What Color Will My Golden Retriever Puppy Be As An Adult?

Golden Retrievers are adorable. But, as puppies, they aren’t always the shade they’ll end up with as adults. So, how do you tell the color your Golden Retriever puppy will be? Is it possible to know the final shade or not?

What Color Will My Golden Retriever Puppy Be As An Adult 1 What Color Will My Golden Retriever Puppy Be As An Adult?

How do you know what color a Golden Retriever will be when they grow up?

All golden retrievers are born a lovely shade of gold. As they grow up, their fur changes color to brown and then black as they age. This transition typically happens slowly over the course of a year or two and occurs because of a basic change in the pigmentation of their hair follicles.

No matter the color or shade, all Golden Retrievers puppies are lovely. However, it doesn’t hurt to know the final shade they’ll have as adults. You’ll encounter three types of colors: dark golden, light golden, and golden.

Understanding color changes is important when you get a Golden Retriever puppy. Keep reading to learn about different colors and types of Golden Retrievers.

What Color Will My Golden Retriever Puppy Be?

The color of your Golden Retriever puppy will change as they mature to the color on the ear tips. This is one of the best ways to tell how an adult Golden Retriever’s coat will look. But, as for the rest of the coat, you have to wait until after four months or more.

Golden Retriever puppies undergo several changes before your dog grows into an adult. Many pet owners wonder which color the puppy will be when they grow up. Apart from the tips of their ears, there’s another way you can tell the color.

Check the color of the parents’ coat. For purebred Golden Retriever puppies, your puppies will look like their parents. So, if you end up with a lighter or darker dog depends on what the parents look like.

However, for non-purebred puppies, the ears are the best way to tell their adult color. Always check the tips of the ears for this part always differs from the rest of the coat. But, despite the color, all Golden Retrievers are adorable and deserve lots of love.

Which Are the Different Colors of Golden Retrievers?

What Color Will My Golden Retriever Puppy Be As An Adult 1 1 What Color Will My Golden Retriever Puppy Be As An Adult?

As a potential Golden Retriever parent, knowing all you can about the breed is essential. This includes the different colors that Golden Retrievers come in. It’s worth noting that the color of your pup most likely won’t be what they look like as adults.

Golden Retrievers come in 3 main colors, including:

Light Golden

This is the lightest of the Golden Retriever breed, and their shade resembles cream. Many people call the breed the ‘English Cream’ Golden Retriever. They have a lighter shade than the popular American Golden Retriever.

Dark Golden

Expect a red or Mahogany shade when you get a ‘Dark Golden’ Golden Retriever. This is the popular American Golden Retriever with a distinctive triangular shape. They have bright light eyes and a darker coat.


The third is the Golden colored Golden Retriever. Their coat has a lovely golden shade and seems to be a mix between the Light and Dark Golden Retrievers.

What is the Rarest Golden Retriever Color?

The rarest Golden Retriever has a deep and alluring shade of red. You might mistake the dog for an Irish Setter. But, this Golden Retriever will have short and straight hair.

Unlike the other Golden Retrievers, this hair won’t feather as much on the legs and tails.

Are there Different Types of Golden Retrievers?

Coat color isn’t the only difference that Golden Retrievers share, as there are different types. There are 3 types of Golden Retrievers that a pet parent should know.

Canadian Golden Retriever

The Canadian Golden Retriever has a golden coat and regular eyes. In addition, they are taller than other Golden Retrievers by 2 inches.

American Golden Retriever

The American Golden Retriever has light eyes with a triangular shape and a dark golden coat. They are the smallest of all Golden Retrievers.

English Golden Retriever

The English Golden Retriever has round dark eyes and a light golden coat. Apart from coat color, another distinctive feature is their broad skull.

How Long Does It Take a Puppy Golden Retriever to Get Its Adult Fur Coat?

A puppy Golden Retriever takes quite some time to grow up and get an adult fur coat. Growth and development are a slow process that all animals, including dogs, must undergo. During that process, they change the color of the coat several times.

Change in a Golden Retriever puppy begins at around 3 to 6 months. At this time, they have a lovely fluffy coat that feels amazing to the touch. Not much change will happen to the coat at such a young change until later.

But, as 6 months pass, the fluffy puppy coat starts to fall off. A new coat that can take up to 12 months to fully develop will be in its place. It’s best to be patient during the shedding and the growing period before you realize the adult coat.

At this time, grooming is necessary to ensure the coat and skin are healthy. Brushing helps eliminate the shedding fur to provide room for new growth. Even adults will require grooming because they have a longer coat that tangles and mats easily.

Color change in puppies is normal as they grow. This happens to many other dogs, not only the Golden Retriever. As they grow and develop, many changes occur in and outside the body.

Is It Possible for a Breeder to Help Get a Specific Golden Retriever Color?

Golden Retriever breeders are knowledgeable and experienced, so yes, they can help. But, ensure you work with a qualified and certified breeder. Their work is breeding Golden Retrievers, and they understand the best and most ethical way to get varying colors.

Certified breeders practice ethical breeding practices. They have access to all the information about the parents and their history. You get the right results depending on which color you want. It’s also crucial to have ample knowledge and history regarding the health and behavior of the puppy.

Suppose you intend to have your dog participate in a show, color matters. The American Kennel Association sets strict rules and guidelines. Each participating dog must fall in line with these set standards to participate.

But, you don’t always have to have a purebred Golden Retriever for such events. Check out the set criteria for the dog breed and follow them to the letter.

Will a Senior Golden Retriever’s Coat Change Color?

Yes, senior Golden Retriever’s coats change color. It’s similar to how human beings end up with different hair colors as older adults. The Golden Retriever’s coat will turn gray as the dog grows older. But, unlike human beings, the gray color won’t cover your dog’s whole coat.

Golden Retrievers get traces of gray color on the fur around their eyes and muzzle. However, if the color change is too extreme, this might signify a health issue. It’s best to see the vet to get them the medical help they need.

Another change with some older Golden Retrievers is the ‘blueberry belly.’ Usually, the belly will start to turn black. This is a normal change and doesn’t require visiting a vet.

Color changes also start to happen even before the dog approaches a senior age. Their eyes and muzzle fur may turn gray or white. This can be because of genetics, vitiligo, or stress. Genetics and vitiligo aren’t too bad, but watch out for issues like eczema.

As for stress, it’s best to find out the cause and resolve it immediately. The color change might be the beginning and can lead to extreme shedding and behavioral changes. 

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