Are Male or Female Golden Retrievers Easier to Train?

The golden retriever is a popular breed to have in most homes.

They are lovable and like to be around their family and friends. 

They are also really smart and like to do puzzles, be active, and spend time with others as well. 

When you are choosing between whether to get a male or a female golden retriever, you may wonder which gender is the easiest to train?

Are Male or Female Golden Retrievers Easier to Train?

Female golden retrievers tend to be easier to train compared to male golden retrievers. This can be due to the fact that they mature faster compared to male dogs. However, the male golden retrievers are going to have thicker hair and will be taller and larger in size than the females. 

There are a few key differences between the male and female golden retriever and understanding how these both work will help you to determine which of this breed is the right one for your home. 

Let’s take a closer look at these two dogs to understand more about how they work and what makes both of them unique. 

Are Male or Female Golden Retrievers Easier to Train?

You will find that both genders for golden retrievers are going to be relatively easy to train. 

This is a smart breed, whether you have a male or a female, and they are eager to please their owners. 

This makes them easy to train on a variety of commands and even tricks in the way that you would like. 

If you would like to know which of the two breeds is easier to train, then that would be the female golden retriever

The female is more independent and they are able to mature faster than the males. 

This is often due to their smaller size compared to the males. 

Since they are able to finish with the maturity process faster, they have a better chance of learning the commands a bit faster as well, rather than holding onto the puppy characteristics for as long as before. 

This does not mean that you will not be able to train a male golden retriever.

In fact, both of these dogs are easy to train and it does not take long to get it done in either gender. 

They do take a bit longer to mature compared to the female though, which means they may need to be a little bit older than the females when you try to train them on how to behave. 

Both of these genders are going to be smart and easy to train.

You will not see a big difference on how easy these dogs can be to train. 

Do not let this be the reason that you choose one dog over another. 

Are There Different Temperaments in Male and Female Golden Retrievers

There are some differences that you will see in the temperament of these dogs. 

There are a few things that will show up in female golden retrievers that may not show up in the males. 

Knowing the differences in the temperament of both dogs will help you understand more about how this dog is going to train compared to the others. 

To start, the female golden retriever is often going to be calmer than the males. 

Females are going to have mental maturity faster than the males, which is going to make them a little calmer than the male dogs at the same age. 

Goldens are going to be slow to mature since they are a bigger dog, and it can take them close to 18 months to grow and become an adult. 

The puppies are active and sometimes even hyperactive

Are Golden Retrievers Smart 4 Are Male or Female Golden Retrievers Easier to Train?

But the females are going to calm down faster than the males since they often mature a little bit faster. 

Another thing to recognize is that the males are going to require more work than the females. 

Males are higher maintenance than females and they will need to go through more work to get the right socialization and training because of their higher energy. 

They will often attach to the owner more than the females, which can cause some issues too

Keep in mind that the female golden retriever is still going to be higher maintenance than the other dog breeds that you need. 

They will go through the need of less effort compared to the male goldens, but you will still need to give them a lot of love and attention along the way as well. 

If you have a male golden retriever, you will notice that they are more attached to their owners compared to the females. 

They are a loyal, loving, and affectionate kind of dog who wants to spend a lot of time with their owners. 

This is one of the reasons why families like to be with this kind of dog. 

This attachment can make it harder to leave the dog alone and get them to spend more time with the training compared to other dogs. 

They may just want to cuddle and get petted, rather than getting the work done for the training. 

This can make them a little bit harder to train compared to some of the other options. 

You will need to keep this in mind when training as you may need to pet them and praise them more to get them to respond. 

With that in mind, the females are going to be a bit more independent compared to the males. 

They do still like to have time getting attention and praise, but they tend to need a little bit less than the males. 

This will help you when it is time to train them because you can work on the training more, rather than all of the extra stuff in the hopes of getting them to respond to what you would like. 

A male golden retriever is going to be more stubborn than the female dog. 

While the opposite is true for some dog breeds, when it comes to the golden retriever, the males are going to be the most stubborn. 

There are different reasons for this, including that they have a lot more energy, they have a bigger attachment to their owners, and they will mature slower than the females. 

This means that they will have their own ideas on what they want to do. 

This is part of the flip side that you will look for, when the dog is smarter, they are often going to be more stubborn. 

The male dog is often going to lose interest in the process of training faster than the females. 

They just have too much energy and will mature slower, so there are other things that will get their attention and may seem more fun to work on than learning a new trick. 

While giving them lots of praise and treats can make a difference, you may find that they are not going to spend as much time working through their training as the females can. 

Overall, you will find that female golden retrievers are going to be easier to train. 

They mature faster, they are more independent and like to do things on their own, and they are able to pay attention for a longer period of time compared to the males.

If you spend some time working with them, you will be able to work with the female golden in order to help them learn something new. 

Are Golden Retrievers Hard to Train?

Whether you have a male or a female golden retriever, you will find that this is a pretty easy dog in order to train.

They like to spend their time with their owners and are people pleasers, so they have no problem doing a trick for their owners to get a treat and some praise.

Plus, this is a smart dog breed to work with, so you will find that they can catch onto some of the new tricks that you would like without needing a bunch of work. 

The good news is that this dog, whether you choose to go with a male or a female golden retriever, is really easy to train. 

While the males are going to take a bit longer than the females, you will be surprised at how quickly you are able to teach a new trick to this dog, regardless of which gender you are working with. 

You will only need to go through it a few times in order to get them to master a new trick, even some of those that are more complex. 

Choosing the Right Golden Retriever for Your Home

Both the male and female golden retriever will be a fun dog to add to your home. 

Everyone in the home is going to love having this dog and all of the energy that you will need. 

Whether you choose to have a male or a female golden retriever, this is a fun dog to have in your family and they are easy to train. 

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