Do Golden Retrievers Get Car Sick?

Have you been driving with your dog in the car and heard them vomiting in the back seat? While you may just be going to the dog park or the groomers. 

Your Golden Retriever most likely got car sick.

This can be normal in some dogs and can sometimes, after a few car rides, this will no longer happen. 

If it does continue, follow these few tips and tricks to help make the car ride more pleasant for you and your Golden Retriever

Do Golden Retrievers get car sick?

Golden Retrievers can get car sick. It is not as common as it is in cats and small dogs but it can happen. Your Golden will likely show signs that they are prone to car sickness when they are puppies. Most Goldens grow out of this habit as they get older and car sickness is pretty rare in adult Goldens.

If your Golden Retriever vomits every time that they are in the car, there are some things that you can do to help keep them from getting car sick. 

Many times, you will know that your Golden Retriever gets car sickness when they are puppies. 

The first time you take your Golden Retriever to the vet, you may notice them drooling a lot or vomiting in the car ride. 

This would be a great time to discuss car sickness with your vet

The good news is that your Golden Retriever may grow out of these issues and never get sick in the car again. 

Most Golden Retrievers will only get car sick when they are very young, and as they grow older, this is a trait that tends to not be seen much in adult Golden Retrievers. 

Do Golden Retrievers Get Car sick Do Golden Retrievers Get Car Sick?

Why Do Golden Retrievers Get Car Sick?

The main reason that your dog gets car sick is because of the fast driving and sharp curves that we take. 

Some Golden Retrievers do best when they can also look outside the window. 

Others need a place in the middle of the car to help prevent the swinging movement of the front and back of the car. 

Learning the best way for your Golden Retriever to travel will help keep their car sickness to a minimum. 

What Can I Do To Prevent Car Sickness In My Golden Retriever?

Many times, if your Golden Retriever with mild motion sickness, you can do a few things to help your Golden Retriever stop vomiting and stop having motion sickness when you are in the car. 

These are some things that you can try:

Desensitizing your Golden Retriever to car rides

If your dog only gets sick on car rides, take them on a short car ride every day to help your Golden Retriever adapt to riding in the car. 

This may be getting in the car, and the first day is just driving around the block and then back to the house. 

Each day makes the car ride a little longer.

Maybe even stop by the pet store for a tasty treat

Some Golden Retrievers do best if you keep them in something so that they can also see out of the window in the car. 

Other Golden Retrievers do best if they are in the very back of the car. 

Just make sure that your Golden Retriever is secured safely on all car rides, either in a seat belt harness or in a kennel. 

Give your Golden Retriever over the counter medication

Many of the over-the-counter motion sickness medications that people take can be used to help prevent and treat motion sickness in Golden Retrievers. 

Before starting any new medication for your Golden Retriever, it would be best to ask your vet. 

Meclizine is the active ingredient that is found in Dramamine. This medication can help your dog with motion sickness. 

Your Golden Retriever would need 25mgs every 4 to 6 hours to help prevent and treat motion sickness. 

This is the same medication that people take for sea or motion sickness. 

Drive slower

We all have days when our driving skills are not the best. 

Taking turns really fast and driving fast will cause your Golden Retriever to have more motion sickness than if you drive slower and take smoother, gentle turns.

Sometimes traffic and some abrupt stops cannot be prevented.

Try driving a little more smoothly when your Golden Retriever is riding with you. 

These would be the same type of things that you would want to do if a person who suffers motion sickness is riding with you. 

Leave your Golden Retriever at home

While everyone loves to take their Golden Retriever with them on trips and going to the vet cannot be 100% avoided.

You can leave your Golden Retriever at home a little more.

If you are going to be on a long car trip, consider hiring a dog sitter to come to stay with your dog while you are away.  

If your Golden Retriever needs to see the vet, try finding a vet that does house calls to come to your house to see your Golden Retriever. 

Making these simple adjustments can prevent your Golden Retriever from having to get in the car and getting motion sick. 

See your vet

If no matter what you do, your Golden Retriever may still vomit when they ride in the car and has extreme motion sickness, it may be time to see your vet. 

Your dog may have something medically wrong causing them to vomit. 

Your vet can examine your dog to make sure that they are healthy and prescribe your Golden Retriever prescription medication to help with motion sickness. 

Medications such as Cerenia can help prevent your Golden Retriever from getting sick in the car. 

Other medications like Zofran may also be used to help prevent vomiting due to motion sickness. 

Final Thoughts

Having a Golden Retriever who suffers from car sickness is not any fun for you or your dog. 

Trying some of the tips and tricks can help them be able to adapt to riding in the car. 

Once you figure out the best way for your Golden Retriever to ride in the car without them getting sick will allow you and your Golden Retriever to be able to go on adventures together and enjoy the freedom of being able to explore. 

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