Golden Retrievers With Blue Eyes: Do They Exist?!

The Golden Retriever is a playful dog breed that treats children with gentleness, thus popular in many households.

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Can a Golden Retriever Have Blue Eyes?

A purebred Golden Retriever would never have blue eyes. Yes, puppies have blue eyes but turn brown as they grow older. However, Golden Retriever mixes, like Golden Retriever pitbull mix and Golden Aussie, may have blue eyes. If you see blue eyes in a Golden Retriever, they have a medical problem.

To provide you with relevant information about whether a Golden Retriever can have blue eyes. We’ve interviewed several breeders and vets and based the questions on the standard color of eyes of Golden Retrievers and the reason behind their blue eyes. Read on to understand why Golden Retrievers have blue eyes.

Do Golden Retrievers Mixed Breed Have Blue Eyes?

If you own a blue-eyed Golden Retriever, just know it is not a pure breed. Golden Retrievers’ eyes have a brown color; however, it’s not a surprise to find a dog breed that exhibits 100% character traits of a Golden, but upon a closer look at their eyes, you find that they are not Golden Retrievers.

Usually, these dog breeds come about when Golden Retrievers are cross-bred with other breeds with blue eyes like the husky.

A popular breed is the black Golden Retriever.

Some of the dog breeds that have blue eyes and can be cross-bred with a Golden Retriever include:

  • German Shepherd
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Siberian Husky
  • Weimaraner
  • Great Dane
  • Boxer
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Pitbull
  • Old English Sheepdog
  • Border Collie

What is the Standard Eye Color for a Golden Retriever?

Can a Golden Retriever Have Blue Eyes 1 Golden Retrievers With Blue Eyes: Do They Exist?!

According to AKC (American Kennel Club), Golden Retrievers’ standard eye color is dark brown, but medium brown is also passable. While the UK’s Kennel Club states that the standard color should be dark brown and no other shade.

Overall dark brown is the preferred eye color in Golden Retrievers, with less preference over light and medium brown, with blue eyes having no chance of being accepted.

You’ll never come across a pure breed having brown eyes unless it’s a puppy or has medical problems.

Are Golden Retriever Puppies Born With Blue Eyes?

Some Golden Retriever puppies are born with bluish eyes. However, as they grow older, the color changes to brown.

The reason why the puppies have blue eyes is a result of inadequate pigmentation.

Therefore, you’ll find that when they are about two weeks old, the puppies can barely open their eyes, and even when they do, they can see well. The puppy’s eyesight improves in the next couple of weeks, and the blue eyes slowly turn brown.

What Medical Problems Do Purebred Blue-Eyed Golden Retrievers Have?

If you find a purebred Golden Retriever with blue eyes, there is a high chance they have any of the following medical problems.


Cataracts are the most common medical problem affecting Golden Retrievers. It is an eye illness that affects the eye lenses causing them to cloud, giving them a hazy and sometimes blue shade.

This medical problem can have a gradual or instant development, most likely due to an injury, old age, genetic disorder, or disease. If the cataracts are pretty significant and cloudy, they might result in a completely blind dog.

Therefore, if you notice your pet’s eye color changing from brown to blue, please take them to the veterinarian immediately, as it’s a sign that something is wrong.

Nuclear Sclerosis

It is also referred to as lenticular sclerosis. It is a medical condition that affects the eyes and is painless. If your Golden Retriever has nuclear sclerosis, the eyes will have a bluish or transparent haze in the lenses.

This medical ailment is often observed in middle-aged to elderly dogs and is expected in aging dogs.

It is easy to confuse cataracts and nuclear sclerosis as both display the same symptoms, bluish or hazy lenses. 

However, the main difference is that nuclear sclerosis doesn’t affect vision or result in blindness. Therefore, it’s wise to seek a vet consultation.

Can a Golden Retriever Have Blue Eyes Golden Retrievers With Blue Eyes: Do They Exist?!


This is a disease where the eyes experience increased intraocular pressure. This is due to inadequate aqueous fluid drainage caused by injuries, tumors, or lens damage.

Glaucoma causes your Golden Retriever’s eyes to have a bluish or hazy shade. In acute cases, your dog may exhibit pain or watery discharge from the eyes. It could also result in blindness.

Recessive Genes

The genes found in a dog may be the reason why your dog has brown eyes. The gene responsible for brown eyes is dominant in Golden Retrievers.

According to the breeding standards of Golden Retrievers, they should have brown eyes, with dark brown receiving more acceptance than light or medium brown.

Therefore, since time immemorial, this breed has been exhibiting this trait. The recessive gene that causes dogs to have blue eyes is becoming less and less common.

Having two Golden Retrievers carrying the recessive gene and breeding a blue-eyed dog is impossible. However, if this does happen, their offspring may have blue eyes.


Did you know that there are albino dogs? These animals don’t have the gene required to produce melanin, which is responsible for giving color to the skin and hair.

If your Golden Retriever does not have melanin, it will have white hair, pink skin, and a pink nose.

It might also result in your Golden Retriever spotting blue eyes.

Is it Okay to Buy a Blue-Eyed Golden Retriever From a Breeder?

Look for reputable breeders if you want to buy a purebred Golden Retriever. And if you find a breeder trying to pass a blue-eyed Golden as a Retriever, walk away. 

Blue-eyed dogs are beautiful, and the breeder may try to convince you that they are a rare breed.

Don’t fall for their scam, as you’ll never find a purebred Golden Retriever with blue eyes; the standard color is dark brown.

Unless you buy a puppy, no breeder will sell you a two-week-old puppy, as that’s when their blue eyes are most prominent and turn brown as they grow older. However, if you really want a blue-eyed dog, many other breeds can choose from.

Key Takeaways

  • Golden Retriever’s standard eye color is dark brown.
  • Golden Retriever puppies are born with blue eyes, which change to brown as they grow older.
  • Mixed-breed Golden have blue eyes.
  • Purebred Golden Retrievers can only have blue eyes if they suffer from medical conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, or nuclear sclerosis.

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