Can Golden Retrievers Live Outside?

Many dogs love to spend time outside. My golden retriever is no exception but is it okay for them to do?  With the weather warming up, I have been curious to know the answer to this. Maybe you have to.

While the sun was shining on my lunch break, I decided to indulge my curiosity about this topic.

Can Golden Retrievers Life Outside?

No, the golden retriever can not live outside.  While golden retrievers love being outdoors for exercise, work, and fun, they should never be left outside for long periods without supervision.  Golden retrievers should not live outside because they suffer from allergies as well as skin issues.  Due to their heavy and thick, dense coat of hair, golden retrievers can not live outside because they can suffer a greater chance of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. 

Golden retrievers should not live outside because they are active and curious, and large. Depending on the fence or yard, they could get out or escape and become injured or even be taken, which not surprisingly does happen to dogs.  Golden retrievers should not live outside because they are sociable and love being close to their family and loved ones.  Golden retrievers should also not be allowed to live outside because they could get into trouble or encounter sudden and dangerous weather patterns while their loved ones are sleeping, working, or not paying attention.

Golden retrievers should not live outside for extended lengths of time.  As a larger dog that loves to be outside, be active and have a coat of hair that can handle diverse weather, many people assume it is okay for them to be outdoors all the time.

If their pet parent or caregiver is outside doing work or spending extended amounts of time, it is okay that the golden retriever is outside.  If, however, no one is outside with the golden retriever, they should not live or be outside for extended periods alone, as tempting as it may be.  This can especially be hard if they look longingly at the back door in the hopes of being outside again.

One of the reasons golden retrievers should not live outside is that they tend to suffer allergies that their outside environment can often trigger.

Golden retrievers have a disposition related to their genetics that can cause them to suffer allergies that appear as skin issues.  Such allergens include dust, mold, grass, flowers, and of course, pollen.  The skin issue that usually crops up when a golden retriever is living outside is called atopic dermatitis, and it requires veterinarian’s care.  It can cause itching, soreness, and sometimes infections.

Another reason golden retrievers shouldn’t live outside for long periods is that they have so much hair that can increase heat stroke or heat exhaustion issues.  These health issues crop up for a golden retriever because they have thick, dense hair that tends to hold in the heat and moisture, which can cause them significant discomfort.

If they are outdoors unsupervised, these issues can sometimes go unnoticed or not get treated at all, which can be dangerous for these dogs during the summer or hotter months.

Depending on the backyard and fence around it, golden retrievers should not live outside because they can become curious or escape, or even sadly be taken by someone.

A golden retriever that lives outside can become curious about something and end up on the other side of the fence or runoff.  If that doesn’t happen, they could be taken as someone, which sadly can happen.  Lastly, golden retrievers that are left unattended and live outside can be injured.  If they get curious about something or decide to investigate, they could accidentally become injured when no one pays attention.  This can have detrimental effects on their health.

Finally, golden retrievers should not live outside for an extended time because they are sociable and love being with their loved ones.

Golden retrievers love being beside their human family or pack. If they are kept away for too long, it can have adverse effects on their overall health and happiness and the bond between them and pet parent.

If golden retrievers are left to live outdoors, they can also encounter sudden or extreme weather patterns harmful to their health.  Suddenly storms can erupt without warning, as well as incidents like encounters with wild animals.

While pet parents are asleep, working away from home, or busy doing other things inside the house, problems can arise.  It is better to keep a close eye on the golden retriever outside or spend time outdoors with them for their health and happiness and the pet parent’s peace of mind.

What can I do if my golden retriever doesn’t live outside but still suffer allergies?

You can do for your golden retriever who doesn’t live outside but still suffers from allergies treating them as their veterinarian instructs.

Their veterinarian knows best how to care for them and their health and instructs them on what should be done.  Follow these instructions carefully to minimize health issues.

Aside from that, for atopic dermatitis that they can suffer from, they should be brushed once the golden retriever is done outside.

By brushing their hair after they are done outdoors, their pet parent limits the number of allergens they are exposed to because it is being removed from their hair.

This may seem like a lengthy process that is time-consuming and unnecessary, but in the long run, it can mean a healthier dog because the golden retriever suffers fewer allergies and symptoms.

Even though my golden retriever doesn’t live outside, they still suffer from heatstroke sometimes, what can I do?

If a golden retriever doesn’t live outside but still suffers from heatstroke, a few things can be done.

To start, providing them with a shady spot outdoors is best.  If they have a comfortable area to relax away from the sun, they will be less likely to suffer these conditions.

Secondly, providing them with the extra water while spending time outdoors can minimize these issues for those golden retrievers who don’t live outside but spend time outdoors.

If your golden retriever shows signs of these issues, removing them indoors where a fan or air conditioner can provide them with relief and reduce the chance that they will suffer.

Modifying their time spent outside to include these changes can reduce the incidence of these issues.

I can’t always watch my golden retriever when they are outside, how long can I leave them out unattended?

This answer depends on the golden retriever’s age and the yard they are in, and the weather.

For golden retrievers, puppies, or seniors, should always be supervised while outdoors regardless of the type of yard.

For golden retrievers that are adults and well behaved and trained, they can be left outside for a few hours unattended if they have a properly fenced-in yard.  Training is critical to ensure that they won’t likely get into trouble, but it is advised that they not be left alone outdoors overnight or when there is no one home.  This prevents issues from arising related to sudden weather changes or wild animals and such.

This is just a guide, as each golden retriever is unique.

What is my golden retriever doesn’t like to be outside unless I am out there too?

If your golden retriever doesn’t like to be outside unless you are outside with them, this can be normal depending on the dog and your relationship.

Golden retrievers are social dogs that enjoy being with those they love.  They thrive best in close connections to those they share a close bond with.  Depending on your dog’s age, there can be many reasons why this happens but rest assured, it is usually normal.

Can Golden Retrievers Life Outside?

Encouraging them to go outside in a protected area for bathroom breaks alone may be useful to give you and your golden retriever a moment’s break, but if they want to be beside you most of the time, this is okay.

Nothing needs to be changed unless the pet parent has trouble with this.  If this is the case, the golden retriever can be given a break in their crate or on their dog bed while their pet parent attends to other things or has a break in another room for space.

Due to their gentle and loving nature, most golden retriever pet parents don’t have this issue.

Why is it not a good idea to let my golden retriever live outside at night when I have a fenced-in yard?

The reason it is not a good idea to let your golden retriever live outside at night when you have a fenced-in yard is that anything can happen without you knowing it.

Wild animals, weather changes, injuries, or incidents that can go unnoticed by sleeping pet parents can cause injury and illness.  It is always best to bring them in before bed and provide a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep indoors.

Closing Thoughts

While it may be tempting to leave a bigger dog outdoors for more extended periods or overnight, it is never a good idea.

Unforeseen issues can arise without warning or notice, which can cause problems.

It is always better to be safe than sorry with your golden retriever. They are too precious and wonderful to be careless with anyway!

Can Golden Retrievers Life Outside?

Can Golden Retrievers Life Outside?

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