Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet?

Golden Retrievers are loved by families and owners for their excellent temperament and friendliness. Sometimes they seem to love getting wet.

Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet 1 Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet?

Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet?

Golden Retrievers like getting wet whenever they can. This dog breed has an inherited liking for water, making them get inside any water source they come across. This, coupled with the fact that they love the outdoors, makes them fun to hike and go on fun escapades with.

To better understand the nature of Golden Retriever dogs, we embarked on a mission to uncover their unique traits. 

We talked to Retriever dog owners, vets, and trainers. Our interesting findings led us to conclude that Retrievers are water lovers and will undoubtedly jump at a chance to get themselves wet any time.

Does the Golden Retriever Love Water?

This may shock many dog owners, especially those who have never owned a water-loving pet. The Golden Retrievers will always get into any water they see. 

Most of them enjoy bath time since it is an excellent opportunity for them to get wet without restriction.

Having a kiddy pool in your backyard might be the best gift you get your Golden Retriever furry friends during summer. You may even have difficulty getting them out of the water at the end of the day since the dogs enjoy staying in the water a bit too much.

Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet 1 1 Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet?

But do all Golden Retrievers like getting wet? Well, as is the case with humans, dogs, regardless of their breed, have varied preferences. 

Some Golden Retrievers do not enjoy getting wet despite being water lovers.

If your Golden Retriever puppy or dog is like this, do not interpret this as a problem since their kind enjoys staying in the water. On the contrary, some pups grow to love the wetness despite not having enjoyed it when they were younger. The bottom line is to encourage the water-shy Retrievers to try getting in the pool but never force them.

It is more important to learn about your dog’s behavior and preferences over time. It is okay if the puppy never learns to love or enjoy water sports.

Note that some Retrievers will never enjoy getting their coats wet, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Do All Retrievers Enjoy Swimming?

Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet 2 Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet?

Generally, almost all Golden Retrievers will jump into the pool when they see it. Except for the few exceptions likely to shy away from this, most Retrievers will jump at the opportunity. It is even more apparent for those introduced to the water beforehand.

As the dog parent, ensure you are around to monitor the dog in the water. Unless you are confident they can handle themselves well in water without close supervision, do not risk leaving them unattended. 

However, most Golden Retrievers will not have any issue navigating the waters, more so a swimming pool they have been in before.

Sometimes Golden Retrievers may keep off the pool not because they don’t like getting wet but because they are intimidated by the amount of water. 

If a grown adult Retriever is like this, this is your cue to treat them and help them build confidence. With the proper support, your dog will get used to the water and eventually love swimming without too much following up.

The goal is to be there and walk with them, ensuring that all negative experiences that would otherwise occur are eliminated. 

If your dog fails to show interest in swimming, then never force it. You may have to accept that some dogs are not water dogs, and there is nothing you can do about that.

What Can You Do to Acclimate Your Dog to Water?

Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet 3 Do Golden Retrievers Like Getting Wet?

Since Golden Retrievers are naturally attracted to water, it is up to you to help them enjoy it. Note that younger pups will be easier to train and get used to the water environment compared to adult or mature dogs, who may be more stubborn.

Even so, your puppies may not love the water immediately, which takes some time. 

Start by introducing them to the water feel on their feet, which means the puppies should gradually be let step on water.

Once they are comfortable with the water to feel on their feet, you can then introduce them to more water, like a pool. 

This can happen by either taking them to a pool where dogs and puppies are allowed or simply filling up a kiddie’s pool in your backyard. Let the puppies enjoy the water.

You can coax them to keep swimming by rewarding them with their favorite treats. Buy a few water toys they will love and use during the training. Of if they have a favorite toy, bring it along!

When you make swimming a positive experience with lots of rewards, the dogs will learn to love it.

What to Do When the Dog is Scared of Water?

Be open-minded when training and even after the training is done. Your pups may do excellently well during the training phase and still disappoint you when you least expect it. They are probably scared if you are sure they can swim and have proven their ability.

Please do not attempt to force them, as this could worsen the situation. Instead, try to comfort them and persuade them to try it. 

They need your assurance to take that leap and plunge into the water. That way your Golden Retriever will be comfortable to get into the water and swim.

Is it Possible to Teach Your Golden Retriever to Swim?

The good news is that Golden Retrievers are pretty great swimmers. Their love for water makes it even easier for owners to teach them. Additionally, Golden Retrievers are easy to train since they don’t resist training.

That said, training your dog to swim should not be rocket science. Make sure to prepare the dog first and gradually introduce the idea of swimming. 

For instance, start by walking near the pool with the dog on a leash.

Next, you can walk into the shallow waters of the pool or water body with them still leashed. If they are comfortable with it, venture a little deeper and the moment they are chest-deep inside, teach them how to paddle.

Hold the leash gently and lead the dog towards the shore of the pool’s exit. Make sure you stay close to the dog as this gives them a sense of safety and security which helps them stay on course and ensures they don’t veer off-course. 

The last thing you want is your dog heading in the wrong direction because they panicked or felt unsafe while swimming.

Remember to praise your dog every time they get a lesson right. Keep an eye out for them as they train and as you allow them to advance.

Swimming can be a scary experience for all dogs, regardless of how much they love water.

However, with the proper support and guidance, Retrievers are natural swimmers and will grow to love it. In the beginning, let your dog explore the shallow waters as much as they want before they get the confidence to move further.

Your dog will eventually learn to love the waters. Be careful not to force them to learn or enjoy, as this often negatively affects what you intended.

Keeping Your Golden Retriever Safe in Water

Your dog’s safety is entirely your responsibility. Just because they love water does not mean they will always be safe. 

Always take precautions and keep them safe at all times.

Some of the things you can do include testing the water temperature, observing the dog when in water, monitoring the depth they swim, and helping the dog out of the water when they get anxious or scared.

Key Take Always

  • Golden Retrievers are water lovers except for a few individual dogs
  • You can always teach your dog to swim and enjoy the waters through positive reinforcement
  • Your dog’s safety when in water should always be a priority.

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