How Much Do Labrador Retriever Puppies Cost?

When picking out a puppy to bring home, you need to consider the costs and how much you will need to spend to have that dog become one of your own. 

There are the upfront costs that you would pay to the breeder or the shelter for the dog, along with some of the vet bills, toys, food, and more that you can choose as well. 

How Much Do Labrador Retriever Puppies Cost?

The average cost for a Labrador Retriever puppy will cost around $800. Depending on where the puppy comes from, many owners will pay between $400 to $1,500. If you would like a purebred puppy, then the price is going to go even higher. Getting t a Labrador Retriever puppy from a championship bloodline can easily cost $2,500 and up. 

Those are the costs just to get the puppy from the breeder and bring them home. 

The costs can go even higher if you decide to get special toys, bedding, and vet care for the dog. 

Let’s take a closer look at the costs of getting a Lab puppy so you can be prepared when you do. 

One of the first things that you need to consider when choosing a Labrador puppy is the cost from the breeder. 

The breeder will be able to choose how much they would like to charge for any puppies they sell, which means that you may see a large variation when it comes to the overall amount you spend on the dog. 

The average cost for a Labrador Retriever will be between $400 to $1500, with the average cost being close to $800. 

This is for a dog from a reputable breeder and all of the vet checks and paperwork that you need to make sure that the dog is healthy and happy. 

You may be able to find a few Labs that are less expensive, but these are often at shelters and may be a little bit older. 

If you choose to go with a Lab that has a special type of breeding or you would like them to have a championship bloodline, be ready to spend more money on the costs as well. 

It is common for these puppies to cost at least $2500 and some lines are going to cost more than $5000. 

Unless you have a specific reason for going for this type of dog, the extra costs may not be worth it since you can get a great Lab puppy for a more affordable cost too. 

What Influences the Price of a Labrador Retriever Puppy?

How Much Do Labrador Retriever Puppies Cost How Much Do Labrador Retriever Puppies Cost?

Now that we know there is a large amount of variance in the price of these puppies, it is time to look at what factors are going to influence the cost overall. 

The cost of these puppies will depend on a number of factors like the parents, the coat color, and the health testing that is done. 

The breeder that you choose can make the determination of the final cost as well. 

Some of the things to consider when you look at the price of the puppy includes:

Breed of puppy

A mixed breed is going to be more economical compared to a purebred dog. 

If you do not mind having a mixed breed, the cost of the dog is often going to be a little less than looking for a purebred dog. 

Reputation of breeder

There are going to be a lot of differences in price when you choose a reputable breeder compared to one that is not as well-known. 

A reputable breeder will make sure that the puppies are healthy and they invest their time and money into providing the best puppies to their customers. 

This ensures that you get the best results with your puppy, rather than one that will get sick. 

Coat color

If the breeder finds that one coat color for a breed is more popular than the other, then those are the dogs that will be more expensive.

The rare coat colors are the ones that cost the dog owner the most. 


Most people want to get a puppy as young as possible because this helps them adjust to the home and makes training easier

This is why a puppy who is eight weeks old is going to be worth more than one who is six months old, even though this does not produce a big difference in age. 


If a puppy has been trained by the breeder, it is going to cost the owner a bit more than the average price. 

This is an advantage for some owners because they can have a dog who already knows how to behave, rather than doing all the work on their own. 

The parents

The championship blood is going to make a big difference as well. 

If you want to go with a dog that has parents that have done well in shows and are amazing, then you will have to spend a lot more money on these dogs than the others. 

All of these factors are going to determine how much the cost of getting a dog from a breeder will be for the owner. 

You may want to shop around a bit and see whether there are different prices for you to choose from if some of the other factors do not matter as much. 

What Other Costs Should I Expect from a Labrador Retriever?

While most people think about the initial costs of picking out this dog breed from a reputable breeder, there are a number of other costs that you will need to consider along the way. 

You must be prepared with the total costs of the dog to make sure that you have enough money to love and support this kind of dog.

Some of the other costs that you need to consider for this dog includes the vet care, the toys, and the food.

The costs for this dog will often be more expensive during the first year and then the costs will often settle down. 

First, we need to start with the vet bills.

You need to consider which vet you would like to use and how much this is going to cost to do. 

Take the puppy to a vet when you first get them. 

This helps them to get familiar with the vet you choose and allows you a chance to see if there are any health conditions that will bother the dog as time goes on. 

You can then get into a good routine when it comes to visiting the vet. 

Each dog is different, but you will need to go to the vet throughout the lifetime of your dog.

You can discuss the best schedule for doing this with your vet at the first visit. 

Pick someone you trust and who will pay attention to the dog and any concerns that you have along the way. 

You never know when an emergency is going to happen with your dog and you want to go to a vet you can trust along the way. 

You will also need to get all of the supplies that your dog will need. 

They will need a leash and halter, a good bed for them to sleep on and even a dog bowl and water dish to help them when it is time to eat. 

If you plan to go with crate training, you will need to keep this on hand as well and get one. 

You can look through all of the dog supplies to figure out what you will need. 

Do not forget about the grooming items that you will need to keep the Lab in good shape and avoid shedding all over the place. 

Then it is on to the food. The exact amount that you will need to feed to your dog will depend on how active they are and how much they like to eat. 

The Lab is a bigger dog though so get ready to spend some money on food. 

Go with a high-quality food that has the all-natural and good ingredients that the dog really needs for their best health. 

Do not forget some of the good snacks that your dog will need as well for training and for fun. 

It is possible that you will want to spend some extra money for other items for your dog. 

If you want them to go get a professional grooming done on occasion or you think that obedience classes are a good idea, those are additional costs as well. 

Choosing a Labrador Retriever Puppy for your Home. 

There are a lot of things to love when it comes to choosing a Lab for your home. 

But you need to be prepared for some of the costs that come with having this dog as well.

Choose wisely and shop around and you will be able to find the lovable and energetic Lab that you need, without having to spend an arm and a leg to get them. 

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