Is There a Curly Golden Retriever?

Just when you think you know all the different breeds of dogs out there, another kind of dog appears to your knowledge. 

There are many kinds of retrievers from the classic Golden to flat-coated retrievers and more. 

Since there are several kinds of retrievers out there, is there a curly-haired retriever?

Is There a Curly Golden Retriever?

There are curly-haired retrievers, usually called curly-coated retrievers. While most of the curly-coated retrievers have black fur, some that have golden fur like Golden Retrievers. There are also Golden Retrievers that may have curly fur. 

There are 6 different types of retrievers, with Golden Retrievers and curly-coated retrievers being among them.

While the two can be blended into a Golden Retriever with a curly coat, the two breeds aren’t the same.

What Is a Curly Coat Retriever?

Curly-coated retrievers are like giant poodles, even though the two are completely different breeds.

They have very curly fur covering their body and ears with straight fur on their face. 

Some of them can have golden and curly fur, but most have black or even very dark brown fur. 

Is There Anything Wrong If Your Golden Retriever Has Curly Fur?

Nope, some Golden Retrievers have curly fur in their puppyhood or adulthood. 

While it isn’t the norm for this breed, Golden Retrievers’ fur can turn curly, and it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong. 

The standard for Golden Retrievers is flowing fur that is either straight or slightly wavy. 

This highly depends on genetics. 

What Are the Reasons for My Golden Retriever to Have Curly Fur?

The most common reason for this coat texture difference is due to genetics.

If the Golden Retriever’s parents have curly fur, then this retriever could grow curly fur too. 

This can usually be told when the retriever is young if the parents are around. 

The less pleasant reason why a Golden Retriever can have curly fur is due to a diet imbalance. 

Not getting the right kind of nutrients can affect fur growth which can make the fur appear wavy or curly. 

Essentially, a lack of fur growth, no matter the reason, can make the fur appear curly. 

Golden Retriever coats can go through phases throughout their life. When they are puppies, their fur is usually straight.

As they mature, their fur can turn curly or wavy. 

As long as they are getting the proper amount of nutrients, them having curly fur isn’t a problem. 

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Why Do Curly Coat Retrievers Have Curly Coats?

Curly-coated retrievers are one of the first breeds of retrievers. 

The main reason why this dog’s coat is so curly is that the curls make their coat waterproof. 

This breed of dog is known as a sports dog, or a dog that can spend a lot of time outside and do things like swim and hunt. 

Their coat protects them from the outdoor elements and keeps their skin dry when they go swimming. 

Being a sports or hunting dog, this breed can find itself running through areas with harsh underbrush. 

Their curly coats protect their skin from this. 

What Does the Golden Retriever Coat Do?

Golden Retrievers were bred from wavy-coat retrievers until they got their signature golden and fluffy coats.

Many Golden Retrievers may have or grow into a wavier coat for different reasons, one of them simply being genetics. 

Golden Retrievers have a double coat. The undercoat is soft and fuzzy while the main coat is long, smooth, and either straight or wavy. 

This fur works to insulate the Golden Retriever no matter what the temperature is, keeping them warm all the time.

In the Summer, their coat is fluffy and gives more exposure to the sun which makes it harder to keep cool. 

Like with many dogs, their coat works to protect the skin from sun damage, temperature exposure, and moisture.

Though, while their coat protects them from some of the elements, their coat isn’t as protective as the curly coats that curly-coated retrievers have. 

What Are the Similarities in The Straight Coat and Curly Coat?

Other than the basic use of protecting the retriever’s skin, there are some similarities between the two coat styles, specifically with how grooming is handled. 

Neither of these breeds requires any shaving.

Some people think that shaving their Golden Retrievers will protect them from outdoor elements when that is simply not the case.

They can let their fluffy fur flow with the wind. 

Curly-coated retrievers only require trimming when their coats get long.

It is important to keep the areas around their ears and feet nice and trimmed to prevent matting. 

Can I Take My Curly-Coated Retriever to a Groomer?

Whether you have a dark curly-coated retriever or a Golden Retriever that has grown curly hair, it is not a good idea to take them to a groomer.

Most groomers don’t have a lot of experience with curly-coated breeds and may use methods that aren’t curly-coat approved. 

If your retriever has a curly coat, their coats are pretty low maintenance so that you can easily take care of the grooming yourself. 

Shampooing shouldn’t be done too frequently as it messes with the texture of the coat. 

Regular brushing or combing is beneficial, though it can be easier with damp fur. 

Also, don’t force their coats to dry with a blow drier or a towel. This can turn your dog into a fluffball. 

Grooming a Golden Retriever

These incredibly fluffy dogs can be taken to the groomer if you don’t want to do the grooming process. 

Golden Retrievers require regular brushing and bathing, especially during their shedding seasons, which there are two of. 

Brushing and bathing your Golden Retriever will help remove any loose and dead hair before it can cover your couch and clothes. 

It is important to brush your Golden Retriever before bathing to remove as much shedding fur first. 

This not only makes the bathing process easier but also protects your bathtub drain from getting clogged with dog fur. 

With how long and fluffy their coats are, they can also get tangled.

When this happens, damped their fur, and apply some dog conditioner. 

Then, use a comb to detangle and be very gentle. Even on smooth coats, a comb should be used around the face, ears, legs, and tails. 

What Are the Personality Differences Between Golden and Curly-Coated Retrievers?

Curly-coated retrievers are sports dogs. They thrive in high activity areas and are intelligent. 

Golden Retrievers are more laid back and down-to-earth. 

While they share a similar loving heart and even-temperament, there are some differences between the personalities of the two breeds. 

The Personality of a Curly-Coated Retriever

Curly-coated retrievers are extremely energetic and need lots of exercise. 

They love to do outdoor activities like run around a park or take a swim in the lake. 

Active families are the best for these dogs for how much energy to have to spend.

Even though Golden Retrievers also like to be active, they can not beat the energy levels of their curly companion. 

This breed is also intelligent to a fault, making them stubborn during training.

They can be trained to do amazing tricks and they learn super-fast, but only when they want to. 

Even though they can make good hunting dogs, they are usually cautious and reserved around other animals, making them easy to take out in public. 

They won’t run up to greet other dogs crazily, instead, they may go for a more polite path. 

Curly-coated dogs are fiercely loyal to their families and can be protective. 

If endanger were to appear, these dogs won’t hesitate to make sure that their owner/s are safe. 

They may not make the best guard dogs, but they do have some guard dog qualities. 

The Personality of a Golden Retriever

These dogs have a heart larger than their head. They love their owners with their entire being and are so eager to please. 

This makes them easy to train because they are so obedient.

If you have kids, Golden Retrievers will love them.

 They are super gentle and friendly around small children and make great lifelong companions. 

While these dogs are good at hunting and can attack birds, Golden Retrievers don’t use these skills in guarding.

In fact, they don’t make great guard dogs as they seem to lack the instinct. 

Golden Retrievers love going outside and getting exercise, but they can adapt to smaller environments, unlike curly-coated retrievers.

These dogs can adapt to apartments just fine. 

Final Thoughts

There can be curly Golden Retrievers, but this fur texture is not their norm.

However, curly-coated retrievers exist even though their coats are much darker. 

With the two coat textures, they have different grooming needs, though they both lack the need to be shaved. 

The fluffy coat of a Golden Retriever requires more maintenance than its  curly counterpart. 

Either way, both of these breeds make great companions depending on your lifestyle. 

They both are easy to be trained, are very active, and they both have lots of love to give.  

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