Are Golden Retrievers Ugly? The TRUTH!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sure. But let’s face it, some dogs look better than others. Some dogs are stunning, others are cute, and others are, frankly, ugly. 

Are Golden Retrievers Ugly 1 Are Golden Retrievers Ugly? The TRUTH!

Are Golden Retrievers ugly?

No, Golden Retrievers are not ugly. Their physique, intelligence, friendly nature, and abilities make them one of the most stunning and beloved dogs.  They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the top 5 most years.

Beauty is reflected not just as a reflection of sight but also as what lies inside.  When we talk about the Golden Retrievers, their personality, nature, and temperament add to their physical beauty, making them stunningly beautiful.

Some dog breeds may have less than good physical, mental or emotional qualities, but the beauty or ugly is in the eyes of the beholder.

Golden Retrievers come in three standard colors, Light Golden, Golden, and Dark Golden.  A rare Red Golden Retriever can also be found, but it’s very hard.

Their dense fur coat is designed for the outdoors and the hard work and play they were originally bred to do.  This fur coat is medium to long, and its large size makes them the option of a large adorable stuffed animal.

These dogs can weigh between fifty-five and seventy-five to eighty pounds, whether female or male.  Despite this large size, they are beautiful with their streamlined appearance.

Golden Retrievers could never be ugly with floppy ears that make you want to lean in and give a good scratch or rub.  Their alert and playful personalities shine through every moment they awake.

Their swishing feathered tail will be the object of many kids’ affection as they try to catch it and stop the wag.    They are beautifully designed to work and play hard with a body that’s muscular and strong.

Friendly and welcoming, these dogs fill many roles in our communities.  They are therapy dogs, dogs of service in various aspects, and everyday household pets.  Their abilities in various areas make them a very versatile dog breed.

Are Golden Retrievers Ugly 1 1 Are Golden Retrievers Ugly? The TRUTH!

Golden Retrievers are not a designer dog breed which can make them seem less then beautiful to certain people but despite this their popularity continues.  During certain stages of their life they might appear ugly for a very short period of time, as all dog breeds do.

This would include when they go from puppy to adulthood, loose their baby teeth and grow adult teeth, loose their baby fuzz, and grow in adult fur.  Also their body goes through various stages as they mature and pass into adulthood.

Sometimes in photographs or videos they might appear ugly but then again, all dogs, animals and humans have those moments where we’d like to rip up a few photos.

Regardless of all this, they could never be ugly.

If there was such a thing as an ugly dog, it might be a dog with a lousy temperament and aggressive, frightening personality.  In nature, these traits don’t usually happen on their own and require the help of a human who doesn’t care about the dog.

Is a stinky, dirty Golden Retriever ugly?

A stinky, dirty Golden Retriever is not ugly; they need a bath.  Goldens are outdoor dogs through and through.  As their name implies, they were bred to retrieve the prey during a hunting expedition.

Today they might retrieve that newspaper or the missing ball they found, but they can also get dirty and stinky outside.  The Golden Retrievers’ fur coat can get excessively dirty and smell depending on the terrain they are frequenting.

While this may make them less than desirable for a cuddle and photos, they are still not ugly.  A good bath and grooming will make them look their best quickly.  Grooming makes a beautiful fur coat and appearance and promotes a healthy body.

Good health from diet, exercise, grooming, and lifestyle radiate beauty and overshadow anything that might be considered ugly.

If for some reason a particular person finds their Golden Retriever ugly, a good bath and grooming session will right this issue quickly.  Those adorable eyes, sweet face and kind heart could never be considered ugly with or without the bath.

How Often Should a Golden Retriever be groomed, so they don’t look ugly?

A Golden Retriever should be groomed at least once every two or three months.   The grooming session should include all areas of their body, and their double coat of fur, skin, nails, teeth and other body parts should be inspected for health issues and groomed.

While we all can suffer from a case of the uglies here and there for a hot minute, Golden Retrievers will very rarely appear this way, even at their dirtiest.

Golden Retrievers should also be brushed a few times weekly to keep that gorgeous coat looking its best.  More brushing during the shedding or malting season and less at other times.

Sitting still and behaving for a grooming session can be hard during the early months of life.  The sooner the Golden Retriever puppy learns to sit and behave during this process, the easier it will be for everyone.

Grooming or brushing sessions need not be long.  Sessions should always be positive, emphasizing fun while getting the job done.  Treats to share, a lot of loving attention, and kind words make the experience more pleasant.  

While performing this ritual, it’s a good idea to brush their teeth too.  Keeping that full-mouthed smile bright and healthy is a good idea.

Is there an ugly stage for a Golden Retriever?

Yes, there can be an ugly stage of growth for a Golden Retriever but all dogs, animals and humans all have a stage of growth where they are less than their best.

During the Juvenile Stage a Golden Retriever might look less then photo-worthy.  This stage happens around four to eight months and will have their limbs and body disproportionate to their head.  It can give them an odd or slightly off appearance and make people think they are ugly.

Which Crossbred Golden Retriever mix is the ugliest?

There are no uglier Crossbred Golden Retriever mix dogs; each dog will have a mixture of qualities that make them unique and beautiful in their own right.

There are currently over sixty Crossbred Golden Retriever mix dog breeds.  These dogs have a Golden Retriever as one parent and another dog breed as the other parent.

Many of these dogs are adorably cute and popular, like the Goldendoodle, while others are new, like the Golden Chi, a mixture of Golden Retriever and Chihuahua.  The Goldman is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Dalmation, making an interesting mix.

These breeders take the best qualities of the Golden Retriever and the other purebred dog breed and create a beautiful, unique, and often very popular crossbred dog.

Personal preference might have some individuals considering one cross uglier than another, but this is a personal opinion.  Another person might look at that same dog and find them to be the most beautiful dog in the world.

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