Do Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot?

When considering what dog breed to get, shedding is often a major concern for new pet owners. When we were deciding on our first dog, my wife had never had a dog before. She wanted a dog that was soft and felt good when being petted. However, shedding was also a concern of hers.

It’s probably something you might be wondering about too.

Do golden retrievers shed a lot?

Golden Retrievers do shed quite a bit. They shed in what we refer to as “tumble weeds”. Clumps of hair that are fairly easy to vacuum or sweep up, but lots of hair. 

Golden retrievers shed large amounts of hair, with the spring and autumn bringing even more shedding of hair than usual.  golden retrievers have a lot of long, fluffy hair that, for most pet parents, will seem like it is everywhere, but some things can be done to reduce this issue. 

Golden retrievers shed a lot due to their double coat of hair, but this can be reduced with regular daily brushing.  This grooming can seem high maintenance, but it reduces the amount of golden retriever hair on clothing and furnishings around the house.   

This regular brushing and grooming are highly important when the golden retriever sheds more.  This is during the seasonal changes that come when spring and autumn begin. 

Regular bathing can also help golden retrievers that shed a lot.  Bathing should, however, not be done too often, or it can cause dry skin, which can bring other issues like scratching. 

While golden retrievers do shed a lot compared to other dog breeds, having a healthy diet of high-quality dog food and limiting stress can reduce added shedding.  It can also help have a dog bed versus the family couch for the golden retriever to sit on. 

This will not directly reduce the amount of shedding a golden retriever does, but it will reduce how much ends up on furnishings and clothing.   Even though golden retrievers do shed a lot, they are still a loveable dog, and much can be done to make the pet parent’s life easier so they can live with it.

Golden retrievers are sweet, loving dogs with many beautiful qualities that make them an excellent addition to any family or individual’s life.  Their temperament and personality is friendly and loving to all, this also makes them wonderful therapy and assistance dog.  Golden retrievers shed a lot, though and this must be considered before welcoming them into the household or family.

Unfortunately, these dogs’ exceptional qualities come with a lot of shedding.  Golden retrievers shed a lot because they have so much long and thick hair to share and because they have a double coat of hair on their underside for protection against the weather and outdoor elements.

Golden retrievers shed a lot of their long, thick and fluffy fur year-round, but when it comes to the spring and autumn seasons, they shed lots more.

When the seasons change, golden retrievers shed a lot as all dogs suffer from changes to their coat of hair. This is a natural body process in response to changes in their external environment.  The hair on their body must change in preparation for seasonal and weather changes that are to come, be it increased heat or cold.

This will cause golden retrievers to shed a lot more during these times.  Their body responds to the increase or decrease of sunlight, hot or cold, and other changes we as human’s often ignored.

The good news for pet parents of golden retrievers that shed a lot is that a few things can be done to decrease the amount of hair they might find around their house or on their clothing.

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First and foremost, pet parents need to regularly brush and groom golden retrievers.  This daily brushing can intercept the shedding hair before it leaves the golden retrievers body and ends up on you or the living room couch.

This daily grooming of golden retrievers that shed a lot doesn’t mean that there won’t be any hair around the house.  As stated, golden retrievers shed a lot.  However, it does reduce how much, which may be just enough to keep the house clean when done regularly.

It is helpful for golden retrievers that shed a lot, for pet parents to pay attention to their double coat on their underside.

This double coat, which certain dog breeds have, is designed to offer added protection from outdoor elements, weather, and conditions that could harm dogs that spend more time outdoors.

It is also a good idea to bathe a golden retriever regularly. This can also reduce the amount of hair they shed daily.  When daily brushing is combined with giving them a regular bath, it can make their shedding much more manageable because golden retrievers do shed a lot.

A healthy diet is another way to reduce a golden retriever’s shedding.  Diet is directly related to all dogs’ health and well-being, and the first place many people see signs of a poor diet is through a dog’s coat of hair.  Not only will dogs shed more when they don’t eat a healthy diet, but their coat of hair can also look less beautiful and shiny.

Golden retrievers that shed a lot need a healthy and adequate diet for their size and age.  Pet parents can discuss what type of food is best for their golden retriever with their veterinarian.  Each dog will be unique in its dietary needs.

It can sometimes help pet parents add supplements like healthy fish oils to their golden retrievers dog food to reduce the amount of shedding they do.  But again, this must be discussed with their veterinarian before starting any supplements.  Golden retrievers shed a lot and often this can help enhance their diet and manage this issue.

Another handy tip is to limit the stress of golden retrievers that shed a lot.  Stress can happen to any dog and sometimes go unnoticed by pet parents can cause subtle changes to their health.

Perceptive pet parents might notice these changes, but some do not.  One such change can be that the golden retriever sheds a lot more than usual, which is already a lot, to begin with.

By minimizing their stress in whatever way possible, pet parents are not only helping their dog stay healthy but possibly reducing the amount of hair they shed too.

As yet a final step to reduce the amount of shedding a golden retriever does around the house, having them sleep on a dog bed can help.

Golden retrievers aren’t precisely small dogs, and the fact that they shed a lot already can make their presence around the house even more noticeable.  To combat this, having them sleep and rest in a dog bed versus the living room couch or the bed can at least reduce how much dog hair ends up on the furnishings and hopefully the pet parents and family.

While this won’t prevent golden retrievers from shedding a lot, it may reduce how much everyone else wears.  Since they are a larger sized dog, golden retrievers that shed a lot should probably have their own space to sleep anyway, or at the very least have one couch or spot where they rest, leaving the other furnishings hair-free.

How often should golden retrievers be bathed to reduce shedding?

Golden retrievers should be bathed on average once a month to reduce shedding and keep them clean and looking healthy.  This, however, can vary from one golden retriever to another.  If they have gotten into something filthy or the autumn season, bathing them more often is acceptable.

As a general guide, they can be bathed anywhere from once a week to every six weeks depending on the situation.   For golden retrievers that shed a lot, this can help.

When bathing a golden retriever more often, say every week or two, it is essential for pet parents to pay attention to their skin for combating shedding.  Excessive bathing of any dog is linked to dry skin and skin irritation.

Bathing your golden retriever when they genuinely need it, or more often at certain times, can be beneficial to reducing shedding but shouldn’t replace brushing.  It shouldn’t be done to prevent shedding in golden retrievers that shed a lot.

Do Golden Retrievers Shed A Lot?

During the spring and autumn seasons, bathing golden retrievers more frequently can reduce the amount of hair that ends up everywhere, but it will not entirely prevent it because golden retrievers shed a lot. 

During these seasons, increased bathing, increased brushing, a healthy diet, and extra exercise can work wonders.  All these are combined with reducing their stress level, and extra cleaning life can be a lot happier, despite the excess hair.

Golden retrievers shed a lot, more so during certain seasons and at certain times.  While this can be troubling for some pet parents, their loving and sweet nature should make up for it.

In Conclusion

While golden retrievers do shed a lot, shedding is a normal part of pet parents’ life, unless they have a hairless dog.

The good news is, daily grooming, a healthy diet, and stress reduction can reduce the amount they shed.

If, however, a pet parent finds that spring or autumn is approaching, perhaps turning a blind eye for a short time can help too, at least with our stress anyway!

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