the issues from escalating.

Removing them from the sun and heat is the first line of defense.

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