Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot?

I don’t know about anyone else, but excessive barking can get my attention from time to time.  But do all dogs bark a lot, in particular the golden retriever?

Please read on the find out what I discovered while doing some investigating this afternoon.

Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot?

Golden Retrievers do not bar a lot unless they have good reason to bark. This said, Golden Retrievers have a nice deep bark that works well to let strangers who come to your door know you have a “big bad dog inside” even though the Golden personality is welcoming and gentle.

No, golden retrievers do not bark a lot unless they have a real reason to do so.  Golden retrievers are a loveable, gentle, and quiet dog breed.   When compared with other dogs, golden retrievers do not bark a lot.  However, when they do bark, these barks can have lots of different meanings.  From barking at a stranger or gaining attention, golden retrievers can sometimes have a lot to say and do bark sometimes. 

Barking for golden retrievers or any dog is their primary means of communicating, often combined with subtle or obvious body language.  While each golden retriever will be unique in how frequently they bark and when most golden retrievers are relatively quiet.   Training, socializing, and stress management can help those golden retrievers that do bark a lot at certain times. 

Pet parents who are responsive and share a strong emotional bond with their golden retrievers will anticipate certain situations before barking happens, therefore preventing golden retrievers from barking a lot regardless of the cause.  Quiet, thoughtful, and sweet golden retrievers, thankfully, don’t bark a lot, so when they do, there truly is a reason for it that should be addressed.

Golden retrievers are a sweet and loving dog breed but they do bark a lot.  With their nature and personality, most golden retrievers are quiet and calm and do not bark a lot unless they have a definite reason to do so, which pet parents should address.

When we compare golden retrievers to other dog breeds, they do not bark a lot. Still, their barking when it does happen can have some precise meanings that perceptive pet parents will likely be able to understand with a strong emotional connection.

Like other dogs, golden retrievers bark a lot and use barking as their primary means of communication and often combine it with body language to get their message across to those around them.

Training and socializing are critical in any dog’s life and can help when they start barking a lot for whatever reason.

While golden retrievers don’t bark a lot, there may be times when they have something important to tell those around them and forget the rules.  A review of training and social skills may be necessary for these moments.

Golden retrievers can suffer stress like any other dog which can cause golden retriever to bark a lot unnecessarily. Therefore managing their daily stress levels can reduce any extra barking they may do from over-stress.  Regardless of this, since golden retrievers are generally a quiet breed of dogs, if they start barking a lot, there is usually a reason that should be investigated.

Why do golden retrievers and other dogs bark a lot?

Golden retrievers and other dogs bark a lot for a variety of reasons.  These reasons are always linked to emotions that are similar to our feelings.

Alarm or Fear

Golden retrievers might bark a lot and suddenly or excessively if they have become scared or fearful or are alarmed by something in their environment.  This can include apparent issues like a thunderstorm or a vacuum.

Each golden retriever will have their fears, and through a strong bond, pet parents can reduce these stressors in their life and home environment, creating harmony and reducing a lot of barking.


Who doesn’t love to play, right?  Well, for us humans, it is easy to express this want.  Golden retrievers bark a lot, however, can only bark and use body language to express themselves, so they may bark to be playful.  If their barking is combined with grabbing a toy, they likely want to play.


When a golden retriever wants attention, they will bark a lot.  When we are busy golden retrievers might tell us that they want attention for some reason by barking repeatedly.  This attention-seeking barking can come out as repeat barks where they sometimes get louder as if insisting that you pay attention to them for whatever reason.


We all get frustrated, and the golden retriever is no different.  This can cause a golden retriever to bark a lot.  This barking can be non-stop and directed at someone or something, whatever is triggering their frustration.  Depending on the situation, they can sometimes become destructive.  An example would be when they are frustrated at the squeaker in the chew toy that they can’t get out of.  They may back up, bark non-stop at the toy and follow that up with chewing it to bits.


This barking from a golden retriever can sound monotone and be repeated in an attempt to inform anyone around, hello, I am bored.  Hoping that someone will give me attention or something to do, like go outside in the backyard.  When golden retrievers bark a lot it can be the attention-grabbing barking depending on the dog and their mood.


If you have ever yelled when you are excited, you will understand why a dog barks for the same reason.  This barking can be energetic, repetitive, and often has a high pitch.  This bark is friendly and open, as the golden retriever barks a lot it is happy and excited about something that is about to come, a treat or playtime.

Separation Anxiety

The barking that a golden retriever might do for this is sad and often accompanied by howling or other sounds as a way of expressing their displeasure with the separation between them and loved one.  Depending on the severity, destructive behaviors can also be included.

Being Territorial or Aggressive

Even the friendliest of dogs, including the golden retriever, may have a moment or two in their lives where they feel they must protect something or someone.  Most are quiet and gentle, but one never knows what can provoke any dog to be territorial.

Whatever the case, if a golden retriever barks a lot for this reason, this barking can be loud and non-stop and can include specific body postures and other behaviors like growling.

Mimicking Other Dogs

Let’s face it; dogs copy dogs sometimes.  What one does, another will do.  So a golden retriever is at the park with a few other dogs, one starts barking, then another, and before you know it, the golden retriever is also barking.  This happens in packs of animals and is a way of showing connection.

The reason golden retrievers or other dogs bark a lot is as diverse as the dogs themselves.

What should be done if golden retrievers suddenly start barking a lot?

What should be done first if golden retrievers suddenly start barking a lot is to stop and attempt to discover what is causing the barking.  It is essential to watch the golden retriever or other dog’s body language.

Barking is a means of communicating for a dog. Therefore they should never be yelled at or mistreated because of barking.

If the barking is non stop or disruptive, a firm but loving, no bark can be repeated to get their attention as the pet parent or caregiver attempts to uncover the issue.

If nothing appears to be causing this barking, using the training commands to remind them how to behave can help.  If that doesn’t work, spending a few extra moments trying to think about if any of the golden retrievers needs have to be met can help to get them stop when a golden retriever is barking a lot.  Examples include attending to their need to go to the bathroom or ensuring they have had enough to eat.

Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot?

If the pet parent still cannot uncover the issue, sometimes a distraction will stop golden retrievers or other dogs when they bark a lot.   Distractions helped in those moments when the dog began barking for something specific, but that moment has since passed, and they don’t even know why they are barking anymore.

This can happen in various ways. A dog gets upset because a delivery person dropped off a package outside the door.  They barked because this person isn’t the usual delivery person, now the person is gone, but they are left with excitement and a bit of stress about what happened.  Curiosity might take hold, fear, or any number of thoughts and feelings.  Like children, some dogs can run wild with their feelings, and before you know it, they are out of control.

Distractions can come in the form of some well-placed affection or a diversion like some backyard playtime, whatever it is, the idea is to get their attention and change up the situation, so they forget about what they were thinking about or feeling.  This is similar to the distraction one might offer a child.

Final Thoughts

All dogs bark at one time or another, a golden retriever is no exception despite its quiet and gentle nature.

Whatever the cause of their barking, it is often easily remedied with some love and attention when they do bark, which golden retrievers absolutely adore!

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