Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

Our first kid was our Golden Retriever and once we decided to have children of our own, we were curious if Golden Retrievers were good with kids. If you are reading this, you too are probably wondering how this breed does with kids as well.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

Golden Retrievers are great with kids.  Golden Retrievers are good with kids because they are gentle and loving.  Despite their size Golden Retriever are good with kids of all sizes from the littlest toddler to the biggest teenager. 

Golden Retrievers are good with kids because they like to be active and have fun outdoors, playing, or working.  Their personality, nature and temperament make them a very versatile and popular dog breed. 

They can easily play gently and lounge around with smaller or younger kids and play a bit of rough house with older or more adventurous kids.  Golden Retrievers are also good with kids because they are friendly and get along with everyone. 

This character trait can be beneficial when kids have friends over.  On top of that, Golden Retrievers are good with kids because they can help kids learn how to care for others due to their patient and loving nature.    

They seem to get along with everyone, even other pets, including the house cat.  They don’t make suitable protectors for kids though because they are so easy-going and have a playful, friendly nature.  Golden Retrievers may be good with kids, but this can depend on their upbringing and previous home situation.

Golden Retrievers are good with kids and families of all kinds because they have a very gentle and loving personality.  Due to their breed background, they are great at many things, and being a compassionate and caring companion to a kid is one of them.

Their gentle nature will blend well with one or multiple kids in a household where they can share loving moments of playtime, watching TV, and playing fun games.  They are unlikely to hurt anyone, kid, adult, or otherwise and enjoy nothing more than to spend time besides their loved ones.

Despite their large size, Golden Retrievers are still good with kids.  Many people might believe that a Golden Retrievers’ large size makes them wrong for a family with young kids. 

In reality, their kind and gentle personality and temperament balances out their size, making the two blend together nicely.  Kids will enjoy snuggling up with them to read a book or lounge in the grass.  Whatever they do together, the Golden Retrievers size is balanced by a well-behaved and gentle nature.

Golden Retrievers like to be active and playful.  For this reason, Golden Retrievers are good with kids because after everyone gets bored with laying around and wants to have a little fun, they are all in. 

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

Golden Retrievers will enjoy every adventure their kid companions will take them on, whether it is an outdoor hike or tossing a ball in the yard.  Whatever adventure it is, Golden Retrievers love to have fun and are athletic and active. They are the right mix of loveable, sturdiness, and playfulness for kids of all ages.

If there was ever a dog that was bred to be versatile, it is the Golden Retriever.   They have the right personality and physical traits to handle any activity a kid can toss their way and the versatility to adjust to different age groups of kids through out a day or from hour to hour.

This versatility makes them an all around fun, loveable and perfect companion dog.  This versatility is why they are such a popular breed.  They adjust well to various situations.  They respond in a kind and loving but devoted manner and they are people pleasing.

This is why they are often used in occupations of therapy dogs, assistance dogs and rescue dogs.  They are smart and skilled.  Golden Retriever are well rounded in personality and ability.

When one looks for a good dog with kids, they have to consider how the dog will handle friends, neighbors, and people who are not a part of the family unit.

Golden Retrievers are good with kids in this area because they a very friendly.  Playdates with friends will be a welcome change of pace for the Golden Retriever to enjoy just as much as the household’s kids.  They will enjoy making these new friends in the same gentle and loving fashion that they do with everyone else.

With their gentle, easy-going, and patient temperament, Golden Retrievers are good with kids because they can teach them how to care for others.

Feeding the Golden Retriever, giving water to them, and taking the Golden Retriever for a walk is an excellent way for the kids to learn how to care for their dog.  The Golden Retriever will lovingly accept this care in the patient and understanding way that they have.  This, of course, will naturally create a positive experience for the kids, which will shape their future lives and how they interact with others.

Golden Retrievers will also show this love and attention by the way they care for their family.  Kids that are sick will find the Golden Retriever beside them, trying to help and anticipate what they need.

Golden Retrievers are so loveable that they are good with other animals as well as kids.  This can be helpful in households where there is already a dog or a cat.  Golden Retrievers can easily co-habitat with other pets and even, in some cases, form close bonds with them due to their friendly nature.

This situation can make it easy for pet parents who already have a pet and want another to add to the household.  The Golden Retriever will blend easily without stress caused to anyone.  They are easygoing and should issues arise where the other dog or cat doesn’t like for them. They will probably ignore or put distance between them without causing much fuss.

Golden Retrievers have a natural empathy or understanding of others’ needs, to the point that they can almost anticipate what is needed.  This empathy creates a naturally harmonious home life because the Golden Retriever will adjust to what is needed or wanted at any given moment.  In a household with kids, this can make life so much easier and less stressful for the pet parents.

While Golden Retrievers are good with kids, they are not the greatest at being a protector.  Their personality, temperament, and nature make them more likely to befriend a stranger or intruder.  For this reason, they should not be relied upon for protection in a household with kids.  They may bark rather loudly to warn that there is an intruder or stranger, but beyond that, nothing else will happen.

While most Golden Retrievers are good with kids, there is always the possibility that one here and there may not be due to unforeseen issues related to their past.  Each dog is unique and must be treated as such.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

The Golden Retrievers’ prior life situation or upbringing can affect how they behave towards others and specific situations.  If they were mistreated, abused, or neglected in any way, this could come out in their behavior.

In these situations, these dogs would not be good with kids.  These Golden Retrievers might likely make useful additions to households with adults who have the patience, understanding, and time to manage these issues and create a positive life for the dog.

How does a Golden Retrievers hunting background that affect how they interact with kids?

Golden Retrievers were bred and used as hunting dogs, but this will not affect how they interact with others.  Originally they spent time outdoors with their human hunting companions, retrieving waterfowl and game.

Historically many dog breeds that were used for other working purposes.  Despite these occupations Golden Retrievers and other dogs held, today they make great companion animals.  Many of the qualities these dogs had, is what makes them so good at being companions to humans.

Their bodies are designed to perform these activities, but their temperament and nature are loving and gentle, despite this background.  Their physical traits were a good match for these activities because they were combined with their loyal, caring, and dependable nature. 

These traits had them follow instructions and perform the work requested without much fuss.  Their love to be close to their human companions and to please others, is what made them good at this activity but also good at being a part of a family.

Final Thoughts

Golden Retrievers are a very versatile dog breed that blends well with kids.  Golden Retrievers have the right mix of athletic ability and caring personality to live in happiness with them.

While some dogs might get nervous with the sudden movements of kids, or become snappish at having a kid rough house with them, Golden Retrievers do not.  If kids rule the roust, the gentle Golden Retriever will enjoy nothing more than to be by their side!

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Kids?

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