Should Golden Retrievers Wear a Harness?

Golden Retrievers are a beautiful breed of dog that needs to be safe and comfortable when going outside. 

Golden Retrievers have a very thick coat that can protect them from the cold or extreme heat, but there is also the risk of getting tangled in bushes, fences, and other debris on walks.

This is why many people opt for a harness to keep the dog from getting stuck on anything while they are outside.

Should Golden Retrievers Wear a Harness?

Golden Retrievers are a breed of dog that do very well on a harness, much better than with just a collar. The main benefit to the handler is better control over their Golden Retriever but it also prevents injuries to the Golden by distributing pressure around their abdomens instead of concentrating it around their neck.

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Benefits of a Harness For Your Golden Retriever

No Tangling

When walking a Golden Retriever with a harness, you will no longer need to worry about the dog getting tangled in branches and fences

No one wants to tie their dog up, but they do so because they want to walk the animal properly.

When you have a harness on the dog, you will be able to walk the Golden with confidence, knowing that they are safe and well-behaved. 

The only downside to having a harness on is that it might hinder the pet’s ability to run around and play, but this can be remedied with proper training.

Weight Support

Harnesses are better at supporting the weight of a dog than regular collars. 

This is important when you have a small dog that weighs only even more than a healthy human and wants to run around. 

Having extra support is important so that the dog won’t be discouraged by the harness and lose their motivation to play with their owner.

The highest part of the dog’s body should be resting on the ground. 

When you walk with a collar, that doesn’t happen very often. 

The dog can be jerked forward by the leash and pulled in different directions. 

A harness is much better at keeping the pet in place because it holds up their chest. 

This will prevent injuries of different kinds and allow your Golden to have a great time while they are walking with you.

Safety Support

The harness will support your dog’s neck when they get into accidents or fall from high objects. 

This extra support is great for your Golden Retriever because it can help prevent any injury that could occur. 

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Better Ownership

A harness on a Golden Retriever shows better ownership because it will make people aware of your dog’s presence. 

When you walk your dog with a leash and get tangled in some bushes or trees while you are walking them, people will not know that there is a dog nearby. 

However, a harness shows that the dog is being well cared for, making it more noticeable to everyone so they will be less likely to bother your beloved pet.

Should Golden Retrievers Wear a Harness 1 Should Golden Retrievers Wear a Harness?

Wear It With Pride

A Golden Retriever wearing a harness will look more like a real dog to the public because they will walk like they have full control of their body. 

When you are out with the dog, this will improve their overall demeanor and make them seem more confident and happy. 

This is another reason why harnesses are important to use when walking your Golden Retriever.

Keeps The Dog Safe

The harness will protect the dog from falling onto any hard objects they may encounter while out for walks.

This is also another reason why the harness is so important to use. 

The dog will have more control and feel more comfortable wearing a harness on their walks.

Also, the harness will protect the dog from getting tangled in any bushes or trees while they are out on the walk. 

This is important because the Golden Retriever should always be comfortable when they are outside, and you will never know what animal is lurking nearby, so it is important to keep your pet safe.

How to Wear a Harness

If you are new to walking with a harness, it can be hard to tell if you are putting it on correctly or not.

It seems like there is an endless amount of straps, buckles, and other things that you need to worry about, but it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it.

The following instructions will help you put a harness on the proper way.

Step 1: Get the harness ready and lay it out in front of your Golden Retriever. The dog should not be wearing a collar once you get the harness on them because this could injure them if any pulling is involved.

Step 2: Put your hand through the sleeve of the harness and allow it to rest on your hand so that it doesn’t keep slipping back. The other arm should hold onto the leash at all times.

Step 3: The dog will usually wiggle and try to get away from the harness. Let go of the leash and allow the dog to escape when this happens. Then, start over again by letting go of the leash.

Step 4: If your Golden Retriever is smaller, you can put one of their legs through the harness first. This should be the smaller of their two legs because this will be on the same side as their back leg.

Step 5: Now, you can use the other arm to get the other leg through and then put it around their waist and make sure it’s nice and tight before tying it up. When you are done, make sure to check the straps for any loose ends or fraying.

Harness Tips

A harness can be an extremely useful device to have when walking a dog.

It is one of the best options to have because it allows you to control your pet and keep them safe by keeping them in place. 

The following tips will help you make the most of your harness.

The Right Height

Make sure the height of your harness is just right so that it fits your dog properly. 

The dog needs to have enough room to move its head around and need to breathe into it easily. 

If you are too tall for a Golden Retriever, they will not get comfortable.

The Right Sizes

You don’t want to be using the wrong size harness for your dog when you go out for walks. 

They have a much better chance of being hurt if they fall or take an unexpected turn while wearing one that is too small. 

When you purchase a harness, make sure that it fits your dog appropriately. 

It should fit comfortably around their body and not leave any areas hanging over their back or neck.

The Right Materials

Make sure the materials that you get for your harness are durable. 

You don’t want to spend your money on something that you have to replace or stay in shape forever. 

You will want the harness to last so that you don’t have to purchase another one again.

Ensure that the material used when making the harness is strong, flexible, and water-resistant. 

This way, you will be able to take your walks in all types of weather without worrying about what the dog will get caught in or harm them if it does start raining. 

Ensure that the harness is made out of leather, nylon, or some leather-like material.

Related Questions

Is a Harness Better For Golden Retriever

It is important to note whether a harness is better for Golden Retriever or not. 

Ideally, the harness should be designed to fit your dog.

If you are unsure which one is right for your dog, you should contact a professional pet store and find out what they recommend.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Dog Harness

While a harness is a great option, you should not use it if you think it will cause your Golden Retriever any pain or discomfort. 

Letting a dog wear an uncomfortable harness can cause many issues and even lead to an injury.

If you feel that the harness does not fit your dog properly, you should look for another option.

Should My Dog Always Wear a Harness

If your dog is having any issues with their breathing, mobility, or hip dysplasia, they should not always wear a harness. 

Make sure that you are using the harness in moderation and only when necessary.

What Kind of Collar Does a Golden Retriever Need?

Every dog needs a collar. Moreover, a Golden Retriever needs a soft and gentle collar on its neck. 

If you need to put them in a situation where they could get tangled in something and potentially hurt their neck, then the collar should be able to protect them from harm. 

You can get an electronic collar to help you control your dog’s behavior, but it should not be used all of the time because they are a restrictive tool and can cause you more problems than they are worth.

Closing Thoughts

A harness is a fantastic option to have when dealing with a pet that needs to be on a leash and needs some freedom. 

It gives you the ability to have control over your dog while allowing them the movement they need to be comfortable and happy. 

When walking a dog, it is always important to stay safe, so make sure that they are wearing something that will not allow them an excessive amount of movement or hurt them in any way.

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