When Do Golden Retriever Puppies Stop Biting?

My next door neighbor just got a Golden Retriever puppy. As I was going to check the mail, my friend stopped me and asking about how to get a golden puppy to stop biting so much. I’ll tell you straight up… the teething phase for a puppy is a challenge, but it can be solved. Let’s dig into the details regarding how to handle when Golden Retriever puppies go through their nipping or biting phase.

When Do Golden Retriever Puppies Stop Biting?

Expect your Golden Retriever to stop biting once they are seven months old. Golden Retriever puppies stop biting after their adult teeth have come in. Puppies start teething at about three to four months of age and generally have all 42 of their adult teeth in by the time they are just six months old. During this period their teeth are razor sharp and they want to put everything (yes EVERYTHING) into their mouth. Usually, this phase of biting starts to go away after six months of age.

This being said, there are things you can do to help both you and your puppy survive this biting phase.

Golden Retriever puppies stop biting are different times depending on the environment they are in, who they are with, what they experience, and if they are teething.  Generally speaking, Golden Retriever puppies first learn about not biting with their mother and littermates. 

Mothers, as well as littermates, teach each other what behaviors are okay and not okay.    It is because Golden Retrievers puppies and other breed puppies learn through experience and passively through social situations, like interacting with mother and littermates.  Golden Retriever puppies can bite as a means of being playful but also because they are teething.  Teething begins at a few weeks of age, with each Golden Retriever starting or experiencing teething at their own time. 

With teething comes a need to bite and chew to relieve the pain and discomfort and help their teeth come in.  This phase can be very intense for puppies and have them biting and chewing without intending to hurt but usually only lasts until around seven months of age. 

Golden Retriever puppies will stop biting in their own time when they are mature enough, have been taught not to bite, and have gone through the teething phase.  This teething phase will usually stop at around seven months of age, but this is a guideline.  Each dog is individual.  Golden Retriever puppies stop biting but can still have chewing or biting moments because they forget themselves as they go through the rest of their puppy growth.

Golden Retriever puppies stop biting at their own set time.  Golden Retrievers biting can be affected by their environment, who they are with, what they experience, and whether they are teething or not.

Biting for a dog is a normal way of expressing emotion and playfulness, and they usually begin to learn not to bite around mother and littermates.  Passively they learn through social interactions with these other littermates and their mother that biting and other behaviors are not okay.

A puppy will begin to teethe at around a few weeks of age, and this teething can be pretty intense and challenging for Golden Retriever puppies to deal with.  When they start to bite and chew, whether it is a toy, a finger, or something else, they try to relieve their discomfort and occupy themselves through this difficult time.

Thankfully this phase only lasts until they are about seven months old, then Golden Retriever puppies will stop biting.

When they stop to bite or chew on things after this difficult phase is over, depends on the Golden Retrievers pet parents.  If they are taught that biting is not okay and chewing only certain things like toys is okay, they will quickly learn to modify their behaviors.

Some dogs continue to bite a little longer, which is related to their training, how their pet parent responds to this negative behavior, and how stubborn they are as a dog.  Even adult Golden Retriever puppies will stop biting but can have a moment where they forget themselves and accidentally bite while playing.

If my Golden Retriever puppy is biting because he is teething, should I allow this behavior?

If your Golden Retriever puppy is biting because he is teething, you should not just allow this behavior to continue.  While there should never be harshness, correcting a puppy doesn’t hurt.  While they won’t understand, and they may not even listen at this point, instilling good manners and training from the start can go a long way to stopping negative behaviors.

Ignoring this behavior or letting it be, can also passively teach the puppy that it is okay to act a certain way when you are not feeling well.  While it can be understandable for a pet parent to sympathize with what their fur baby is going through, that doesn’t mean it is acceptable.

A simple and matter-a-fact no biting should do the trick at this point.

How can I stop my Golden Retriever puppy from biting?

There are quite a few ways you can stop your Golden Retriever puppy from biting. These include:

Providing Socialization

Puppies and dogs, in general, learn what is acceptable and not, through social experiences with others.  These social experiences can be with family or other humans, other dogs, and even other animals.  When attempting to correct negative puppy qualities, having them socialize with other dogs is beneficial since they will be able to better relate to the other puppies and mimic or copy them.  This can help Golden Retriever puppies stop biting.

Provide Something to Chew

Teething is a normal part of your Golden Retriever puppy growing up.  While it can be pretty intense for them to go through, providing your Golden Retriever puppy with something to chew, like a chew toy, can provide a distraction, relief, and comfort while correcting behavior.  Which will eventually have Golden Retriever puppies stop biting.

Correct the Behavior

Letting your puppy know that it is not okay to bite with words can teach them that it hurts.  Golden Retriever puppies don’t mean to hurt when they bite.

Be Prepared

Whatever situation a pet parent finds themselves in with their Golden Retriever puppy, they should always be prepared for biting and chewing.  Whether they are out together at a friend’s house or in the backyard, preparation makes every negative situation a little less stressful.  Golden Retriever puppies stop biting when pet parents have a puppies favorite chew toys on hand and other distractions can modify the behavior before it becomes out of control.

Provide Exercise

Puppies need exercise, and it is healthy for their bodies.  These can help Golden Retriever puppies stop biting. Providing enough exercise can reduce negative behaviors, including biting, but it can also be a great diversion when they begin to bite.  Okay, Max, no biting. Let us go outside to play.

Remove Yourself from the Situation

During moments of stress, like when a puppy is biting and simply not listening, it can be best for everyone involved to provide them with a chew toy and remove yourself from the room—leaving them in a safe environment, of course. 

Situations can quickly become stressful, even for the calmest pet parent, and sometimes taking a break is the best therapy for a stressful situation.  It helps the pet parent keep a level head if it is their hand that is being bitten.  It can help to remind them that eventually, all Golden Retriever puppies will stop biting.

What if my Golden Retriever puppy is still biting after the teething phase?

If your Golden Retriever puppy is still biting after the teething phase, it can help to remain calm and know this too will pass.

Not every dog learns at the same time.  Your puppies biting might be related to playfulness or insufficient training.

Puppies should be socialized and trained as early as pet parents are able.  At around seven months old, Golden Retriever puppies are still in the puppy stage.   While they might have learned that biting is unacceptable as part of training and social interactions, they may forget.

When Do Golden Retriever Puppies Stop Biting?

No matter how well you think a Golden Retriever or other puppy is trained, it is very likely that they forget or choose not to accept specific training at seven months.  You may find that Golden Retriever puppies have not stopped biting yet.

Continual training and reviewing what has previously has been learned by the Golden Retriever puppy can help them remember and accept what they are being taught.  Training takes time, and seven months is a little soon to think that they will have everything as it should be.

Having the right mindset can help a pet parent to get through a difficult phase when Golden Retriever puppies have not stopped biting.  Being patient with yourself and your Golden Retriever puppy is a good place to start.  Being understanding of what they are going through with growth and development as well as persistent with training will eventually make it all come together.

Every puppy stage will bring new challenges and sometimes a bit of obstinance when it comes to letting old behavior patterns go.  Every day might bring a new challenge, but it can be a chance to instill the rules of no biting in your puppy’s mind again through training and social moments.

Final Thoughts

While we all want to know when Golden Retriever puppies stop biting, it can be individual but usually happens around seven months when they stop teething.

If for some reason, the puppy continues to bite after this phase, training and a little loving persistence can get the job done as quickly as possible and with a minimum amount of fuss.

Understanding that your Golden Retriever puppy doesn’t mean to bite can make all the difference in the world to how successful you are at this task.  It can also bring you closer to your Golden Retriever puppy at some of the most unexpected moments, so savor every second as it’s over before you know it!

When Do Golden Retriever Puppies Stop Biting?
When Do Golden Retriever Puppies Stop Biting?

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